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MartinLogan's Design Team 
Creates the Masterpiece Series
MartinLogan Masterpiece Series is group of loudspeakers that deliver ultimate performance and defy their price range. They are built to a new standard and quality that exceeds everyone's expectat ions. Watch the videos! Then listen to the Masterpieces!

MartinLogan Mastering Technology in the new Masterpiece Series Loudspeakers
MartinLogan Mastering Technology in the new Masterpiece Series Loudspeakers

Revolution of a Masterpiece - MartinLogan


Paradigm Launches Garden Oasis Series Outdoor Loudspeakers

Now you can plant your music outdoors! With Paradigm's new Garden Oasis speaker systems you can configure exactly what you need to bathe your landscape with the Paradigm sound you love indoors. The Garden Oasis systems consist of five basic component parts... two sizes of satellites, 2 sizes of subwoofers, and if needed, a pre-configured Crown 70 Volt capable amplifier with custom curves to match the specific installation. Garden Oasis speakers feature premium driver and
tweeter components in a single, wide-dispersion shell casing. Reduced Edge Diffraction (RED), a patent-pending technology, significantly reduces negative effects of diffraction while improving critical midrange frequencies. The irregular edges and off-center placement break up standing waves typically found around the woofer cone and tweeter housing of other designs. Paradigm's Garden Oasis speakers deliver a dynamic, natural sound unmatched by other outdoor loudspeakers.

Garden Oasis System Components

Each Satellite is a fully engineer woofer and tweeter with the ability to select its system matching impedance from 8 ohm to 70 volt to 100 volt. There are two different satellites. The GO4 has a full 4 inch woofer with a 3/4" X-PAL dome tweeter featuring the PPA Lens, RED technology and a custom 2nd-order electro-acoustic crossover at 2.5 kHz. It is a full high fidelity loudspeaker with a response of ±3 dB from 120 Hz - 20 kHz. The GO6 uses the same tweeter technology and adds a 6" woofer allowing a response of ±3 dB from 90 Hz - 20 kHz! The satellite are both housed true acoustic suspension, weather, water, and their rugged UV-resistant PolyGlass enclosures promote long life and exact sound quality. 

  There are two woofers - the GO10SW and the GO12SW. They allow for 
impedance matching  for 8 ohms, 70 Volt and 100 Volt systems.  The woofers disappear just below the surface of the ground,  with only their unobtrusive "chimney" port peeking  up. Both woofers are constructed of high-density polyethylene and they can withstand flooding rains and wild  temperature extremes! They have been successfully  tested underwater and in environments from  -20°F to 185°F. The GO10SW and GO12SW subwoofer's low-heat design is vented through the chimney port system providing a constant flow of fresh air while always protecting the system from harsh weather and water. The flared chimney port system, combined with a high-intensity magnet structure, thumps out deep, musical bass. You can bury your client's subwoofer nearby, or install it under your client's decking, and it will rock the very ground beneath their feet!

Read more about the Garden Oasis here ! Download a product manuals here .
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Typical Garden Oasis system setups for long cable installs and short cable installs:

Event or not to Event?
Those who plan and have events all agree that there are clear benefits to using them to grow their business. Most suggest that the results are not always immediate but may well be an influence on a sale or a project down the road a bit. However, they all state they see real results from having them. Planning the events you want to have in 2017 can be a challenging task. You would like your events to be effective in communicating what you do, generate sales, interest your clients, and bring in new customers. Costs can go high if not managed and return on investment is very important! Here are some of the successful events PAMrep has seen or participated in during 2016:

Designer or Architect Lunch & Learn
 One or more of your vendors offers an accredited
 course that Designers or Architects need for the CE hours. Develop an arrangement to bring that course in and surround it with a few extra of your other interesting products as show-and-tell. Join the organizations and use their communication tools as well as your own contacts to drive these people to your event. Keep costs down by building your own lunch trays or lunch bags or spend a little more and have it catered. You get an opportunity to meet new people who can influence new home buyers or remodeling clients to use your products and services. Typical events can bring 20-30 in. Make sure to set up online or phone-in registration so you can plan carefully and also get contact information for future discussions.

Music or Video Night

New Product Announcement
I have been to a number of product introduction events. As an example, the new MartinLogan Masterpiece Series speakers launched and a solid range of customers are interested in hearing them. Combine the speaker launch with factory personnel and the local representative and make an evening event out of it. Send out invites and use the manufacturers customer list too for your area. Some manufacturers cannot share their list by giving it to you but are happy to email your prepared invitation to their list. Have refreshments and light food to help hold customers in your facility.

