Summer, 2017

Dear friend,
“Cuidate”:    Take care of yourself!
Whether it is said in Spanish or English, it means:  “I care about you.  I want you to be well and happy.” The Spanish American Center puts this sentiment into action each and every day at 112 Spruce Street, Leominster, MA.
The sentiment is present when we serve breakfast and hot coffee to 30 people who drop in because they are hungry or lonely, or both.

It is there when we feed over 1000 low-income children 5 days per week for 7 weeks during the summer months.

The feeling is there during our Saturday morning ESL classes where 20 people representing myriad Latin American countries gather to learn and/or improve their English.

It is there when women and children come to us, frightened and broken from domestic violence, and they know quickly they have come to the right place.

It is there when we help someone gain legal status in the US and start on a path to American citizenship.

It is there when our elders group partakes of communal meals, healthy-living lectures and social enrichment activities.

It is there when the 10 youth who participate in our Youth Development Program help serve dinner at our soup kitchen where over 40 people congregate to eat a hot meal and partake in community.

Would you please help us maintain our vital services in your community by donating to the Center this Summer?  Our goal is to continue to provide essential services, which are now threatened by funding cutbacks due to changes in priorities at the Federal level. This puts more pressure on the Leominster Spanish-American Center to keep our at-risk families and children secure.

 They need our care, and your help makes it possible! No donation is too small. We have made donating easier through our secure web site: 

Thank you so much for your continued generous support.



Neddy Latimer and Spanish American Center Staff and Directors

About Us
Neddy Latimer,
Executive Director

Richard Letarte

Angelita Santiago
Vice President

Sylvia Taurino

Mary Yanneth Bermudez-Camp
Board of Directors

Ann Bissonnette
Board of Directors

Cheryl Boissy
Board of Directors

Fernando Newmane
Board of Directors

Lionel Reinford
Board of Directors

Leona Shaw
Board of Directors

Luz Torrez
Board of Directors

Migdalia Velez
Board of Directors

1966 - 2017
Celebrating 50 Years of Service!
  Founded in 1966, 

    Our vision is that every person would live in a safe, healthy, peaceful, and prosperous community in order to enjoy the full benefits of our society.

    Our mission is to respond to the social, health, educational and cultural needs of the greater- Leominster area, with special focus on the Hispanic /Latino community, limited by language, poverty and access. We foster economic self-sufficiency, equal opportunity, and active participation in community-related activities for better quality of life.

The Spanish-American Center is committed to providing assistance to Spanish-speaking residents to overcome language barriers, promoting the development of our young people, fostering community involvement and leadership; increasing relationships with partners, and connecting clients to available community services, which represent and advocate for the community.

In keeping with Latino traditions and being mindful of the historical principles of American democracy, the Spanish American Center adheres to the values of inclusion, and acceptance and embracing one another in collaboration and celebration of hope for a more prosperous future.

The Leominster Spanish American Center is a qualified, tax-exempt,
501 (c) (3) organization. Your donations are fully tax-deductible!
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