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ML MartinLogan 
Impression ESL 11A 
Receiving Rave Reviews

It is no surprise that the Impression ESL 11A is getting noticed in the press. The value equation in best products is harder to achieve but as one hears the performance offered by this gem, the resulting audio satisfaction is through the roof for it's under 10K price point. 

Recently, Glenn Young of "The Secrets Of High Fidelity And Home Theater" magazine spent time listening to a pair. His comments "Amazing fidelity to source", "Low bass without the need for subwoofers", and "These are relatively inexpensive within their peer group" give a taste of his overall review. You can read more here.

As one first sees the Impression ESL 11A loudspeaker, the carefully executed design and quality immediately stand out. It's 44" x 11" XStat CLS Transducer is not only larger than its predecessor but offers a larger image. It's unique airframe design and cabinet integration delight the eye. 

With Anthem ARC employed in it's hybrid bass section, a response of 29-23,000 Hz ±3dB is attained. In many applications, a subwoofer may not be required to deliver deep full response. With the ARC software and following it's measurement routine, the resulting performance is surprising and thoroughly removes most of the room's effects from the equation. See the image below to see an example of an ARC measurement and room correction result. The improvement was very noticeable and affected not only the bass but also improved overall performance.

Here is an example of the Anthem ARC room correction with an Impression ESL 11A positioned in a listening room.  The speaker was located near a corner and the loading of the corner was emphasizing the bass while the rest of the room was causing other variations. 
The purple line is the uncorrected measured response of the speaker. The black line is the ideal target response. The green line is the corrected response. The resulting performance improvement offered by ARC allowed smoothed extended response and also lowered distortion by 2 factors, controlling large unnecessary movements of the two woofers and a reduction in the effort of the two bass amplifiers in the "out of control" peak across a wide range at the bottom of the response. The improvements noted were not only in the bass, listeners also reported increased ability to discern information and improved spaciality and placement in the recordings.

awardThank You MartinLogan Dealers!

PAMrep was recently awarded " Rep of the year" at MartinLogan. This award is really an indicator of what a dedicated group of MartinLogan dealers we have! Your consistent efforts with the MartinLogan products, your support of the categories we offer, and your belief in the performance they offer is so greatly appreciated! Thank you!
SA 5 Reasons Your Client Needs 
Invisible Speakers

There have been thousands of projects sold with Stealth Acoustics Invisible Speakers in your market area. Why did these clients invest in Invisible instead of regular speakers? 

I thought it might be helpful to take a look at the triggers for using Stealth Acoustics Invisible Speakers as your next project solution.

Loved The Look - Or Lack Of It
Stealth Acoustics Invisible Speakers install where ever your client has a standard stud or joist space and standard 2x4 depth. Given a choice of seeing or not seeing speakers in the wall or on the ceiling, clients will often choose to go with invisibility. The amount of wall and ceiling acne a client faces in their new home or business building is avoidable by applying Stealth Acoustics Invisible Speakers.

Needed Wide Coverage For Sound
Most dealers who have not used Stealth Acoustics Invisible Speakers are surprised to find out that they have the widest coverage in a space. Whether a low or higher volumes, all LRG Invisible Speakers have 170 degrees horizontal &
vertical dispersion. Compared to typical installed speakers, this is a much wider pattern. Also, as a side benefit, one could locate one speaker of a pair on the ceiling and its mate on the wall, and the client would be hard pressed to determine that they were on two different surfaces because of the uniformity of the polar response.

Great Sound Quality
Because of the poor quality of some other attempts by other manufacturers, some dealers are not aware of the sound quality afforded by using Stealth Acoustics LRG speakers. From the most compact to the largest the LRG speakers have wonderful response. What really tends to shock first time users of LRG subwoofers is the out-of-wall performance from a completely hidden and invisible subwoofer system. From background music to full theaters, the Stealth Acoustics LRG Invisible speakers perform!

Wanted The WOW Factor In Their Home Or Business
Stealth Acoustics is the ideal solution for many applications in your clients home or business. Here are some favorite solutions that dealers are using over and over because they are the "best" solution.
  • The Bathroom Space - Typical applications to bathrooms means that a ceiling is the location for the speakers. Glancing upward, you have lighting fixtures, HVAC, exhaust vents and even heat lamps on the ceiling. Enter the speakers, it can be daunting to find the "right" spot for a location that would provide any uniform coverage. Not so with the Stealth Acoustics SLR8G speaker system with both left and right covered with uniformity, clean, deep bass and all hidden completely resistant to the atmospheric conditions of a bathroom. Perfect sound and a reduction in ceiling grills all in one simple installation.
  • Conference Room Space - It is hard to find an organized location for the speakers and then to get the coverage and quality needed to work with all of the needs of a conference room in the first place. How would you like to have a solution that just works with the flexibility of wall or beling or both as your install space and all of the wile providing what your client really wants, invisibility?
  •  Open Floor Plan - With designers and architects moving to more sweeping open floor plans, the need for invisibility has never been more apparent. One room flows into the next and typical locations for speaker coverage become difficult to predict. Invisible Speakers from Stealth Acoustics offer wide coverage and all the locations you need.
  • Where Is The Sound Coming From? My Invisible Speakers! - Dealers always find the clients want to demonstrate their "invisibility in sound". They go around and point out where their invisible speakers are for their guests. They love them and the pride of ownership shows!

