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October 10th 2013

University Hospital Doctor Helps to Break Ohio Abortion Laws!



On July 22nd 2013 we published an article by several concerned prolife leaders in Northeast Ohio about the collaboration between University Hospital and the local abortion industry.  Again on July 26th we provided more information about UH's lack of response to these serious violations. 


Today we bring you further proof that Lisa Perriera is breaking the law in Ohio and ask that you please contact University Hospital CEO and Board of Trustees. Click the link below to see the outrageousvideo which reveals Lisa Perriera the Cleveland abortionist admitting to sidestepping Ohio law to have a late-term baby aborted. Disturbingly, the abortionist clutches her newborn son to her chest throughout her speech.


We recently provided you with the tragic data showing the children  who are dying in the region.  You can make a difference by taking a few minutes to email or phone UH and ask that they end their collaboration with the abortion industry.


The contact information is provided in the previous articles which are linked here and here  



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