May 2013 - Issue 10
MD Packaging        

PACKEX Toronto a Huge Success!
Beltweigh XS

Thanks to all of our customers who visited the MD Packaging Booth at PACKEX this week.  It was a phenomenal show with lots of action in the booth.  Great to see so many of our existing customers and to meet so many more potential ones.  In review, we showcased the following vendors and equipment...


Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed - CS3600XE, CM9400 & Beltweigh XC 


The CS3600 Caseweigher is an in-motion scale for weighing large packages such as boxes, cartons, cases, bags or sacks.  Constructed on an all-welded, stainless steel frame.  The CM9400 Canweigh checkweigher is ideal for round containers such as cans and bottles.  Combined with the XS control, the CM9400 is an unbeatable combination.  The Beltweigh XC is rugged and ready for food and other wet applications.


PowerChek 400

Mettler-Toledo Safeline - Certus 300 & PowerChek 400


The Certus XR is ideal for reliable, cost-effective x-ray inspection of small packaged products in non-washdown applications such as packaged frozen foods in paperboard cartons or baked goods in aluminum trays.  The PowerChek Plus X-ray inspection system offers the highest level of detection capability of packaged and unpackaged food and pharmaceutical products such as bulk meat patties or yogurt in a plastic cup.

JLS | Osprey Case Packing System
JLS | Osprey Case Packing System

JLS Automation - Osprey Case Packer 


The Osprey Case Paker can be configured to maximize available floorspace with JLS's compact case former and sealer.  Utilizes the proprietary JLS End of Arm Tool technology including Vacuum on Board, Impulse Multipick and Active & Passive Mechanical Designs.  Available with optional JLS proprietary PIVT (Package Integrity Validation Technology).  Deigned to exceed the industry's rigorous requirements for food safety and sanitary operations.

Belcor 252

Belcor - 5150 and 252 


The BEL 5150u allows a single person to load cases with products and seal all flaps on one machine.  By cutting back on labor costs, one person can use the BEL 5150u to pack and seal your products.  Use this machine to meet production demands and increase time efficiencies.  The BEL 252 is a fully automatic, pressure sensitive uniform case taper.  It is an affordable, high quality, fully automatic case taper that offers highly advanced production duty design. 


Domino Printing - A Series, D Series & G Series 


Deploying intelligent technology, the A320i only needs to have consumables replenished to maintain optimum performance.  That's all the service this printer requires.  The D120i (10W) and D320i (30W) lasers are ideal for coding on a wide variety of materials at low to high line speeds: serial numbers and batch codes, 2D data matrix codes and bar codes, logos and graphics, more complicated European and Asian characters.  With the G Series i-Tech range, you can print high definition (from 60dpi up to 600dpi) machine readable codes for enhanced traceability.

Super Seal Touch

Enercon Induction Sealing- Super Seal 100 


Loaded with features that meet the requirements of most applications head-on.   Standard microprocessor control and convenient plug-in induction sealing heads have recently been added to enhance the machine's performance.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like more information on any of the above equipment.  I would be happy to review your specific application. 

Jaime Alboim
Southwestern Ontario
Celebrating 25 Years in  Business!

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