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Our By George wordsmith cupids are once again arriving just in time to provide you inspired content that is sure to make your St. Valentine's Day sweeter.   We are  pleased to provide both romantic and humourous love quotes along with a few lovely articles for you to share tomorrow. 
Should you wish to surf through other diversions, we have selected a half dozen posts from the past month in By George Journal.  May we take this opportunity to urge you to click into the Journal regularly as we share a surprising range of provocative content: quotes from Cicero to Hemingway; and useful information on contronyms to leadership in the workplace
Enjoy your day tomorrow with people you love!  Happy St. Valentines Day!

From our wordsmith cupids...    

This sweet menu of links is our St. Valentine's gift to you.... May your cupid arrows find their marks! 


The By George Top-Ten Love Quotes

   Some Lovely Thoughts on Love

Humourous Quips on Love   

[warning: she may not find these funny]

Valentine's Wishes - from the Prez

 The most famous love sonnet by the Bard 

The Greatest Love Song of Canada - sung by  

one of Canada's most amourous crooners

The Urban Dictionary defines: Love

Anthropologist Helen Fisher offers

her knowledge on our brain in love -  

The impact on a brain in love

How Love Works (from How Stuff Works)

5 Top-10 Lists of Quotes on Love


And here are 14 memes for February 14

In the event you
missed these posts in
the By George Journal
A Well-Planned Retirement (do not try this) 

and did you read " CG&A COMMS entering its 25th year"

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