We now have meats, canned goods, dry goods, drinks and much more!
Free Products!
Halloween Pretzel Treats- 8 bags/case, 40 individual bags per/bag
Honest Ginger Lemonade- 32 Fl oz glass bottles
Lipton Diet Green & Berry Tea- 24 pack of 16.9 Fl oz bottles
Rhodes Frozen Bread- 5 loaves
Bubbies Prepared Horseradish- 5 oz glass containers
Members Mark- Diced Tomatoes 102 oz cans
Reduced Price Products!
Rutters Rush Energy Drinks- 16 Fl oz. bottles 10 cents/ lb
Snyder's Tortilla Chips- Small individual bags 19 cents/ lb
Snyder's Wholey Cheese Crackers- 1.5 oz bags 19 cents/ lb
Frozen Young Turkeys!- 98 cents/ lb
Featured Products at only .19 cents a pound!!
Fresh Green Beans- Quick Microwavable pack
Classic Golden Fudge Dessert Cake- 32 oz cake
Salad Mixes

Sam's Choice Boneless Ham Steak- 8 oz
Plain White Sheet Cake
Assorted Snacks and breakfast foods
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