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A Masterpiece is defined in the dictionary as:
  • Greatest piece of work, as in an art
  • Anything done with masterly skill
  • Consummate example of skill or excellence
  • Piece made by a person aspiring to the rank of master as a proof of competence.
The new Masterpiece series by MartinLogan is easily defined by all of these definition types. The series from top to bottom is the very best in class the engineers at MartinLogan have ever produced at these remarkable price points.  

$24,995 Renaissance ESL15A
Renaissance ESL 15A represents a major evolution in electrostatic design. The electrostatic panel is a full 15-inch (CLS) XStat electrostatic transducer. The XStat panel is paired with dual 12-inch PoweredForce Forward woofers powered by dual 500-watt Class-D amplifiers. These powerful amplifiers are controlled by a 24-Bit Vojtko DSP Engine. 

The last ingredient of this potent duo is ARC (Anthem Room Correction). When these speakers are positioned in the room. Anthem Room Correction is run and multiple measurements allow the ARC program running on a PC to precisely create a room correction curve that is loaded into the Renaissance ESL 15A's Voytko DSP engine. The result is near perfect bass response in the listening seat - audio nirvana!

$14,995 Expression ESL 13A
Expression ESL 13A represents a major evolution of the MartinLogan classic electrostatic loudspeaker. All of the familiar elements are here, along with some revolutionary refinements. At the heart of this exceptional loudspeaker you'll find a 13-inch Curvilinear Line Source (CLS) XStat vacuum-bonded electrostatic transducer with advanced MicroPerf stator technology and ultra-rigid AirFrame Blade construction. The powerfully dynamic low-frequency experience is rendered with unflinching accuracy and authority courtesy of dual 10-inch low-distortion aluminum cone woofers. Each woofer is independently powered by a 300-watt Class-D amplifier, and controlled by a 24-Bit Vojtko DSP Engine featuring Anthem Room Correction (ARC) technology.

$9,995 Impression ESL 11A
Impressionist masters inspired potent feelings by removing the barrier between art and emotion. The Impression ESL 11A achieves this same effect, with an unprecedented level of audio transparency and realism revealing the pure emotional impact of music. The Impression ESL 11A delivers impactful and accurate bass performance with its dual 8-inch woofer system powered by dual 275-watt Class-D amplifiers and shaped to the room by Anthem Room Correction technology. The groundbreaking integration of this woofer system with MartinLogan's signature XStat CLS transducer delivers a dynamic, transparent audio performance-an experience of pure audio pleasure with nothing coming between your music and ears.

There are many other innovations to include in the new Masterpiece loudspeakers. These include: 
  • An Innovative AirFrame Blade construction, precision manufactured from an aerospace-grade extruded aluminum alloy. This material, and this exclusive manufacturing process, makes the XStat panels extremely rigid. 
  • Powerful 5-Way audiophile WBT Binding Posts. Their pure copper connection plate is highly conductive and free from "eddy current" effects. These posts are insulated for shock protection, and fully damped against vibrations. They give you plenty of room for large-gauge professional speaker connections for your client's favorite cables.
  • Clever new tray design electronic circuitry housing - rigid metal trays are located at the bottom of each Masterpiece loudspeaker housing the Power Supply for the XStat, the Twin high powered woofer amplifiers, and the DSP engine and ARC circuitry for each loudspeaker. If service would ever be required, the tray allows rapid replacement of components and isolation from the vibration of the typical placement inside a woofer cabinet. 

These three loudspeakers create the powerful Masterpiece Series. Never before has so much audio capability been assembled into 3 remarkable products. Give a listen to the amazing new Renaissance ESL 15A, Expression ESL 13A, and Impression ESL 11A loudspeakers. You have never heard anything like them for their price points!

If you have questions, please contact PAMrep.
anthem7.2.4 ATMOS Rocks!

Quick Demo Sells ATMOS
The very best way to sell an ATMOS system is to demonstrate it in a full blown theater display powered with an Anthem MRX1120. With the Anthem MRX1120, you can easily set up a demo that goes from accurate 2.2 to 5.2 to 7.2 and then 7.2.4 or maybe you would like a fallback and set it up for 2.2, 7.2, 7.2.4 and 5.2.2. You could then set a fallback to 7 channels of ATMOS power and use the MRX720. Once your client hears what basic 5.2 or 7.2 sounds like, take them to ATMOS. Then - take it away and fall back to 5.2 or 7.2. They will immediately request that you turn it back to ATMOS...They are already hooked. 

