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On today's edition of Take A Stand! TV as Eric Barger illustrates "Our Ongoing Collapse" in part 5 of the series "The New, Truly Confused Evangelicals."

Have you noticed what has happened inside evangelicalism over the past few years? Is the biblical Gospel intact in your local fellowship or are essential elements missing in action?

In part five of the series, Eric Barger details the ongoing theological collapse of modern evangelicalism underway around us. He documents the disturbing trends resulting in belief becoming secondary while and the actions and activities of men becomes primary in the Church. After gathering considerable data and communicating with many victims of the "new"evangelicalism, Eric Barger simply notes that according to the law of physics where a void exists something must fill it. Now, as alarming numbers abandon the long-held mission of the Church, the cry of "Social Justice" is now trumpeted from many once-conservative pulpits. But where are the calls for biblical evangelism, repentance, and holiness heard not long ago?

Led by many influential leaders such as Tony Campolo, Rick Warren, and Rob Bell the emphasis on deeds cannot be misunderstood as biblical truth and practice has been shoved into the background - or out the door altogether. Even more radical is the hyper-environmentalism of Emergent leaders such as Brian McLaren who declares that Scripture charges the Church with saving planet Earth. Among the casualties are understanding Eschatology and Israel.

Eric sums up his view in one short sentence in the opening editorial. The new evangelicals "have replaced salt with syrup." Make no mistake; the postmodern penchant to hear only what they want and to reject the breadth of doctrine may sound sweet to their ears but results in spiritual sickness with incalculable costs.

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