Episode 1.10: 1970-1980
A System in Crisis HR20-001.10
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In the 1970s it became clear no matter how much we spent on healthcare it was never enough. Although Medicare was less than 5 years old, Congress was forced to hike Medicare Taxes 25% and still the optimistic estimates of the cost of the program were running out of control. More doctors, and more lawyers, entered the fray and expenses rose more. New procedures, new technologies and again costs rose still more. Lives got extended, diseases of the elderly became more prevalent, and prices rose even more.

The people’s expectation of what healthcare should cover changed drastically and the new, now, entitlement coverage was expanded. Even though the costs were ten times what were predicted less than 10 years earlier Congress expanded the program to provide more coverage at more expense. The system was failing, and a flailing government began to make changes. HMOs, PPOs, Managed Care; more new terms and ideas entered our lexicon, but as you will see, none brought the rising cost curve down. 
The Lesson Learned?
The Government Can't Fix our Healthcare System!
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Medicare Costs go Out of Control
The Initial Government Projections are very wrong. Costs Spiral Higher.
Governments Reaction?
Expand the Programs and Create HMOs, PPOs and Managed care.
The Result of Govt. Action
Medicare and Medicaid costs rise higher & faster. The fixes don't work they become part of our problem today!
Total Cost per Person Rises More
Looking at the changes done in 1970s the cost curve rises till 2018 with no change in the cost curve. Govt. simply can't fix it.