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Paradigm Outdoor Speaker Sale

The fabulous sound of Paradigm outdoor speakers is more affordable than ever! Enjoy the savings for you and your client. You can read about the models included here. For details on your side of this promotion contact PAMrep here

MartinLogan Renaissance ESL 15A

     MartinLogan's latest hybrid speaker, the Renaissance ESL 15A is shipping. This state-of-the-art performer is heading for display at multiple dealer showrooms and their clients will be able to experience a new level of performance from this remarkable product. 
     Many of the things they learned in the research and build of the Neolith are integrated into this design and some technologies unique to the ESL 15A. In the base of the ESL 15A  are newly designed dual 500-watt Class-D amplifiers that are controlled by a 24-Bit Vojtko DSP Engine fortified with ARC (Anthem Room Correction).  The 1000 watts RMS of horsepower are fed to two 12-inch laser-engineered low-distortion aluminum cone woofers in independently enclosed compact chambers configured with MartinLogan exclusive PoweredForce Forward bass alignment technology [a refinement of the bass technology used in the SummitX and other speakers by MartinLogan] that controls the interaction between the rear-firing woofer and the wall behind that woofer. The result is staggering realism and impact that matches the precision of the new 15" wide ESL 15A stat panel. 
     The procedure for ARCing the Renaissance ESL 15A is found here. The ARC software in available here. If you already own a MartinLogan PBK [Perfect Bass Kit] you are ready to go - all you need is the software 
and a pair of the Renaissance ESL 15A!

To receive the dealer copy of the promotion, please contact PAMrep here!

LR4G Stealth Acoustics Invisible Speakers 
And Dolby ATMOS - Perfect For The "Z" Axis!

LR4G Every speaker manufacturer and integrator who provides surround sound theater solutions shouted a big Woo-Hoo the day that ATMOS came to market. More surround channels equals more speaker sales -  sweet.   Yet, with more speakers comes the potential for more bulky speaker boxes or unsightly grilles adding clutter to the aesthetic design of the room. This is exactly the wrong direction for dealers who want happy architects, interior designers and home owners who are just getting used to AV technologies becoming more hidden. Stealth has the answer with invisible speakers of the highest caliber available. Stealth's LR4G invisible speaker uses a patented combination of directly coupled mid/high tweeters and real cone woofer bass stage, leading to smooth and articulate response from 45Hz-18kHz all from a totally invisible speaker solution. Add in the near hemispherical coverage of Stealth speakers and you have a system that sounds spectacular from the front and rear "X" axis, side "Y" axis and the ceiling "Z" axis.

Take a look at this layout.

This is an ATMOS system designed with Stealth's LR4 speakers. The speaker location placements are flexible because there are no grills to visually align and Stealth's wide coverage angles spread the sound around smoothly and evenly from the speaker without the typical on- axis "beaming" found in traditional speakers.

Home theater surround sound fields benefit from the following three things, which Stealth Acoustics invisible speakers do very well: 
  1. A diffuse sound field with wide coverage angles. This allows listeners who are off-axis of the surround speaker to receive the same full range of sound just like the on-axis listeners. All of which leads to more seats getting good surround sound. Stealth speakers offer wide and even responding coverage angles and minimize the "flashlight" effect of traditional speakers, which can be a real problem when you fire speakers down from the ceiling to listeners. 
  2. Directional information that is cogent throughout the coverage angles. Stealth speakers sound the same virtually anywhere in their near hemispherical coverage making localization cues available evenly in the extremely wide pattern. This leads to bigger panoramas and better spatial cues for more seats. Traditional speakers change their sonic qualities quite a bit from different listening angles which can confuse spatial location details and response blend relative to listening angle. 
  3. The ability to be set to "large". Yes, LFE should go to the subwoofers, but the more capable the surround speaker to carry lower program material the more options one has to properly tune the system - and the more realistic that helicopter sounds when it lands right on the listeners head. With typical surround speakers you need to expose a larger device into the mix to get bass extension. Stealth allows for extended bass without any visual impact because you can't see the speaker.
Stealth has a full family of invisible speakers to create great sounding ATMOS home theaters, all without impacting the visual environment. Nobody wants to see more ceiling clutter. Aesthetics and great performance is why Stealth speakers are just perfect for the "Z" axis. 

Contact PAMrep to discuss your next ATMOS theater design using Stealth Acoustics Invisible Speakers. Your customers and your bottom line will be glad you did!

Anthem AVM60 
Brings home all of ATMOS for your client
Ready for DTS X!

Combine the perfect list of everything you would want your client to have in a full blown theater preamp processor... 
  • 11.2 channels of balanced audio outputs
  • Dolby Atmos
  • DTS:X Ready
  • ARC Anthem Room Correction
  • 4 Speaker Profile Memories
  • Quad Core Digital Signal Processing
  • Two Sub Out Jacks (parallel)
  • Premium 32-bit / 768 kHz Differential-Output D/A Converters
  • Wireless Network Connection
  • DTS Play-Fi - Local and Streaming
  • HDMI 2.0a
  • HDCP 2.2
  • 4:4:4 Subsampling at 4K60 (18.2 Gbps)
  • High Dynamic Range (HDR)
  • BT.2020 Color Gamut
  • On-Screen Display with 4K 50/60
  • 4K 50/60 Switching
  • Anthem ARC
  • FM Tuner
  • Easy on-screen set up
  • Full IP/Rs232/IR control with discreet commands
  • An APP for even easier use
Is is possible that all of this is available for under $3000?

YES - Meet the Anthem AVM60 Preamp Processor Extraordinary!
Very few A/V Preamplifier-Processors offer the features and stunning performance found in the Anthem AVM60. It all starts with Dolby Atmos immersive audio decoding, future upgrade capability for DTS:X, support for UHD Blu-ray and 4K60 through HDMI 2.0a with HDR. HDCP 2.2 and 18.2 Gbps are also included allowing switching for compatibility with the latest video formats. High performance audio features include a low noise toroidal power supply, premium differential-output D/A converters with 32-bit conversion and sampling rate optimized filters for every audio file to the highest resolution. Laden with premium A/D converters with 106 dB signal to noise ratio the AVM60 delivers the highest quality sound when using analog sources. DTS Play-Fi offers easy-to-use music playback from popular streaming services and locally networked sources, controlled through iOS, Android or PC apps at bit rates up to 24 bit 192K!

Do not settle for less! At a price under $3000 you can own the very best performer from Anthem AV! Read more about it here.

pwampREVIEW - Paradigm's Premium Wireless PWAMP

CEPro's Bob Archer delivers an in-depth review of the new Paradigm Premium Wireless PWAMP. Read the article and watch Bob discuss his experience in a video as well. Click here to check it out!

John Sciacca of Residential Systems takes a look at a Paradigm Premium Wireless System in this article. Contact PAMrep to give the PWAMP a listen!

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