Popcorn Night
Open your doors to offering a client reward night with one or two movie showings. With demoing your best ATMOS theater with a cool family friendly movie, you can get your seats filled and show these clients what a great theater could be like for their home. Popcorn and bottled water is all that is needed for refreshments. If you center it around some brands you can employ their help to man your event and have discussions with any interested parties after or during the movie.

Spinning Vinyl Night
This event brings out music lovers and can be promoted using a local radio personality. A disc jockey is playing music that is sourced from LP's that your DJ brings or your clients bring in to your showroom. A record cleaning machine is used to assure that each vinyl disc is as pristine as possible and a very high quality playback system is employed. If your DJ is from a local radio station, you can cooperatively reach current and new clients. Often these are regular events - perhaps once a month. Jazz, oldies or classic rock are often favorites with clients. You can also include manufacturers and rotate through your vendors with help from your local representatives or factory personnel. 

Live vs Recorded Music
Plan an event where your best audio gear is challenged to reproduce the sound of a live group. A small jazz combo plays and while it is playing it is recorded. The recording is subsequently played through your audio system of choice and with careful set up, they sound very similar. The obvious goal is to create interest in your chosen audio products. Some light refreshments, emailing and the band are your costs. You can have your manufacturers on hand to help. 

Customer Appreciation Night
Invite your best customers by for an open house with refreshments and everything turned on and running. Bring in some of your best suppliers to help and say thanks to your clients while helping them decide what is next for them! You can also tie it into a holiday - for instance, we were recently at a wonderful Christmas open house where many clients stopped by to visit. Some just to say hello and chat while some even brought projects in hand that they were planning. 

Get it planned!
What ever you can think of that gets a client to meet you again is worth investing in. If you do not have a showroom, you can rent space. One event we visited used a rented luxury home. The event brought in quite a few people and they used extra hands - family and staff to offer tours of the facility with music and video being demonstrated around the home. The space was only rented for three days and all of the audio and video used was temporary so it could be set up and then removed. Calculate what might work best for you in 2017 and get your events on the calendar - the largest challenge is usually getting something on your own calendar! 

PS - there are professional planners available - and there is even an APP or two for that!

Are Your Systems Safe?

Your clients electrical devices have a safe operating voltage and current they are designed for.When these devices see higher voltages, they will fail. Higher voltages will cause devices failure quickly - although slightly higher voltages will also destroy electronics over time. 

Most of us have seen a lightning strike take out gear with drastic results to the connected equipment.  What we do not see is the dramatic effect of improper voltages caused by small repeated surges over time. These surges cause sudden heating and then of course cooling of electrical circuitry and over time, this causes a phenomenon known as electronic rust or a literal mechanical breakdown of the circuit.

Another issue that comes up is the need for our modern computer driven circuits to reference ground for clock. Then doing so, the devices need to see a true ground reference, if they see voltage as it is shunted by most surge protectors using MOV or similar circuits, the neutral or ground is contaminated and causes a system lock-up. We have all had the call about the system that has a locked up device such as a satellite box or a control system device and we need to "reboot". We have in effect a double whammy, system lock-up and most certainly some device erosion. Your client also experiences additional costs as deploy remote network solutions to try and reset the devices remotely by forcing a reboot. Did we really need to deploy these?

What if we could be assured that no electrical passes through to the gear except 120 at 60 Hz? Even during a surge - it would continue to pass without interruption and no short term or long term failure would occur? We have a solution - SurgeX. Their patented protection is radically different from MOV based systems. Their cost of surge elimination devices are not expensive but the problems they prevent are very expensive. Shouldn't you be putting this kind of protection in every job?

The Difference Clarified:

MOV based protection or lesser series mode based protection
  • Releases the majority of surge energy to ground but some directly to the connected equipment
  • Degrades over time, increasing your clients equipment vulnerability to harmful transient surges
  • Fails after repeated hits, leaving equipment unprotected and users unaware - your gear is still connected but not protected
Surge Elimination Technology
  • Does not use MOV's
  • No Surges - Absorbs and neutralizes surge energy while your equipment remains connected and operating at 120/60 Hz!
  • Doesn't fail - Never degrades after repeated power anomalies
  • Does not contaminate the ground wire with surge energy
  • Zero ground plane contamination
  • Zero Voltage Switching
  • Includes EMI and RFI noise filtering
  • Can offer circuitry for Over/Under voltage cutoff protection and ICE-inrush current elimination depending on model chosen.
SurgeX For Your Audio/Video/Control Systems
SurgeX For Your Audio/Video/Control Systems

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Large Area Coverage
170 Degrees Polar Dispersion
Totally Water Resistant
High Fidelity Sound Quality

Enter StingRay 6
The StingRay 6 ideal solution for indoor and outdoor applications  where you need high quality and wide area coverage! Stealth Acoustics StingRay 6 is a full-range, high-fidelity, 6.5" two-way environmentally protected outdoor speaker featuring a sealed front-radiator technology in a compact elegant enclosure with no grill or other openings. 

