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Thank You St. Andrew's, York!

" I wish I had a million dollars to give to the Home."
- Lou Rene Myers
Christmas arrived in March, ushered in by Lou Rene Myers and Harry Snell, their arms laden with gifts and an envelope of checks. They represent our friends at St. Andrew's Episcopal Church in York. The good folks there have been some of our most loyal supporters through the years. 

Lou Rene Myers cares deeply about the Episcopal Home. She feels that the work being done here is so important. She has been a faithful supporter for many years, and a major player in outreach between her parish and the Episcopal Home. She is currently trying to coordinate some new volunteers to help drive and deliver gifts and donations from York to Shippensburg.

Harry Snell was her helper that day. Harry is serving his second stint as a board member. He took time off to care for his late wife, but now he's back in action, much to our benefit. Harry is enthusiastic about the Home, its mission, and our work on behalf of our residents. 

Lou Rene and Harry are wonderful representatives of their parish, putting a face on the generosity of the members of St. Andrew's Episcopal Church,York. We enjoyed their visit, and extend our thanks to everyone who chipped in to make life a little nicer for our residents. 
Notable Dates
Sunday, April 9 - Sunday, April 15


B I R T H D A Y S !

This month, we wish our following residents  the happiest of birthdays! 

April 5 - Betty

April 16 - Jennie
A Special Birthday
The Episcopal Home has been in operation for 90 years, but our Winnie can boast that she has been around a few years more than that. We celebrated her 99th birthday last month with balloons, cards, a special dessert and plenty of good wishes!   Additionally, a representative from Grane Hospice hosted a belated celebration by making ice cream floats for all of the residents in honor of Winne's big day.

Our Volunteers Are The Best!
Bringing Generations Together

"I have learned that there is more power in a good strong hug than in a thousand meaningful words."  

-Ann Hood

Shippensburg is so fortunate to have a public library with a thriving children's program. Thanks to the efforts of Youth Director Sysha and her assistant, Samantha, our residents were treated to a snack, 
a story, and
entertainment by some of the youngest members of the Shippensburg Public Library. We're planning to see more of this delightful group when they return on April 24

"When Irish Eyes Are Smiling..."
Irish or not, we were all smiling and singing along with volunteer musician Joan Applegate on St. Patrick's Day.
Around the House

Going For the Green!

Effie and her cooking club had a great time creating shamrock shaped cookies. 

Sarah got a kick out of the green cookie dough
Dolores and Juanita kept Effie busy running back and forth to the oven with trays of their creations.
Irish Tenors? 
Not the famous ones, but our version . . . 

Our Sweet Irish Roses

Some of our lovely ladies wearing green for St. Patrick's Day
Always Improving for our Residents

Head Nurse Sherry Alexander and Kitchen Manager Effie Hershey, are always looking for ways to better serve our residents. This past month they've been working on new meal plans for residents with special dietary requirements.

Speaking of "special diets," every once in a while, a resident has a hankering for a favorite dish, and the kitchen tries to accommodate. This month, by special request, our kitchen staff whipped up Shrimp Scampi over pasta, "Red Lobster" biscuits and fresh salad. Dessert was blueberry topped vanilla ice cream. It was a good day to be dining here.
Celebrating 90 Years!
APRIL 1961
Congregations Unite for Campaign
to Pay Off Mortgage
"Family is not an important thing. It is everything."
                                                                                                    - Michael J. Fox

It is heartwarming to see how important the Episcopal Home was to our diocesan family in 1961, and how churches rallied together for a common cause.Their mission was to erase the debt incurred by the addition to the Home in 1959. Their collective love, prayers, and compassion drove that successful campaign. To those who contributed, it didn't matter that the Home may not have been in their hometown, or that they may never have known any of the elderly residents. It was place in which they all felt ownership - where they could provide the opportunity for aging persons to live with dignity in a comfortable, home-like atmosphere.

Those members of our diocese truly personified the belief that caring for those who once cared for others is an honor. We thank our predecessors who gave generously then so that we may continue our work here to this day. 

In a broad sense, the  Episcopal Home residents, employees, volunteers, board members, clergy, and every church member within our diocese can be considered a family of  "Home" owners. We are bound together by our continuing commitment to our Home as a family, and "Family is not an important thing. It is everything."
Pictured above, left to right:
The Rt. Ref. John Thomas Heistand, Bishop of the Diocese of Harisburg, Mrs.Carlton (Doris) N. Jones, Executive Director of the Home, and the Rev. Ralph T. Wolfgang, Chaplain to the Home. 
Finest in the Area
"The Diocesan Home for the Aged at Shippensburg is the finest in the area...Every member of the Church in the Diocese is proud to be part owner of a real home...and not just a supporter of an institution giving care without love. Christian love and hope in an atmosphere of dignity can make life truly happy. Our opportunity is to complete this home by removing the indebtedness."    ( excerpts, The Chuchman, April, 1961) 

"We are all involved in this because it is  our Home."
Were any of you, our readers, youngsters when this campaign was initiated?
Have you been a supporter, board member, or volunteer?  Have you known a special resident?  If you have memories or comments to share about the  Episcopal Home
from any time throughout the years, we'd love to hear from you. 
Simply send  an email to,
or drop us a line at the street  address 
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Mission Statement
The mission of the Episcopal Home of the Diocese of Central Pennsylvania is to enhance personal care to residents, their families and that community that enhance physical, intellectual, social,
and spiritual wellbeing.