While developing our Youtube series on death, the soul, eternal torment, etc., we are also expanding our Facebook presence with our "Beyond Life," "Sabbath History," and "TimeTalk" and pages.

We're still in the "testing-and-learning" stage. Last week we posted our "Problematic Parable" article (see below) on our "Beyond Life" page. We invested $100 to promote this post over a seven-day period. We're just beyond the halfway point, and we have reached 4,734 people. (Approximately one cent per person.)

In addition, we have reached 1,882 people who would have seen "Problematic Parable" even if we hadn't spent a dime. Many of these are people who visit our "Beyond Life" page because we caught their interest with previous test promotions.

So, we have reached a total of 6,616 people. 919 of those people have engaged with us in some way, writing comments, asking questions, sharing the post with friends, etc.

That means one in every seven people we reached has taken some kind of action! Imagine the result if we had invested $1,000 in this promotion!

We wrote "Problematic Parable" because comments to previous posts raised questions about the parable of the rich man and Lazarus. It is one of the main pillars propping up the traditional doctrines of the immortal soul and eternal torment. We will follow up with more posts dealing with the same issues.

We're including "Problematic Parable" in this newsletter so you can read it for yourself and get an idea of what we are trying to do. Your financial support for this work will enable us to move ahead with a stronger social media push. We must take advantage of Facebook and other social media channels to bring truth to a much wider audience.

Deception is everywhere. Bible doctrines like the Sabbath, the State of the Dead, and the Nature of Man have never been more essential than they are now. 

– Jim Wood