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MartinLogan X3
Slender Profile & Stunning Performance

How can your client enjoy the speed and accuracy of MartinLogan in a soundbar solution? Simple - the Motion SLM X3 at $999!

The secret to the Motion SLM X3's astonishing performance is the six innovative 4-inch, ultra-slim fiber cone woofers paired with three Folded Motion tweeters. These rapid response elements combine to deliver the signature MartinLogan speed and accuracy. The drivers are mounted on a solid black-anodized brushed aluminum baffle with precise placement to deploy 3 channels of imaging. The high-gloss black SLM X3 cabinet is only 1.45-inches thin, for a total wall protrusion of 1.83-inches with magnetic grille and included wall mount bracket and table stand.

The MartinLogan X3 is a smart solution for a number of applications. When your client needs a compact but effective theater - the X3 can be the centerpiece. Combine it with a Dynamo 700 for a 3.1 system or add a pair of rears like a pair of Motion 4i and the results are exciting and affordable. 

When your client wants something better than a me-too soundbar, the X3 delivers on-point audio quality. Add a Dynamo 500 subwoofer and their bedroom TV or the kids TV rocks with 3-channels of clean MartinLogan sound. 

Here are some popular applications:



The new Anthem STR series takes audio signal processing and amplification to a new level! 

STR Preamplifier includes a high-resolution preamplifier and a digital section, with support for asynchronous USB up to 32-bit/384 kHz PCM and DSD 2.8/5.6 MHz sources. This high-quality USB audio input transforms digitally stored audio from your client's Windows or Mac computer into warm, natural analog sound. 

The STR Preamplifier includes the newest and most powerful generation of Anthem Room Correction (ARC), with 50% more processing power than any other version of ARC. This proprietary calibration tool, with its easy-to-use interface, automatically shapes the acoustic signature of your client's speakers for the best possible sound quality in their unique listening space.

STR Power Amplifier 
The STR Power Amplifier benefits from Anthem's proprietary input topology-a unique departure from the classic differential input stage. Eight low-noise bipolar input devices are configured in a complementary active-load cascoded feedback arrangement for reduced distortion, exceptionally linear response and superior bandwidth. Transistors in critical stages are hand-selected and matched for lowest possible distortion
Anthem engineers incorporated sixteen bipolar output devices per channel, resulting in peak production that is effortless and instantaneous, cinching even the most challenging material. The use of multiple bipolar output devices in class AB configuration also dramatically reduces distortion while ensuring extreme linearity, extensive bandwidth, and stress-free reliability.

Your client can experience the immense dynamics of up to 800 clean watts delivered into demanding 2-ohm loads, or 400W into 8 ohms/600W into 4 ohms continuously and with both channels driven. No more running out of horsepower!


Ask Professor Vojtko - Neolith Edition
Ask Professor Vojtko - Neolith Edition

surgexAre We Designing Ground Contamination, Common Mode Disturbances,  Surge Potential And Electrical Transients Into Client's AV And Control Systems?
Certainly not intentionally, but if you are not eliminating these issues in your system designs, you may be doing just that! 40% of downtime issues are related to power anomalies .

Lightning Is Not Your Main Concern
80% of power anomalies occur within buildings, are low-level, and rarely seen. They contribute to "electronic rust" the slow accumulation of electrical problems that weaken equipment performance and shorten system lifespan and cause the puzzling rash of service calls around installations that should have worked flawlessly.

Your Valuable Billing Hours Spent Providing Service and Support
Research shows that a high number of service calls and warranty returns are classified as  "No Fault Found"! This is very likely the result of low-level power disturbances that are out of your control unless you plan to prevent them.

How Can I Design Support and Service Prevention Into My Systems?
The SurgeX residential power protection line is engineered to properly protect high end home theater equipment from AC surges and electrical transients that can disrupt sound quality, digital performance, and cause equipment failure. SurgeX Advanced Series Mode ® technology completely eliminates surge energy up to 6,000 Volts, without producing harmful ground contamination or common-mode disturbances that can affect audio video performance.

SurgeX ProAV Video
SurgeX - No Surges - No Ground Contamination - No Common Mode Disturbances!

Custom Fit And Finish Loudspeakers 
Featuring Paradigm Sound Quality
Paradigm Decor Custom Loudspeakers
Decor Loudspeakers are custom-length speakers fit any television, turn any installation into a custom home theater, and deliver Paradigm high-performance sound. 

Decor Features Include:
  • Rigid, resonance-free enclosures are constructed of anodized extruded aluminum with heavy-duty MDF baffles.
  • Enclosures hang just 2-inches off wall (with grille), making Décor Custom Collection speakers one of the thinnest high performance speakers available.
  • Handmade grilles are hand-stretched with acoustically transparent cloth, and can be customized with an optional TV contour cut-out.
  • Three mounting bracket options to choose from. 

Looks as good as it sounds!

