Dear, dear FlyLady,

When I read your "Do You Act Like a Martyr?" musing yesterday, those ten questions hit me right in the gut.  Just this week I had asked dear husband if he would "help" me with Weekly Home Blessing by mopping the floors.  I have never enjoyed mopping and had it in my head that it was an awful job and if he really loved me he would see all the work I had already done on the rest of the WHB and, of course, "rescue" me!  Well, he called me on it.  He said he wouldn't be able to do it that day and it seemed that I was saying if he didn't, then he must not care about me.  So it wasn't really a request,
was it? And as a perfectionist I had to have it done that day.  Otherwise it doesn't count, right?  So I grunted and groaned and grudgingly snarled that never mind, I would do it. 

 Lo and behold, in the middle of the awful drudgery of my ten-minute mopping torture (ha), my sweet SHE daughter (age 9) ran up and said, "Can I help you mop, Mama?  I just LOVE mopping!  And you've been working so hard making our house nice."  So I smiled, handed over the mop and let her finish the bathrooms.  And I absolutely refuse to criticize the job she did the way my mother would have.  After all, some wise woman once told me that housework done incorrectly still blesses the family!

Thank you for understanding us SHEs and putting positive voices in our heads. 

 FlyBaby B in Iowa 

FlyLady here: I don't know what type of mop she was using! When you make it fun it will get done and the Martyr will leave your home. There are a million ways to mop! We love our FlyLady Mopping System

Sometimes a child will lead us!

Other times we just need to be childlike! Check out my funny mopping video.
FlyLady Capturing Dust Bunnies!
FlyLady Capturing Dust Bunnies!

You are not behind! I don't want you to try to catch up; I just want you to jump in where we are. O.K.?

Words can be KIND or MEAN; the CHOICE is yours in 2013! 
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