PAR Mail 2017-221
PA House Passes FY 17/18 Revenue Package
Governor Wolf now has 10 days to decide whether or not to sign the revenue package
Yesterday, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives finished passing a state budget revenue plan. The 10-day clock for Governor Wolf to decide whether or not to sign the budget began. In response to the budget passage, Governor Wolf said "I am calling on the House Republicans to get back to work, finish the job, get us that severance tax." According to the Philadelphia Inquirer , "the revenue package that cleared the House and the Senate relies heavily on borrowing and dipping into special state funds for projects ranging from transportation to environmental cleanup. It also calls for a major expansion of legalized gaming in the state. The gambling bill, pushed through the Republican-controlled legislature this week in less than 24 hours, is estimated to bring in $200 million this fiscal year and less in future years."

The Governor Wolf could decide to sign the budget revenue package, he could veto it, or he could withhold his signature in which case it would automatically become law on Sunday, November 5 at midnight.
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