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May 2011
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As promised, this month we are including information on Jani and P'taah's tour of Germany, England, Malta and Spain, including dates and who to contact for reservations or to book personal sessions.  


And to those who take us to task for our 'commercial' newsletter, please remember that while this is mostly a labor of love, there are real costs, including the costs we must pay to produce and send out your free newsletter.  


Without your wonderful support, we couldn't continue so our heartfelt thanks to each and every one of you, including our beloved critics!


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CD-DDEBD6 March & April Conversations with P'taah

Our Conversation in March was Moving into a New Epoch. Joanna and I talked with P'taah about how those things that we term 'disasters', like the earthquakes in Christchurch and Japan, are a natural part of the shift as we move out of the old paradigms. They are opportunities for us to learn compassionate detachment -- loving those who are suffering and doing whatever we can to assist them without becoming overwhelmed by fear.


You'll find quite a discussion about this Conversation on our bulletin board under the heading 'The Last Session!'


Tracks on that session are:


T1-Disasters, Natural & Manmade. Being centered in the vortex. The power of breath and being in the Now


T2-Compassionate Detachment. Cleaning the swamp analogy. We are all powerful sovereign beings and there are no victims. Reaching out to nurture and support those who are suffering without getting caught up in 'the story'.


T3-Take Home Message


T4-Fear of Our Own Mortality


We called the April Session Divorce, Cosmic Game Plans, Soul Mates & More.  My guests were Gwen & Chris. Much of the discussion centered on moving through the pain of having a 40 year marriage end in divorce. P'taah points out that always, always, no matter how dire the circumstances, there are no victims and there is always a gift in what is occurring. He talked more about several popular concepts like soul mates and twin souls and how our decisions can create alternate realities. 


T1-Surviving Divorce


T2-Happiness, Soul Mates, Twin Souls


T3-P'taah's Soul Group / Alternate Selves


T4-Words, Thoughts, and Feelings


As always, the newest sessions are available on MP3 for the special introductory price of $6 and on CD for $10.95. Order now!


Next month we'll be doing another Burning Questions. If you have a question for P'taah that you think is of general interest, send it to us now. If we use it on one of our recordings, you will get a free MP3 of that Conversation. Do note that the question must be a topic of general interest that we can use on the recordings. For specific questions that you want answered, you might consider doing a personal session or taking part in a mini-session.


Upcoming P'taah Workshops & Personal Sessions

In June, Jani & P'taah head for Europe and a series of workshops in four countries - Germany, England, Malta, and Spain.


They start in Germany on 6 June in Hamburg, 9 June in Munchen, and 14 June in Bonn/Bad Godesberg. There will also be time for personal sessions. For more information, click here. 


Following those events, Jani and P'taah go to England where there will be two events - Life, Fulfilment and the Unified Field of Love on 18 June and Golden Light Essences: A Gift of Transformation with P'taah, Jani & Pattie Staines on 19 June. Personal sessions can be booked there as well.


Jani and P'taah then go with Pattie to Malta for two workshops - P'taah's Life, Fulfilment & the Unified Field on 2 July and The Golden Light Essences with P'taah and Pattie on 3 July. Again, Jani & P'taah will be available for those who want personal sessions. To book, call +356 35505508 or send an email.


Workshops are planned in Madrid, Spain for 9 & 10 July. We have posted the flyer we received on the website. For more information, contact Silvia who is the organizer.  


Since Jani will be traveling in June, July and August, opportunities to do telephone personal sessions with P'taah will be limited. If you are interested, we suggest that you consider booking one in May before she leaves.  


We will also be offering an Ask P'taah Mini-session on May 17, Jani's time. These are limited to 4 people and they fill up fast. 


Contact us or leave a message at 760-364-5465 if you're interested. All sessions are first-come, first-served, so claim your spot early.



The Morning SongGlyph-DDEBD6

May 2011 Message from P'taah  


Q: P'taah, I must tell you that your Morning Song is just such a gift. What a beautiful, wonderful thing that is.


