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Overcoming the  FEAR T hat Keeps You  S-T-U-C-K!
June 2015


We started this year taking an honest look at personal transformation. I focused on this hoping to motivate everyone I care about (myself included) making 2015 the best year yet -- the year we claim a breakthrough. So I promised myself I would use this newsletter to promote a focus on SELF-leadership. 


I can hardly believe that summer is here, can you? How is your 2015 personal transformation? Are you making progress? What are you learning about yourself?  What's holding you back? 


We like to think that what holds us back is other people. But from my experience, it's usually one common thing: FEAR. And I get that. I've been there. I know what that feels like, believe me! And I've talked to people at all leadership levels around the world and guess what -- it doesn't's a human emotion that levels the playing field. I've seen fear paralyze, and I've seen it empower. 


I am familiar with fear. I've studied it not just within myself but also in others I have mentored and coached. What I want you to understand is this:  FEAR is a normal part of the process, but it should not and cannot be the end-state if you want to experience a breakthrough!  {Click to Tweet}

S o how do you avoid getting stuck? 

All I can tell you is what I know. I can't sugar coat it or call it some New Age term because here's the truth...


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If you want to do more digging on the idea of personal creative disruption, check out this extremely thought provoking article by Clay Christensen (the subject matter expert in creative innovation).   

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