They Raise The Bar For The Audio Quality Equation

Everyone knows how difficult it is to get a client to even focus on the speakers going into a project let along get them to consider varying qualities you might present. Stealth Acoustics Invisible LRG speakers make it much simpler to discuss. Have your client rate the importance of sound in each space - low, medium, best and see how they add up, When you specify a low quality in-ceiling speaker into a space for their "low" rated area, how do they sound? Hmmm, not so good... How about the entry point on LRG? The LR6G speaker system will surprise most dealers on their first use. The client will step up to them to have an invisible solution but are typically shocked when they hear the sound. With rich full bass and smooth extended highs, the client is delighted with the performance.





So when will your next client job start? Can you break the mold of using visible products? Do you want to specify higher performance? Can you go invisible? Does your client want to see speaker grills? Let's discuss?


Contact PAMrep here.

Review the Stealth Acoustics Invisible Speakers here.

SurgeX Simplifies Your Install
No More Surges Where Your Gear Goes

SurgeX PF420 $1999 MSRP = 4 Circuits without Surges.

Plug In Without Worries

Have you ever wanted complete surge elimination and power conditioning at the client's electrical panel without the need for additional protection downstream? 

SurgeX has the "plug it in safely anywhere" breaker panel solution at the modest price at retail of about $499 to $599 a room! The SurgeX Branch Circuit products provide guaranteed surge elimination and conditioning for audio, video, and your control equipment at the service panel that makes it possible to assure that anything plugged into the outlets it manages never see a surge! The PF410 is $1999 for four 20 amp circuits and the  SX-20NE-RT for one 20 amp circuit is $599. You can mix and match if you have a very large house to cover. In most project a single PF420 does it all. 

These unique solutions are built with professional-grade NEMA magnetic shielding steel enclosures that meet code for use at the service entrance, sub-panels, and in-ceiling plenums. They are engineered with Advanced Series Mode surge elimination and power conditioning technologies to provide complete surge elimination.

How Much Do Electricians Charge To Install These?
Typical installs cost $100 - $200 and do require a licensed electrician. What will happen during the installation is really quite simple. The SurgeX device will be located next to or near the electrical panel. The load wires from the rooms on the circuits will be moved to the SurgeX box from their current location on the curcuit breakers and a new set of wires will be added connecting the SurgeX to the very same breakers. Upon completion, the breakers will serve the circuits they are connected too but now with the added benefit of no surges on these circuits. It is that simple!

Can I still use ORV-C or BlueBolt with SurgeX?
Sure - simply plug them into the now surge-safe outlets where your systems are. Be Aware - you may notice a significant reduction in needs to re-boot - most of our dealers see this as a benefit! Where microprocessors used to lock-up from voltage appearing on the neutral or ground references from minor surgex being directed to them vis surge protectors, they now see a clear path to ground. The lock-ups cause on control systems, satellite boxes, streamers, and cable boxes are now reduced. Use OVR-C and BlueBolt at will but we know you will see a reduction in the calls to reset something.

SurgeX PF420 Inside
SurgeX PF420 Inside - 4 each 20 amp circuit capable

11.2 Pre-Amplifier Processor

What everyone is looking for in a preamplifier processor is a unit that can deliver high performance  Dolby Atmos and DTS:X while offering support for UHD Blu-ray and 4K60 all through the wild west of HDMI 2.0a with HDR and remain fully compatible with HDCP 2.2 and offer highest speed all the way to 18.2 Gbps and all of the while allowing switching and compatibility with the latest video formats. Wow - that is one tall order!

Enter Anthem AVM60
Not only does it excel at all of the above criteria, it also offers much more! Its Audiophile-friendly features include a toroidal power supply, premium differential-output D/A converters with 32-bit conversion and sampling rate optimized filters for hi-res sound. Premium A/D converters with 106 dB signal to noise ratio ensure the highest- quality sound when using analog sources.

Stream With The Best
Add real streaming with file compatibility to 24/192K for the latest in high resolution audio use with the addition of the luxurious DTS Play-Fi engine built right in. 

