Meet Robert Caldwell!
Get out this weekend and give Robert Caldwell, from Caldwell Cigar Company, a big Outlaw Gang welcome! There will be raffles, great cigar deals, food and beverages and our monthly poker tournament!

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Meet Robert Caldwell
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I started smoking cigars when I was 10. Mainly cheap machine made cigars I could 5-finger from gas stations. I was caught smoking by my brother-in-law when I was 12. In an attempt to dissuade me from smoking, he gave me a La Gloria Maduro. I immediately fell in love.

As for the business, I got into manufacturing about 7 years ago. I ended up making a brand which was sold exclusively to high end hotels and restaurants. I found that it was very hard to find a good cigar in the hotels around Miami so I built a brand to showcase in these venues. It was a limited project. We featured rare tobaccos and very well aged cigars. I worked with several manufacturers through this process. From there, I decided that I wanted to build a factory in Wynwood, which is the arts district in Miami. Everyone thought I was crazy. I thought this area was a fantastic place to showcase the artistry of cigar manufacturing. From there the Wynwood brand was born. I always wanted to share with people the experience of a fresh-rolled cigars. To me, they were the best kept secret in the industry. I worked mainly with Honduran Corojo tobacco for this project, as the sweetness of this leaf overcomes most of the bitterness that you find when smoking fresh tobacco. Unfortunately, I had to leave this project due to differences with my former partner. I am very stubborn when it comes to business. I only want to make the highest quality cigars I can. Sadly, that factory closed just a few weeks after I left.

Tuesday Night Cigar Club -
Tuesday Night Cigar Club - "Interview with Robert Caldwell of Caldwell Cigar Company"
Caldwell Cigar Co. IPCPR 2015
Caldwell Cigar Co. IPCPR 2015
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