Design conscious clients want a balanced, well-designed home theater installation that looks as good as it sounds. For some, traditional soundbars are too short, or too long. Some look cobbled-together and mismatched. Paradigm has the solution - Decor Custom Loudspeakers with high-performance, low-profile speakers that are custom crafted to your client's specific flat panel 

installation in Canada in just 3 days!


Decor Loudspeakers are manufactured  in both horizontal / sound bar and side-
mounted / vertical configurations, with up to three audio channels in a single enclosure. Decor speakers can be combined to create a slim, elegant, high performance audio system that is customized to the exact height and length of any wall-mounted, flat panel television. Add a subwoofer and appropriate amplifier to power them and your client will have an elegant customized and fully integrated audio video solution. 

Design your custom solution for your client online!
Paradigm has created a website dedicated to a quick transaction to design your custom solution for your client. Visit the Decor Design Studio web site and build your clients solution with their guided process. In most cases your design will be built and ready to ship in 3 days after your order is placed.

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mit"Let us help you make the most of your A/V components!" 
Bruce Brisson,  Founder & CEO of MIT

More than "just cables" - What's the difference with MIT Cables?  It's the difference between an audio cable and an audio interface.

MIT Cables' core audio cable technology is their exclusive  Multipole Technology, named after the fact that every audio cable has a single point where it is most efficient at storing and transporting energy. At this point in the audio frequency spectrum, the cable will articulate best, and represents the cables' particular Articulation Pole.  Utilizing their Poles of Articulation, they can provide levels of performance for each of your client's AV needs.

Every audio cable, no matter the manufacturer, has a point along the audio bandwidth where the relationship of capacitance and inductance is most efficient at storing energy. We refer to this point of efficiency as an Articulation Pole. Electrically, articulation is a measure of the efficiency of a cable or network to store energy and transport power. This transportable power is used to move the speaker and produce sound. The more efficiently the energy is stored and then transported, the more natural the sound will be. 

A cable that has its Articulation Pole tuned to a high frequency is described by audiophiles as "bright" or "fast." Conversely, a cable that has its Articulation Pole tuned to a lower frequency would be described by audiophiles as "muddy" or "veiled." MIT Cables' interfaces are engineered to have multiple Articulation Poles. 

deccoPeachtree Audio
decco125 SKY Amplifier

The decco125 SKY is the first in a series of Peachtree products focusing on music streaming and room to room control. "SKY" is Peachtree's new wireless ecosystem - allowing direct streaming from TIDAL, Spotify and your other favorite streaming services. Peachtree's SKY Direct mode even lets you play music right from your phone when no WiFi is available.  SKY  will provide room to room streaming and control of future Peachtree  SKY  products.

The decco125 SKY is powerful - 120 watts per channel of power. PLUS - as with all Peachtree integrated amps - it's versatile, with an on-board DAC for your computer, CD player, TV or other digital devices. The phono section and auxiliary inputs have separate power supplies and full analog circuitry. And the headphone amp will take your headphones to the next level of sound quality.

The decco125 SKY has a built-in DAC and phono section. Connections for client's turntable, TV, music server or CD player. It also has separate bass and treble controls on the remote. 

The decco125 SKY remote - it works the way you listen! With one remote button, your client can go directly to their favorite music faster and easier than ever before. Presets take your client to any radio station, playlist, artist or music they want to hear. It is so easy to operate!

Read more about the decco125 SKY here!
decco125 SKY Wireless Streaming DAC Integrated Amplifier

finalistPeachtree Audio nova300
Stereophile's Products of 2017 Amplification Finalist!
  Peachtree Audio's nova300 is a finalist in Stereophile's Products Of 2017 Amplification listings! The nova300 at $2499 weighed in among amplifiers up through $99,000! We consider this quite an honor and glad that we can deliver finalist power and a best in class DAC for a modest price! Thank you Stereophile!
Image Art Speakers
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Stealth Acoustics Award Winning Image Art Loudspeakers and Subwoofers are uniquely suited to providing excellent audio through a thin planar design. They are full range 40-20Khz and when you add Image Surface Mounted Subwoofers the system extends to 30Hz with authority. They are surface mounted so they can be installed in spaces where cutting holes is not possible and offer decorating possibilities such as direct paint application [Satin White Image III] or custom wrapping [Image Wrap] to offer colorful images or your client's photos [from the Stealth Acoustics Artist Gallery or customer provided Art or Photos] to dress them to meet your client's needs!

click it For a truly sweeping scene, Stealth Acoustics offers the Trilogy. This option combines Stealth Acoustic's CoverArt TV screen cover with a pair of Image III speakers for an awesome panoramic spread over three panels. No other on-wall speaker gives your client this much flexibility in creating the exact look they need to match their aesthetic goals. 

If they are using an interior designer, bingo - you are their hero - the designer will love the option to use the Trilogy to hide their flat panel TV while not is use and bring the design in the room to their vision of complete style integration.

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Free Monitor Center Speaker Promotion
Home Theater Review installs and listens to the M artinLogan Outdoor Living System. 

  • "musical, full, warm sound with good clarity" 
  • "sound quality and even volume coverage "

Read the review here!

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