Then Blow Their Minds
Every AVM60 includes Anthem ARC - Anthem Room Correction. You might have experienced an ATMOS or DTS-X system before but get ready for the real deal. When ARC'ed, every system improves. Detail and image positioning become readily heard and instead of straining and wondering what tweaking needs to be done to other systems, Anthem ARC gets it perfect!

When Your Client Needs Amplifier Channels To Finish Their System
If the AVM60 is purchased with Anthem Amplifier channels, your client can receive a 10% discount on the amp channels up to 11 channels in total. This tremendous savings adds an additional value for your client to enjoy!

CI Elite LCR's

The new CI Elite LCR series is crafted right in Paradigm's Canadian facility and has all the technology advantages of the CI Pro LCR series, plus the addition oversized voice coils, X-PAL pure aluminum cone technology delivering the ultimate in sound performance for your client's system.
CI Elite LCR Family


The new CI Pro LCR's are all built at Paradigm in Canada and offer a very high value vs. performance ratio. Efforts have been made to allow for high sensitivity and definition. 

Peachtree Audio nova300 

Power, control, and finesse. This is the nova you want.
Quote from Computer Audiophile 

The nova300 is an exceptional beast.
Quote from Digital Audio Review

With Peachtree Audio's pedigree in high performance audio, you know these reviewers have found a special product! The new nova300 is Peachtree Audio's latest release and at 300 x 2 with an ESS Sabre 9018 on board, this integrated amplifier is offering unprecedented performance at $2299. 

It all starts with a deadly silent circuit approach. From input to output, the entire product has a signal to noise of better than 105 dB. A discrete headphone amplifier is on board as well as a phono stage. Those with existing home theater product will enjoy the HT bypass. Now upgraded with not only USB B capability, a USB A input for i-devices sporting lightning connectors allows full performance with the exclusive DY-NEC circuitry assuring the highest quality.

Offered in Gloss Ebony Mocha and Gloss Piano Black, it's compact, rounded edge stunning appearance offers owners a high quality complete solution at a bargain price. Join in and offer your client's a Peachtree Audio experience!

blastsCustomer Email Outreach
Stay In Touch With Your Clients!

Retaining your client base these days means competing with lots of other distractions that are aggressively  competing for their attention as well. If you look at all of the methods to reach out, email is the most cost effective communication you can do, however, it must make it to them. With spam filters and other similar tools, the client may never see your publications . Additionally, if one of your recipients decides to mark your email from your account as spam, it can have devastating effects on your capability to get past spam filters with any emails. This is why it is important to choose a service to use to distribute your emails. 

Some considerations for a good email outreach.

How easy is the service to use?
The learning curve on sending out mass email can be tedious and time consuming at best. Having the time to learn the systems, train someone, or simply get the job done may be difficult. Most email services offer a trial opportunity. Give the prospect service a going over and see if you can effectively use it!

Can you easily add new or existing contact information? 
Adding contact information can be a difficult process if you are not fully organized and up to date on your contacts. If you use Outlook, you may have a great starting point. You can export your contact data as a CSV file. You can delete any personal or manufacturer contacts from the data and then many services allow you to upload CSV or Excel data and even allow field selection during the process so multiple files in different formats can be imported and save a boat-load of hand entry on a keyboard.

Do they offer easy templates so you can effectively create a great looking email? 
Templates can be a quick and easy way to generate a great looking email. They also tend to remind you of important details that you may want to include. Many systems offer multiple color choices and you can closely match your logo - if in color - and also make your email coordinated to images and the like around the colors used. 

What is the cost per email? 
The cost per email is something to consider for the near future as well as long term. Your immediate needs might be small, but as you build a client list that grows, your needs may change. Most services publish a rate chart that is based around quantities sent. 

Who reads your emails? What do they click on?  What topics get reactions? These questions will come up as you begin to send out mails. A good service will allow you to imbed links and then track the data on who follows the links. Services can also tell you who opened the email and what they clicked on. Different headlines get different reads. 

Can your email be read on a mobile device? 
An important consideration is compatibility of your email with phones and tablets. An email scaled properly will be easy to read across platforms. most of your readership 

Services to consider:
Video Scoreboard
 Take your venue to the next level

Video Scoreboard is a unique solution that transcends the existing solutions schools, gyms, and sports courts use today. Scoreboards typically sold into these venues us toggle switches and stepper motors that control scoreboard digits. This antiquated system is very limited in its use and doesn't provide the flexibility to be customized to the sport that might be on hand. 

Enter Video Scoreboard! A solution that is ideal for bringing scoring to the venue along with much much more! Watch the video below:

Video Scoreboard - Scorekeeping and much more!
Video Scoreboard - Scorekeeping and much more!
For more information visit here.

burntSurgeX Case Studies

No SurgeX Used Here....

These are a few case studies demonstrating the benefits of having SurgeX on the job for your client. Click each to read!

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