PAMrep News For April 2017
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Axpona Audio Expo is just around the corner on the 21st of April through the 23rd. It is a great opportunity for you to show your wares and skills to a wide audio-enthusiast audience. To date, over 140 high fidelity listening rooms are booked and outfitted by local dealers. Attendees are encouraged to go from room to room and sit, listen and compare the various systems. AXPONA will be open for listening on Friday and Saturday from 10 am - 6 pm and on Sunday from 10 am - 4 pm.

In addition to the well attended showplace of Axpona there are also two attention drawing concerts at the end of the first and second days from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM. This year they are featuring Frank Catalano Band on the evening of the 21st and an incredible evening of Chicago blues  featuring Ronnie Baker Brooks, Billy Branch and Mud Morganfield [Muddy Waters eldest son]. 
Eliminate Service Calls and Equipment Failures due to electrical surges, spikes, and ground contamination caused by MOV based devices that only surge protect instead of eliminating surges while causing you problematic service issues and wasting valuable time and money.

SurgeX vs. the Competition
SurgeX vs. the Competition

SurgeX has technology that surpasses all other methods of trying to divert electrical surges and spikes. Their patented Surge Elimination is simply the best! Learn how SurgeX can not only eliminate the risks of Surge and Spikes but also save you money and time by dramatically reducing the number of lock ups and sync issues caused by ground contamination. Your time is valuable!

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Four simple solutions at four price points end the risks of Surge/Spikes and reduce your service calls related to issues caused by MOV ground contamination.

Meet the SurgeX Family!

Under $300 MSRP
  • SA-82 - No more surges or ground contamination rated for systems up to 8 Amps
  • SA-15 or SA20No more surges or ground contamination rated for systems up to 15 and 20 Amps
Under $900 MSRP
  • XR315 - No more surges or ground contamination rated for systems up to 15 AMP and adds the high value of COUVS Catastrophic Over/Under Voltage Shutdown and ICE Inrush Current Elimination technologies along with remote capability.
Multi-room under $500 a room MSRP
  • PF420No more surges or ground contamination rated for four circuits at 20 amps. Now you can protect four circuits or more by using multiples of the PF420 or SX-20NE-RT which services a single 20 amp circuit at under $600 a room.
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The Absolute Sound Reviews The Paradigm Persona 9H!

The Paradigm Persona 9H is reviewed in the April 2017 issue of Absolute Sound. 

Quote: "Let me begin with the conclusion. The Paradigm Persona 9H is a new assault on the state of the art in speaker design by one of Canada's leading companies. It may cost some $35,000 a pair, but it's one of the best speaker systems I have ever had the opportunity to listen to or review."

Quote: "I got better and smoother bass out of the Paradigm Persona 9H in a variety of room locations than I have with any other system that did not have room correction. Moreover, it outperformed any other pair of speakers-or pair with separate subwoofers-that did have room correction. It measured better; it did a better job with a wide range of bass warble tones; and, most importantly, it sounded better with organ, jazz, rock, and the kind of sonic spectaculars you may hate as music but can't resist using to test your system." 

Quote: "One of the best around. Highly recommended."

At the time of publication of this newsletter, the digital copy and print copies are available but the online free version is not. You can download a copy of the review here!


Stealth Acoustics LRx83

The Stealth Acoustics model LRx83 is a three-way, full-range loudspeaker system that becomes completely invisible after installation. The LRx83 may be installed in either the wall or ceiling. The LRx83 finishing options include latex paint, light wallpaper, fabrics and selected texture coats. There are even more options if needed.

The Stealth Acoustics LRx83 incorporates an acoustically coupled high quality low profile, high-power 8" cone woofer, a 30mm direct coupled neo-magnet mid-range driver and a direct coupled 25 mm neo-magnet high-frequency driver. Advanced internal materials allow for smooth frequency extension to 20 kHz. When the LRx83 is installed in the recommended backbox, frequency response below 40 Hz can be achieved. 

To assure a long term performance, the LRx83 contains two independent protection circuits (high/mid-frequency and low-frequency sections) that automatically reset upon reduction of excessive amplifier power. 

