Everyone knows that a house needs a family to make it a home, and a school is no different in that respect. Without you, BMS would be nothing more than a set of empty buildings in the woods of Floyd. Thankfully, we have all of you to bring life and love to our campus and our classrooms!

Over the last 36 years, we've eaten meals together, we've danced and sung, we've shared hugs and tears, and we've worked toward a common goal of giving our children the best education we can. Now it is time for us to come together to build the next chapter of BMS -- a new enrichment and community space.

This week as you celebrate what you are grateful for, we hope you will include Blue Mountain School in your list of thanks.

Help Us Reach Our Goal -- $10,000 and 500 Hours by Tuesday!



* Through Virginia's Neighborhood Assistance Program, anyone who files Virginia taxes is eligible to receive a 65% state tax credit on donations of at least $500 ($616 for a business),  


* Everyone who donates at least $1 gets a chance to win a BMS Barn Quilt,  


* We need volunteers for a variety of jobs for the Barn-Raising Event in 2017, including painters, carpenters, child care providers, musicians, bakers, organizers, and supply transporters, and.... 


* Every donation, no matter the size, moves us closer to our goal!

More Fun with Friends!

Do you know someone who may be interested in supporting Blue Mountain School? Please consider sharing this email with your family and friends.
We love welcoming new faces into our school community!  

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