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Prevent and Prevail is a program for youth up to 19 years old that hosts open discussions on sex, empowerment, identity, orientation, expression, STIs and HIV, with a focus on well-rounded knowledge about HIV prevention, comprehensive sex education, and consent.
Success: Over 150 youth in the city and township of Ypsilanti have completed the program. This means they know accurate information instead of believing the myths and misconceptions. 
The next five week run begins April 21st and ends May 19th,  
Thursday from 5:30-7:30 at Parkridge Community Center. 
In order to be a hired participant: Come to Parkridge Community Center -- 
April 13, 14, 20 between 6:15-7:15. 

Teen Run Activity Planning, T.R.A.P .,  was created by youth, for the youth within Ypsilanti. As many youth will state, there is nothing to do in Ypsilanti. Activities are planned to demonstrate that youth can get together without violence, as well as to have fun. We work in cooperation with the Ypsilanti Police and Sheriff Departments. 
Success: We have hosted six teen parties without any violence. The summer 2014 Ypsilanti Community High School hosted the first two; the 2016 parties were hosted by the Ypsilanti Senior Center. We have also went on trips, such as to Detroit museums and the River Days festival, and participate in local community events and community service.
Our next Teen Parties will be on April 15, May 18, June 15, and July 20 at the Ypsilanti Senior Center.

Getting the academic support that is required

As an L3C community-based business, we support youth academically, as well as address the social and other non-academic barriers to learning. We are culturally relevant, individualized, strength-based, and academic-centered. Utilizing decades of teaching and learning experience, Dedicated to Make a Change goes beyond the norm to develop academic success who attend the underfunded Ypsilanti Community School.

Success: 42 total participants in HOPE over 2014/15 and 2015/16 school years.

8 Participants have been with us over 1.5 yrs
4 Participants have been with us over 1 yr
7 Participants have been with us over 6 mos
12 Participants have been with us over 2 mos

We would like to welcome Aantonia Paul and Martinez Rice to the clubhouse, and welcome Kaitlin Robinson back.

The Social Work 350 and Occupational Therapy Program students from EMU who spent time at DTMAC this semester are ending their time with us this month. Thank you for working with us!

Shaina Johnson and Dmitri Walker, two EMU Communications students, are creating their Communication Capstone Project, Untold Stories of Dedicated to Make a Change. Shaina brought members of EMU's Poetry Society for an amazing poetry workshop. More about them here .

Students from EMU's Poetry Society lead a workshop at DTMAC

Our Glow in the Dark Teen Party on March 18th ~ another great success!

Anthony and Shaina work on poetry during the workshop

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