P'taah: Indeed, beloved. Why is it, do you think, that this is so powerful?


Q: Because you focus on the truth and the reality of the universe.


P'taah: Well, you may say also that negativity is a reality in your universe.


Q: I like to think that that's an illusion (Laughs)


P'taah: Indeed. However, to be more precise about this, it is to say that you -- each one of you,  the humanities -- create your own reality by the thoughts, the beliefs, the ideas, which are enwrapped in the emotion that these beliefs inspire.


In other words as you have a belief about yourself and about the reality, about your world outside, so indeed this brings up a feeling and the feeling is the energy which is the power behind the creations of your world, your life, your day-to-day living.


Most of you have been brought up to focus upon what is NOT. In other words you are focused upon the negative aspects of lack rather than the allowance of the beauteous flow of abundance of all wondrousness which you deserve because you indeed are the creators of your life. And you exist as a Perfect and Eternal Expression of Creation and you deserve all wondrousness simply because you exist as this extension of the Mind of Goddess/God, hmm?


So one of the ways that you may change this idea that you exist in lack is to look at really what is the greatest truth in your life. And the greatest truth in your life is that you do know about Love. You are Love. Love is the glue. Love is another name for Goddess/God.


And so indeed Love is really who you are and everything else exists as an off-shoot of this reality called Love. So you may call forth, and do indeed do know, at least sometimes in your life, what it feels like to have an abundance of love, an abundance of health and well-being, an abundance of joy, of beauty and harmony, of adventure, of laughter, of play, etc., etc. So it is not that any of these things are foreign to you.


Q: Right.


P'taah:  So we have devised this beautiful Morning Song to remind you, each one of you, the most expanded truth of who you are. And we say to you that as well as dealing with the emotional issues which keep you separate from the actual knowing of joy, of love, of all wondrousness in your day-to-day life, by also focusing by saying the Morning Song each day --and it does not matter, of course, whether you say it in the morning or evening or all day, all day! In fact, we would be very happy if you would go about your day-to-days saying 'Thank you' through your day, hmm?


Q: Yes.


P'taah: So, the more that you focus on this abundance of all wondrousness and allow the flow, then indeed so you immediately start to experience this flow in your life. And the more you pay attention in your day-to-days to that flow and say 'Thank you' as you are witnessing and taking part in this flow, so indeed the more and more and more you are in your own power of creativity.


It is another interesting thing to note that many of you say, "Oh, I wish I was creative." Well, all of you of course are so extraordinarily creative. You're all creative geniuses and if you doubt that, it is only to look at your world because you co-create every part of it  - all of it, all of it.


We say also that it would be very good if you would say this under the flow of the crystalline structure of water. It would be very good because it is magnifying. And you would say: 




"From the Goddess/God of my being I give forth the thanks for the Love that I am.  

For the love in my life, for the love that surrounds me, thank you.


Thank you for the miracle of life that I am and  

the miracle of life that I see reflected all about me.


Thank you for this gift of life. Thank you for this perfect body,

my health, my well-being, thank you. 


Thank you for the abundance that I am and the abundance I see reflected all about me.  

Thank you for the riches and richness of my life and  

thank you for the river of money which flows to me and through me.  

Thank you.


Thank you for the excitement and adventure of the millions of  

wondrous possibilities and probabilities. Thank you.  


Thank you for the beauty and harmony.  

Thank you for the peace and the tranquility.  

Thank you for the wonderment. Thank you for the joy.  

Thank you for the laughter and the play. 


And thank you for the privilege of serving and sharing the gift that I am.


Thank you, thank you, thank you."




Q: Well, when I'm done with that I just feel - I just tingle all over from how good it feels. It must raise your vibratory rate pretty profoundly.  Does it?


P'taah: Indeed. It simply transforms the frequency from that place of fear of lack to the love of abundance and well-beingness.


Q: Well, it's a great gift and I thank you so much for it.


P'taah: Oh, indeed beloved. It is our joy to share it with you and with all who listen.






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