What makes ATMOS so exciting? 
In the past, soundscape engineers were limited to channels and panning between channels. So if a jet needed to fly overhead from stage left to right stage rear, they simply panned the sound between the left front speaker channel and the right rear channel. With ATMOS processing, an engineer can have the jet start low and on the left, then fill the space dramatically up and overhead as the jets engines grow louder and move above the listener, and then descend to the right rear of the room and disappear on the horizon. Wow - what a difference thanks to being able to use the height channels and phase relationships with the base layer of 5.2/7.2 and deliver 7.2.4 with the ability to place soundscapes precisely where they would be in nature. 

So - what does it take to deliver 7.2.4?
First it takes 11 channels of amplification connected to a great Dolby ATMOS processor. The Anthem MRX1120 is an ideal solution. It provides precise power and performance to deliver the goods. In addition to the traditional 7.2 channels, 4 more channels are placed using speakers above the listener. Two in a front position and 2 behind the listener. These channel speakers can be physically placed as in-ceiling speakers or beamed to the position using speaker caps such as the MartinLogan AFX speaker. As the listener enjoys the audio from Dolby ATMOS - the processor in the Anthem MRX1120 is computing exact placement from the original soundtrack encoding of up to 32.1 channels of ATMOS sound. It is precisely scaled to 7.2.4 and in the more modest size of a home theater, delivers the perfect placement of sound in the room. Wow! 

The MRX1120 has the exact feature set needed to deliver the full ATMOS experience including the video!
Watch the video and learn about the remarkable sound of Dolby Atmos!
Dolby Perspective on Dolby Atmos
Dolby Labs Shares Their Perspective On Atmos Sound Stage Performance

SurgeX Envision Power Monitoring On Site
Remote Access Too!

Maybe you have a troubled install where things keep arising that should not be a problem? It might not be you or your gear - it may be your clients electrical power. With SurgeX Envision you gain unsurpassed diagnostic intelligence and industrial-grade power protection to identify and control power issues in real time. Place the Envision and the companion Remote Portal at your client install and start monitoring. When an event is reported, correlate it to the logs compiled by the Envision and see if it is their power - surprise, surprise - many times it is the client's electrical system causing all of the fuss! Watch this short video!

Troubleshoot your problem installs with SurgeX Envision! Power might be the problem and you are getting blamed!
Troubleshoot your problem installs with SurgeX Envision!
Their electrical power might be the problem and you are getting blamed!

Very Persona Gratis
The Paradigm Persona Line Sets A New Standard

Paradigm has spent years in development of the new Persona series of loudspeakers. The layers of research and innovation that encompass this series are hard to tabulate. Inner circle dealers and reps have seen prototypes over the years as iterations of the Persona speakers developed. Recent improvements in materials finally make this speaker a reality. Here are some examples of the innovations included:

Cabinets: The unique curved cabinet shape is created to a precise form using a multi-ton press that uses microwave energy to force a thick slab of seven layers of wood composite material and Viscoelastic adhesive into a dense resonance free shape over a week long curing time. The resulting composite material is a constrained layered damped material that is the perfect foundation for Persona's potent drivers. Further complexity adds additional stiffness through internal structure and alignment. Careful cutting and joining create a seamless block with a thick metal baffle where the mighty drivers of the Persona speakers will align.

Tweeter: To capture the speed and low distortion to elevate the high frequency performance of a state of the art loudspeaker, there is only one material a tweeter could be made from... Truextent Beryllium!  It has exceptional stiffness - a Young's modulus 287 GPa [compared to Aluminum at 69 GPa] and a quite high melting point of 2349 °F. This rare metal has a unique characteristic of inaudible resonance. At a demonstration of materials, Paradigm had three tuning forks. One made of aluminum - when struck - it rang out for a solid several seconds. Another was made of Titanium - when struck - it rang out for a second or so but at a significantly lower level. The third was made of Truextent Beryllium and when it was struck, no ringing was perceived. Add a unique motor and voice coil and we have a best-in-class tweeter! Add the Paradigm perforated phase-aligning lens and this tweeter is like no other ever produced.

Midrange: Taking the level of the most important range in a speaker to a new level required the development of a Truextent Beryllium midrange. This driver is fast, super stiff, non-resonant, and reveals the smallest details in the vocal range. A unique motor system drives the Truextent Beryllium midrange cone as a perfect piston. It is enhanced by Paradigm's perforated phase-aligning lens. 

