"Sales are contingent upon the attitude of the salesman, not the attitude of the prospect."
~ William Clement Stone

We've got a serious problem with our sales reps: They're telling us about too many great books!  Over the past few weeks, we've met with our sales representatives from various publishers, and they are totally stressing us out.  We simply do not have time to run the book store now.  We are going to have to close up shop for a few weeks so that we can go home and read all of the fabulous recommendations that they have given us!  ...or maybe we will try to be responsible and just tell you all about them, and keep the store open...

Staff Picks:
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Jet Set: The People, the Planes, the Glamour and the Romance in Aviation's Glory Years by William Stadiem

"This is a rollicking, sexy romp through the ring-a-ding glory years of air travel, when escape was the ultimate aphrodisiac and the smiles were as wide as the aisles." Who can turn down a book with that kind of description?!

This one really grabbed our attention because if you read as much "heavy" stuff as we do, sometimes you need a little bit of a refreshing change!  Click title for full info.

Most importantly, it's not about JD Salinger.  It's about a young woman who works at an author agency in New York, and the agency happens to represent Salinger.  The agency receives hundreds of letters for Salinger, to which she is supposed to respond simply that Mr. Salinger does not reply to mail.  -But she can't do it.  These people are pouring out their hearts, and she believes they deserve a reply...so she decides to start writing them replies herself.

Our rep told us to think, State of Wonder by Ann Patchett, so we are in!  I don't think you really need to know more than that, but you can always click on the book if you need more info!

This week:

Saturday, July 5, Chris Weston, 2-4pm.

You remember Chris from his first book, Hawgeye!  Come get another early reader for the the baseball lover in your house.  Best for ages 8 and up.

Next Week:

Kelly O'Conner McNeese, Thursday, July 10, 6-7pm:

Longtime friend of the store, Kelly O'Conner McNeese will be here next week, and we could not be more thrilled!  Come for a night of Michigan history surrounding her latest historical novel, The Island of  Doves.  Set on Mackinac Island in the early 19th century, you  are sure to fall in love with this one!  Reservations are requested for this free wine and cheese event.  More info.

Tobin Buhk, Friday, July 11, 2-4pm:
If you love true crime like When Evil Came to Good Heart, then Michigan's Strychnine Saint: The Curious Case of Mrs. Mary McKnight will be right up your alley!  Drop in to pick up a signed copy, have it personalized for someone, and ask all of your burning questions about female serial killers!  No reservations needed.  More info.

Jennifer Ross, Saturday, July 12, 2-4pm
Jennifer lost her child due to a rare disorder called Disseminated Intravascular Coagulation, and has written her memoir of hope, Isaiah's Story to share with others who've gone through the loss of a child.  Stop in to meet the author and get a signed copy.  No reservations needed.  More info.

...And More July Events:

These events require a reservation, and they are filling up fast, so mark your calendars, and make a reserve your seat asap!  Click below for further details on these events:

Queen Victoria:

We can't decide which event was our favorite last week, but we certainly learned the most from Gloria Whelan's new picture book, Queen Victoria's Bathing Machine. All based on fact, this is a great book for classrooms of all elementary ages.  The NYT agrees (click here for the article).  The opening is a favorite read-aloud at the store:

"Queen Victoria looked out at the sea.
It was blue, it was cool, it was nice as could be.
The day was so hot; the sun was so bright.
Her petticoats itched and her corset was tight.
She whispered a wish, it was only a whim.
'How grand it would be to go for a swim.'

Her lady-in-waiting collapsed on the floor.
'I've never heard such nonsense before.
Impossible,' she cried. 'It would be a disgrace
to see more of the queen than her hands and her face.
How would she get from the beach to the water
without showing more of herself than she ought to?'

The queen sighed a sigh. 'I'll give up the notion.
I'll never be allowed to enter the ocian.
For how can I swim if I wear all my clothes,
my petticoats and dresses, my shoes and my hose?
They'd get drippy and slushy and soggy and sodden,
and down I would sink right down to the bottom."
Last week we got to host Fierce Reads, Gloria Whelan, John and Mary Agria, Evelyn Johnson, and John Beck.  Each and every one of them left our customers glowing.  Also, if you don't believe us when we tell you how magnificent Gloria's latest book is, here's a NYT review to prove it!  Click here. 

Found on the Shelf:

Edda: A Little Valkyrie's First Day of School by Adam Auerbach

Technically, yes, this is a "first day of school" book, but really, it's a book about bravery.  It's simple, sweet, and you can tie it into learning about the legend of Valkyries, which is a completely random bit of historical information... exactly what 5 and 6 year-olds love to talk to people about!  This is also great for kiddos nervous about going to school in the Fall, kids who are moving, or kids who have a lot of fears to overcome.  Darling, darling, darling!    

Summer Fiction from Wren:

The Winner's Curse by Marie Rutkoski

Kestrel lives in a mansion built and once owned by the Herrani, who's lands have been seized by her people the Valorians. The once beautiful race of Herrani people has been downgraded to slaves.  Arin is an Herrani slave, and when he's auctioned off as a singer, Kestrel can't refrain from bidding on and then winning him. Unnerved by her ability to simply buy a human for a purse full of coins, she leaves Arin in the hands of her housekeeper. When the two finally do meet, it becomes clear that although both of them are hiding truths, only one can succeed in unearthing the secrets and burying the doubts of the other.
Adela lives in Yemen in the 1920s.   Under constant threat of her mother's abuse and her father's imminent death, she tries to make no ripples in her family. She must marry before her father dies, or she will be taken from her home and given to the local Muslim community for adoption.  Unfortunately, a string of deaths and bad luck follow Adela, making her undesirable for marriage to the families in her village.  Adela believes her life and luck have taken a sweeter turn when her uncle and cousin visit. Her mother quickly convinces her uncle to engage her to her cousin, and although they are young, the two cousins do fall in love.  Fatefully, her luck turns sour once again, and her cousin leaves just as she has to face her sickly father's death.  The family flees to the city of Aden, just as Adela's eyes are opened to the world of henna by the women of her extended family.  She finally feels connected to her past through these henna rituals and traditions, but soon her her past and present combine, threatening the loyalty and trust of those she loves.  Historical fiction for lovers of epic reads like The Red Tent and/or The Poinsonwood Bible.