Our News - July 27, 2017



Kokomo Sporting Clay Shoot - September 23

The Kokomo Sporting Clay Shoot is on September 23rd at the Izaak Walton League. Go to our Council webpage here for more information.


Eagle Palm Update

Effective August 1st, a change will be made to how Scouts may earn Eagle Palms. Previously, they had to wait 3 months after earning their Eagle to receive credit for a Palm. This no longer the case. Read more here (from Bryan on Scouting).

Note - Unit leaders still need to turn in the same Eagle Palm form they have always filled out; the only thing that is different on paper is that there will be no Board of Review signature required.



Change to First and Second Class

Effective August 1st, changes will be made to how Scouts earn the First and Second Class ranks. The number of overnight campouts required will be reduced. Click here for more details (from Bryan on Scouting).



Mason Franiak, Troop 229
Drew Johnson, Troop 338
Matthew LaBeau, Troop 144
Grant Manns, Troop 167
Mark Nutall, Troop 167
Johnathan Simpson, Troop 144

Congratulations to all of our Eagles!


Trading Post Announcements

On August 21, a solar eclipse will be going over the U.S. Order your 2017 Solar Eclipse Patch now! For more information, click the button below.  

For those units sending in an advancement form, please turn in the following page along with your advancement form to help us fill your order more quickly!


Recharters: Training REQUIRED

Unit leaders will be required to be trained for their position this recharter season! There will be two IOLS sessions at University of Scouting on November 11 to help with this requirement.

If unit leaders are not trained by recharter time, they will have a grace period of 90 days in 2018 to complete the training.

To be sure you and your volunteers have the required training, go to www.scouting.org/filestore/training/pdf/Trained_Leader_Positions.pdfA majority of the training may be completed online at your convenience.  Some must be completed every two years to stay current. Is your training up to date?

First and Second Class Training Update

On August 1, 2017, there will be a change to the First and Second Class requirements that relate to camping.  Second Class will still require five outdoor activities, but camping will be required for two instead of three of those outings.  First Class will still require ten outdoor activities, but only three of these must be camping overnight instead of the current six. BSA hopes to encourage a wider variety of adventures that encourage and motivate Scouts to explore outdoors to meet the requirements. These adventures provide tools that the Scout will carry the rest of his life. Examples are service projects, hiking and orienteering.  The number of total nights camping does not change for the camping merit badge, twenty required. Any nights camped since joining Boy Scouts count toward the camping merit badge. Another August 1, 2017 change relates to Eagle Palms.  Currently, they are earned after the rank of Eagle.  Under the new rule, if a Scout has earned more than the required 21 merit badges at the time he earns Eagle, he may be awarded the appropriate palm along with his Eagle medal.  Five additional badges- bronze palm, 10 additional- gold and 15 or more over 21 badges-silver palm. As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to email me at tehoover829@aol.com or call the Sagamore Council office.

Popcorn Sale 2017 

It's time to begin planning your 2017-2018 calendar year and budgeting your unit finances to fund your scheduled activities!  As part of that you have to fundraise if your unit will be participating in the fall popcorn sale - complete and submit the commitment form linked below.

Upcoming Popcorn Dates

Monday, August 15th - Wabash Valley Popcorn Kick-Off, Cary Camp

Tuesday, August 16th - North Star Popcorn Kick-Off, Camp Buffalo

Wednesday, August 17th - Peshewa Popcorn Kick-Off, 4H Fairfound in Greentown

August 30th - Unit Show and Sell Orders due by noon



2017 National Jamboree Patches & Sets Still Available

Order Form for Council National Jamboree 2017 Patches
Note: OA Jamboree sets are sold out.



11-13: OA Fall Weekend - Camp Buffalo
14: Due Date for Popcorn Show & Sell Orders
21: Executive Board Meeting - Cary Camp, Lafayette
24: Council-Wide Fall Recruitment Night

2-4: Office and Camps Closed
8-10: North Star Fall Camporee
8-10: Wabash Value Meet the Troops
8-10: Peshewa Fall Camporee
16: Terry Beasy Memorial Shoot
21: Good Scout Luncheon (tentative date)
22-24: North Star Welcome to Scouting
23: Peshewa Welcome to Scouting
23: Wabash Valley Fall into Scouting
23: Kokomo Sporting Clay Shoot, Izaak Walton League

View Full Council Google Calendar

(The Council Google calendar includes both council and district events, meetings and roundtables in addition to Council events.)   



              Wabash Valley District serves the following counties:  Benton, Carroll,       
               Tippecanoe, Warren, and Northern Fountain                                               


  August 24th Cub Scout Sign Up Night Preparation: Cub Leaders, this year's fall recruiting night will be in the same format as last year, the one night sign up night throughout the District. As we look forward to this on Thursday August 24th, we ask that you and your committees put together the following materials over the summer for incoming Scouts and parents: 
  • Pack Contact Sheet
  • Pack Calendar
  • Give an outline of the cost for an ideal year of Scouting 
  • Plan a Parent Orientation Meeting following the sign up night to better share the program and your Pack expectations.

    If you have any questions about how or why to put any of these materials together, contact Dylan.  Please send this information to Dylan as well so that throughout the year when new Scouts and their parents ask him questions about your Pack, he will be able to answer them. His email is Dylan.Melling@Scouting.org

District Roundtable - Get Your Recruitment Packets

The next District roundtable is set for August 10th from 7 to 8pm at the Trinity United Methodist Church at 6th & North in Lafayette. Recruitment packets will be handed out at this meeting.

Access Wabash Valley District Page of Sagamore Council Website 


Wabash Valley - Fall Into Scouting

Click here for the event flyer and details on Wabash Valley's "Fall Into Scouting" event this fall!



Peshewa District serves the following counties: Blackford, Grant, Howard, Miami and Wabash

Recruitment Night

In case you missed membership kickoff at our last roundtable, we are asking all Cub Packs to start planning for the council wide recruitment night on August 24th.  Every pack will recruit from their local elementary school, and some packs will have more than one school from which to recruit.  The district membership team will be making calls over the next couple of weeks to find out who your membership coordinator is for each school your unit is recruiting from.  Supplies for recruitment night will be handed out at the August roundtable and we would like to remind all units that applications are expected to be turned in at the local dropoff point the night of August 24th after the recruitment.

District Roundtable - Get Your Recruitment Packets

The next District roundtable is set for August 9th at the Howard 4H fairgrounds in Greentown.  The meeting will run from 7pm to 8pm. Recruitment packets will be handed out at this meeting.




North Star District s erves the following counties: Cass, Fulton, Jasper, Newton, Pulaski,& White

New information in North Star's June Newsletter!  Click the link below:


SAGAMORE COUNCIL BOY SCOUTS • P.O. BOX 865, KOKOMO, IN 46903• 765-452-8253• sagamorebsa.org