Woofers: The woofer systems are specific to the multiple models in the Persona line-up. At the top of the line, the 9H employs a powered bass section that utilizes new Ultra- High-Excursion Differential Drive 8.5" aluminum cone woofers in a balanced vibration-canceling configuration (two front-firing, two rear-firing). Each woofer pair is powered by a separate DSP-controlled 700 W RMS amplifier for a total of 1,400 W RMS (2,800 W Dynamic Peak), and combined with exclusive technology like Anthem Room Correction (ARC) capability for precise optimization of bass performance for any listening environment. All of the other models are passive designs using new Ultra-High-Excursion Differential Drive woofers.

The official launch for Persona will be at CEDIA 2016 in Dallas. 

There is so much more and you can download a complete specification sheet and a finish chart here. Are you ready for the Persona?


lrgStop Fighting Interior Designers
You Have The Speakers They Want!

Designers are interested in maximizing form with clean lines and function. Typical rectangular and round speaker grills do not fit their vision of the clean lines of wall or ceiling spaces. LRG technology in Stealth Acoustics loudspeakers deliver what designers want. Uninterrupted visual lines of walls and ceiling spaces while hiding necessary technology. Why fight? Deliver designer friendly technology with hidden speakers.

LRG technology provides unprecedented voicing to invisible speakers, allowing them to output full and natural sound even at very low listening levels. Robust power handling provides great sound at louder listening levels. 

LRG full range invisible speakers and invisible subwoofers, coupled with Stealth Acoustics amplifiers provide a total "systems" approach to invisible speakers, delivering the best possible sound and eliminating unsightly grills and bulky boxes used with traditional speakers. This really is "The End of Aesthetic Pollution" when it comes to making the right speaker choice for your clients home or commercial project.

Stealth Acoustics LRG speakers are sonically wonderful and invisible
to everyone - even the Interior Designer!

Take a tour of the models available including speakers and amplifiers!

Let's discuss your client's application. Contact PAMrep here.

The Powerful nova300 Is Shipping Soon! 
Peachtree Audio nova300 is shipping in August!
The sound of the nova300 is addicting - potent, pure, best of class digital, dynamic and quite beautiful to boot. Every detail from the best-in-class ESS Sabre 9018 DAC to the astounding Dy-NEC circuitry used around the USB input that makes resolution go steps further than ever before are all Peachtree Audio unique - especially at $2299 in gloss black and Gloss Ebony Mocha. Whether you intend to use it as a DAC, a preamp, an integrated amplifier, or a headphone amp, it will delight your client.

Check out these great features: 
  • ESS Reference 9018K2M Sabre DAC
  • 32-Bit/384kHz PCM and 5.6MHz DSD (double-DSD) compatibility
  • New generation ICEPower amplification - 300 watts per channel
  • Extensive internal grounding
  • Designed by a world-class engineering team
  • Asynchronous USB, Coax and (2) Optical inputs
  • Asynchronous iOS input for direct digital input from Apple Lightning devices
  • Phono (MM) input
  • Home Theater Bypass
  • Loop feature to add an external tube buffer, EQ or other processor into the signal path
  • Discrete, custom-designed high output headphone amplifier
  • Optional Wi-Fi module to be announced
  • Available in Gloss Ebony Mocha and Piano Black
  • Made in North America
Get your demo on order now! Contact PAMrep!

cediaGetting Ready For CEDIA?

CEDIA 2016 will take place on September 13-17 in Dallas this year. Registration is now open and you can also arrange your stay and plan any classes or certifications you would like to take.  PAMrep is planning to attend and will be working with all of our manufacturers there. Let's plan to get together, meet with the manufacturers, see new products and gain a competitive advantage! Contact PAMrep here.

NEOLITH - Reviewed By Robert Harley of The Absolute Sound
The MartinLogan Neolith was reviewed in The Absolute Sound and the article is now visible online. Robert Harley carefully dissects the unique aspects of this loudspeaker and listens carefully to assure the performance is up to the $80,000 price tag. The resulting comment defines the general nature of the review:
      MartinLogan's Neolith is a world-class product, taking its place in the upper echelon of today's best loudspeakers. The Neolith's transparency to sources, resolution, coherence, transient fidelity, and lifelike sense of presence and immediacy are as good as they get. In short, the Neolith is as colorless a loudspeaker as I've heard. The Neolith is an unqualified technical and musical triumph. It's also more than fairly priced at $80,000. Although that's a huge amount of money by any standard, I can name off the top of my head about ten speakers (more if I thought about it) that cost far more and that I wouldn't choose over the Neolith. MartinLogan has successfully blended its electrostatic panel technology with dynamic woofers to create a truly full-range, coherent loudspeaker-finally succeeding in the audio equivalent of pulling the sword from the stone.

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