April 2017
April 2017 Antlers
It is the beginning of a new year at the Ouray Elk's Lodge and a new format for the newsletter.  Let us know what you think there is a poll at the bottom.
  Julie's Farewell as Exalted Ruler
  To all the members and families:  It’s been a pleasure, thanks for all the support, I appreciate all the mentorship and fellowship.  I gave John my blessings tonight for a great year.  Meanwhile, I’ve stepped up to fill the Esteemed Loyal Knight for the next year which is the chair of justice.  I wanted to give everyone the heads up that I will be enforcing the state law regarding “No Smoking within 15 feet of the front door”.  Contributions will fund the Elks National Foundation in your name.  Julie Wesseling, PER
ER's Corner
  It is a new year in Elkdom and this is my first attempt at sending an ER message to our members.  There is a ton of things happening at the lodge.  The big one is the creation of a club kitchen in the store room and a complete cleanup in the old kitchen area.  There is more to come and we should be very proud of our team of Trustees and the time they give to us as volunteers.  Speaking of time, on April 1st we are having a day long planning and goal setting retreat at the lodge.  Our goals must be guided by our four principals:  Charity, Justice, Brotherly Love and Fidelity.  All are welcome to attend as this is about us as an organization and how we serve our community and our membership.  Officers, Committee chairs and Trustees this is important that you are there.  We will start at 9:00 AM and go until we achieve two things.  First a calendar of events for the year which will be our base to start with.  Second a list of goals for the Lodge that we all can achieve as a Lodge.

One last note.  Starting in April we are opening the bowling alley to our other district Lodges for fun and comradery.  This is going to happen on a string of Saturday’s, stay tuned.

John Lorimer, Exalted Ruler

  Lodge Planning and Goals Meeting Saturday April 1st
  On April 1st 2017 we will be having a goals and planning meeting at the lodge.  All officers, committee chairs are encouraged to be there.  But we want more than that.  Every member has an important role in the organization a part to play, if you remember the words from when you were initiated.  We need to set the goals we want to achieve and fill the calendar with activities and events.   We need to know what you think and what you want to help with.  We cannot do this alone.  This is your organization and we are here to serve you and the community.  We need you and your input.  This is the time to step up and voice where we want to go.  To me your voice, opinion and help is our most precious asset.  So come and help us serve our wonderful community.  If you can't make the whole meeting come when you can.  If you have ideas and can't make it, email me at jlorimer@lornet.co or call me at 303-668-4598.   The meeting will start at 9:00 AM.  We will have a potluck lunch, so bring something to share, Please.
Secretary's Corner
  ~Membership Cards~
  The dues payments have been flooding in and the memberships cards are flying off the printer! What if you haven’t received your new card yet but you have submitted your payment? The best way to tell is to check with your bank and see when your check cleared. You will generally receive your membership card around 2 weeks after your check clears. If you paid on our website and haven’t received your card yet, your card was put in the mail on March 28th. Thank you for continuing to support your Elks Lodge! Let’s make it a year filled with brotherly love!

Koree Schmidt

Happy Birthday
April 1: Suzanne Brown
April 2: Kenneth D'Arcangelo
April 5: Nicole Klein, Krista Scott
April 9: Richard Scott
April 10: Clarence Graves, Victor Labarge
April 13: Eileen Allen, Adele Amos
April 15: Cass Stanislawski
April 17: Katharine Walker
April 18: Steve Martinez
April 19: Norm Fedel
April 20: Kevin Duckett
April 21: Thomas Whittingham, Ronald Williams
April 22: Philip Blackford
April 23: John Gibson, Daniel Leonardi
April 24: Bill Leo, Joseph Trainor
April 27: Robert Brown, Randle Gardner, Chris Vann, Samuel Walker
April 28: Darryl Bennett, Tom Hash
April 29: Jon Barker, Steve Duce

Easter is Coming!
   Our annual Easter Egg Hunt is coming up on Sunday, April 16th. It will be held in Ridgway again this year because of the Ouray pool c onstruction.  Linda Moore has graciously taken the lead and as usual, we can use all the help we can get. We will stuff the eggs on Friday, April 14th 5:00PM and we need to show up at the Ridgway town park about noon on Easter to help with setup - the event starts at 2 p.m.
Between now and mid-April, we really need donated stuffed animals, preferably bunnies, bears and maybe a few lambs. Please bring them to the
Lodge. For more info, or to volunteer to help. call Linda at 970-497-9853 or
email lindawin50@gmail.com
From our Tablets of Love and Memory 2014-2017
Welcome New Members
Please welcome these new members who were initiated March 11!

Dana Irvin and Sally Kloman

Please also welcome Victor Labarge, a recent transfer from Aka, Ok!

2017-2018 Officer Installation
We had our Officer Installation on March 25th with a great turn out of PER's from our Lodge and Vadra Doser PER Telluride and Ken Miller PER Montrose.  Jim Pettengill acted as our GER, Norm Fedel PER, Phil Martinez PER, Tom Tyler PER, Kathy Pettengill PER filled the ranks.  Plus a wonderful supper afterwards  with Meat Loaf by Bette Maurer.  Congratulations to our new Officers!

Green Bingo a Great Success

Green Bingo was very successful with 40+ for dinner, 39 for bingo and $700 raised from the dessert auction.  Special thanks to Ryan Hein, Jill Scheu, Linda Moore, Nancy Brown, Kim James and myself for a very special event. It was a great time!  

In the pictures, Top:  Jim and Kathy Pettengil and bottom: Koree Schmidt and Phil Martinez.

 Julie Wessling

~Jim Wilson’s Memorial~
  In February, the Ouray Elks Lodge hosted family and friends of Jim Wilson for an endearing memorial. If anyone has a story they would like to share about Jim or his memorial, please send them to koreeschmidt@gmail.com. We would like to feature some of them in the next newsletter.
                                                   Elks Care ~ Elks Share
Clubroom Kitchen Build out
  Step 1:  Well Ok Step 2 as the whole room had to be cleaned out and the old liquor cabinet ripped out.  Room looks empty at this stage other than the ice machines, chiller, oven....
     Step 3:  Start building the new walls.

Stay Tuned as we will post more pictures as things progress   (Mike Wage in picture)
Sickness and Distress
  If you know of anyone who needs our prayers and healing thoughts,  Please send to Esteemed Leading Knight Danny Wesseling at: Danny.Wesseling@gmail.com .
Do You Have Email?
  If so, please send your e-mail address to our Lodge Secretary Koree Schmidt at
KoreeSchmidt@gmail.com. Get your Lodge news and event information sooner!
Elks.Org - Please Join
  We encourage all of our members to visit the http://www.elks.org / website and register for the Members Only section to help you stay in touch with what is happening in this wonderful organization of which you are a valued member! 
Roll of Officers
John D Lorimer -Exalted Ruler
Danny Wessling - Leading Knight
Julie Wessling - Loyal Knight
Tim Walters - Lecturing Knight
Bette Maurer - Esquire
Robin Gavriel - Chaplin
Mike James - Inner Guard
Cameron Moore - Tiler

Koree Schmidt - Secretary
Linda Moore - Treasurer
Trustees - Kathy Pettengil, Jim Pettengil, Ryan Hein, Jason Perkins, Steve Martinez

Leslie Brown - Newsletter
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