The StingRay 6 is impervious to the elements and can be placed in almost any outdoor setting - it can be fully exposed to moisture but not installed underwater. Gardens, patios, outdoor landscape in commercial installations and more. It is also comfortable in areas where wide coverage is needed indoors, Typical installation include gymnasiums, churches, restaurants, malls, and other open areas where wide dispersion with high fidelity is required. 

How does it work?
The Stingray 6 utilizes Stealth's proprietary FidelityGlass solid-front radiating surface, which ensures the StingRay's internal components are fully isolated from any intrusion of dust or moisture. Inside the sealed enclosure are a number of unique technologies. A Neodymium based tweeter system directly drives the FidelityGlass surface for wide area coverage and rapid and smooth response for exact reproduction of high frequencies. Stealth Acoustics patented acoustic lever woofer system employs a 6 1/2" woofer system to deliver smooth even bass to the FidelityGlass surface. 

Need More Output?
Stealth Acoustics also manufactures the StingRay 8 with the identical tweeter, a larger acoustically leveraged 8" woofer and a larger cabinet for even more reinforcement of bass. Like its smaller brother, it is also completely capable of indoor or outdoor work load and will deliver the same smooth 170 degree polar response with more extended bottom end. 

Get The Finish You Need
Choices for finish include matte white, matte black, sand stone, gray stone, jade stone, or Stealth Acoustics can provide custom wraps. 

Find the Stealth Acoustics StingRay 6 product specification sheet here.

Read more about StingRay solutions here.


Peachtree Audio 
Shift Portable USB DAC & Headphone Amplifier

Listen at home or take it with!
Christopher Jones at Wired said, "...the Shift provides an immersive audio experience that makes you want to sit back, relax and dive into some music." 

Shift is a USB Digital-to-Analog Converter (DAC) and headphone amplifier designed into a small and very portable chassis roughly the size of a deck of playing cards. Your client can completely bypass the headphone output on their smartphone, tablet or personal computer and provide exceptional sound quality to anything they listen to. The built-in battery pack provides up to eight hours of playback on a single charge so shift is a perfect travel companion at work, during travel, or simply around the house. The built-in headphone amplifier powers everything from standard in-ear monitors to less load friendly and difficult-to-drive headphone designs, and everything in between.

Connect To Their Audio System And Computer
Your clients Shift can also be connected directly to the USB port on their personal computer to drive their headphones or interface with theirr powered speakers in a desktop "computer audio" system. So all day at work becomes a joy with best in quality digital audio decoding right at their desktop!

It Is On Sale For 25% Less
Right now your client can save $100 on the Shift from Peachtree Audio. The Shift is normally $399 but is now $299 and still provides your normal margin. 

Your Speaker Installation 
Can Be Audibly Perfect
Anthem Room Correction
Anthem Room Correction "ARC"

Anthem Room Correction 
Rooms are the biggest challenge in any audio speaker installation. The complex set of problems that a room provides to gaining accurate response are nearly insurmountable with standard techniques like placement or EQ. Anthem Room Correction technology adjusts the audio performance of your equipment to suit your client's unique room characteristics. It controls the resonances produced by reflective surfaces and other everyday obstacles, which can have negative effects on the sound radiating from your loudspeakers, especially the low frequencies. Removing the effects of these obstacles allows your audio equipment to achieve a more natural sound; to perform as close to the lab standard as possible.

How Much Is It?
Actually Anthem ARC is free with the purchase of a product that employs it. As of today you can find full-range ARC in a number of Anthem and Paradigm products including:
  • Anthem AVM60
  • Anthem MRX520
  • Anthem MRX720
  • Anthem MRX1120
  • Paradigm PWAMP
  • Paradigm PWLINK
  • Paradigm PW600
  • Paradigm PW800
How much is the calibrated Anthem ARC microphone? It is included with each of the products above!

What Kind Of Improvements Does ARC Deliver?
Sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. Here are a few screen shots of an installation PAMrep was recently involved in. You can see remarkable improvements. The front left speaker is shown here and the software was configured to blend it with a subwoofer also in the system. The green line is the speaker response after the ARC correction is applied. 

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