Frequency Response:
40Hz to 20kHz

Power Capacity:
160 watts RMS
320 watts Peak
80 watts minimum recommended power

MartinLogan Outdoor Living Series

Landscaping and outdoor living spaces are about more than just adding beauty to your client's home. They are a favorite social spot in your client's home. The MartinLogan Outdoor Living system is visually discreet and conforms to the typical shapes of landscape while offering surprising performance. Now the outdoor space can be complete with audio entertainment like never before.

Designed to maximize installation flexibility while offering scalable system solutions, MartinLogan's Outdoor Living Series includes high-performance weatherproof satellite speakers with 4" and 6" woofers, subterranean subwoofers with 10" and 12" woofers, and a selection of mounting accessories. As a bundled package, the 4.1 Outdoor Living System, makes getting started with a world-class outdoor audio experience simple.

To simplify the system performance and design, MartinLogan also offers wide performance options and flexibility since each satellite offers multiple 70 volt taps, 100 volt taps and 8 ohm connection to make the the design. They also offer a pre-programmed 500 watt x 2 DSP enabled Crown amplifier with presets installed to make your installation simple whether 8 ohm or 70 volt or both. Choose the configuration and go! The amplifier configuration and DSP will be properly set to meet the system you designed scaling from the options the team at MartinLogan has pre-engineered for your use. Just the right mix of Outdoor Living Satellites and Dynamo Outdoor Living Subwoofers will turn any size space into a luxurious place to enjoy music. 


Need some sales excitement? Yes! A Peachtree Audio Trade-Up Program!!

From now through April 28th 2017 your client can trade up their old Peachtree Audio model toward a new Nova and experience the delight of the best DAC, super quiet electronics, and potent power from a new Nova!   Trade-up credits are set at 80-90% of the current estimated used market value.   The goal is to offer existing Peachtree Audio owners a no-hassle option for better performance. Peachtree Audio will even accept most non-working units! 

Check out the applicable models and fine print here... 
  • Eligible Past Peachtree Products: novaPre/Peachtree220, nova220SE, nova125SE, nova125, nova65SE,iNova, Nova, decco65, iDecco, Decco2, Decco and iDac are eligible for the Trade-Up Program.
  • Eligibility Restriction: novaPre/Peachtree220, nova220SE, nova125SE and nova125 are eligible for trade-up credit toward the nova300 only.
  • Eligible products that are not functioning but are in reasonable physical condition WILL BE ACCEPTED for trade-up credit.
  • Otherwise eligible products that are damaged beyond repair or have the serial number removed may be rejected at Peachtree's discretion.

Read the reviews!

  • nova150 in Computer Audiophile "unmatched features and sound quality at an exceptional price" 
  • nova150 in CNet "This seriously potent Class D amplifier design belts out 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 250 watts per channel into 4 ohms, and Peachtree even claims the Nova150 can drive speaker loads as low as 2.5 ohms, a rare feat for amps or receivers in the Nova150's price class. No AV receiver I'm aware of can do that."
  • nova150 in Digital Audio Review "A new generation calling: the utterly marvellous Peachtree nova150"
  • nova300 in Computer Audiophile "However, the nova300 is the homecoming king, the captain of the team, and the president of the senior class, rolled up into one item. Power, control, and finesse. This is the nova you want."
  • nova300 in Digital Audio Review "The nova300 is an exceptional beast."

Make Them Happy! Trade Them Up!

Create A Deadly Stack Of 
ATMOS Power With Anthem AV

Anthem's powerful processor, the AVM60, combined with Anthem's MCA amplifiers, is just what the doctor ordered for a full blown ATMOS experience! With a processing potent AVM60 delivering the precision audio into 11 channels of Anthem MCA amplifiers rated at 225 per channel into 8 ohms and having stable power down to 600 watts into 2 ohms, the sky really is the limit on the realism a theater can produce. 

The reviewers are loving these!

  • "There wasn't a single time I didn't savor sitting down and listening to this processor" - Theo Nicolakis - Audioholics
  • I think I'm going to just leave it there permanently as my new reference AV preamp. Be careful auditioning the Anthem AVM 60--you might just have to buy it, like I did." - Myron Ho - Home Theater Review
MCA Amplifiers
  • The MCA 525 may look unpretentious, but don't underestimate it. Its excellent all-around performance makes it my favorite mid-priced multichannel amp.Roger Kanno - The SoundStage!

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