Summer 2016 Nonprofit Newsletter
Welcome, Dan!
After an extensive search, we are proud to announce that Dan Smith will be our next President & CEO!   
Available Grants and Resources
Nonprofit Capacity
Building Grants
This program helps nonprofits to do strategic planning, develop fundraising plans, or merge with another entity.
Deadline: September 30  

Marlboro College Center for New Leadership
The Center for New Leadership offers workshops, trainings, and consulting to organizations in Vermont and Northern New England.
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FLSA Overtime Rules
Nonprofits will be affected by the Fair Labor Standards Act overtime rules coming into effect later this year. Here are some resources to help you prepare.
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Upcoming Events and Trainings
Community Foundation Annual Meeting
Shelburne Museum: September 22
More information
coming soon!

Sector Briefing: Vermont Nonprofits and FLSA Overtime Rules  
Online: July 8
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Nonprofit Management Summer Camp
Brattleboro: July 29 
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Dear Friends,

This is my favorite time of year in Vermont--and not just because of the warm sunny breezes! It's also a time at the Foundation that our specific and strategic efforts to strengthen the nonprofit sector are so tangible. Spring and early summer mean lots of grantmaking from our various grant rounds, and we're hearing more and more about the amazing work happening in communities all over the state.

At this time of year, we are also assembling our results from the previous year to share out to our donor advisors and other partners. On our website, you can find a copy of our 2015 Giving Together Report which was just published. In it, we highlight our Giving Together program, which allows donors to co-fund grant proposals we receive through our competitive grant rounds, and we give thanks to participating donors who believe we can have a more powerful impact by leveraging our mutual support. While our Giving Together program helps philanthropists with their giving, it's great for nonprofits too, as it introduces donors to nonprofits whose work they may not be familiar with but whose story and work connect to their passions.

Another way that we intentionally work to strengthen the sector is by offering our services, which include funds for nonprofit organizations. We currently manage more than 125 nonprofit endowment funds for various nonprofits in the state; these funds are a great way to improve an organization's long-term financial health. You can learn more about these funds here. We know that encouraging the financial well-being of nonprofits is as tantamount to success as funding the programs they provide, so we are committed to using all of our philanthropic tools for the sector. To that end, you'll find other nuggets of knowledge in this newsletter that we hope will help you and your organization learn and grow!

Enjoy the gorgeous Vermont summer!
Camping Out

Camp Outright--a partnership of Outright Vermont and the Common Ground Center--looks like a typical summer camp. But for Vermont's lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and allied youth, it's a life-changing opportunity to build a unique, caring community.