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Impression ESL 11A
An Audio Marvel For Under $10,000

The Impression ESL 11A is a contender for best loudspeaker but is in the lower end of the Masterpiece Series. It features a dual cast basket aluminum cone 8-inch woofers with Anthem ARC included to peak performance by removing the room from the equation. The groundbreaking integration of this woofer array and MartinLogan's signature 11-inch wide XStat CLS transducer are coupled with two powerful 275 watt amplifiers. The result is finesse and authority!

Masterpiece Series Dealers represent a unique group of MartinLogan dealers willing to make a commitment to showing the best products available. The Masterpiece series includes the Classic ESL9CLX ARTExpression ESL 13A and Renaissance ESL 15A as well as companion center speakers, Illusion ESL C34A and Focus ESL C18

With great cosmetics, just the right size, and very high performance, the Paradigm Soundplay is ideal for your clients soundbar needs! 

The high performance Paradigm Soundplay drivers are divided into three specific sets within the slender soundbar structure. Each set is aimed at a scientifically-determined angle, to send sound information out to designated locations within your clients listening area. This driver-aiming arrangement delivers a more uniform sound field, with more dynamic range and more realistically blended response, than any other soundbar in this class. Paradigm's Soundplay succeeds where other soundbars fall flat in delivering sound all around your client!

Add a wired subwoofer and ARC will room correct its placement as well. 

Connectivity includes: 
  • 2 each optical inputs
  • 2 each analog RCA inputs
  • Bluetooth Wireless
  • Subwoofer output
  • IR in/out
  • Ethernet for IP control

Read more about the Soundplay here! Download the owners manual here!

Anthem STR Integrated Amplifier

New from Anthem, the STR Integrated Amplifier is built on an entirely new platform. It gives your client more control and more power, with more connection options and more advanced technology, in a one chassis, simple to operate audio solution. Internally it offers an advanced pre-amp combined with the power of a massive amplifier and a powerful processor. Added to the mix are functions like a leading-edge DAC, Anthem Room Correction, customizable bass manager for mono or stereo sub outs, MM and MC phono inputs, and even more features than the average integrated amp.

The STR includes the newest generation of Anthem Room Correction (ARC), in this case optimized for stereo performance. This awesome calibration circuitry and software, with its easy-to-use interface, automatically shapes the acoustic output of your speakers for the best possible sound quality in your client's unique listening space. This is especially important for the bass frequencies. 


CEDIA 2017 is not far away! September 5th - 9th are the dates for education classes and September 7th - 9th is the show itself. The location for CEDIA this year is beautiful San Diego CA.  Registration is open now

Where to stay? CEDIA member hotel selection is already open and there are hotels within walking distance readily available now. Click here if you are a member and want to get your rooms reserved. For non-members, hotel reservations open June 20th. 

Air Travel! Delta Airlines is offering attendees and exhibitors a 2%-10% discount off the published airfare to San Diego 2017 to redeem, visit Delta's web site, select Book Your Flight and this will bring you to the Book A Flight page, enter the Offer Code NMQ3K in the box provided on the Search Flights page. 

Ground Travel!  Super Shuttle is offering attendees and exhibitors a discount of 10% off of your roundtrip reservation  for Super Shuttle or ExecuCar made and paid for online. It does not apply to exclusive vans or pre-existing reservations.   To redeem, visit  and enter discount code CEXPO

Renting a Car? 
  • AVIS is offering attendees and exhibitors a discount on car rental services from September 4-9, 2017. Use Avis coupon D010037 when making your reservation on the website to apply the discount. 
  • Hertz is offering attendees and exhibitors a discount on car rental services from September 6-9, 2017. Use coupon 052P0001 when making your reservation on the website to apply the discount.
  • Advantage Rent A Car is offering attendees and exhibitors a discount on car rental services from September 1-7, 2017. Use code CD02C826E8 for a 10% discount when making your reservation on the Advantage website.
Have Some Fun While In Town? There are many things to do while in San Diego! You may want to turn the convention into a combination of work and play with your family or friends. Click here for some ideas!

See you there! PAMrep will be attending and looks forward to seeing you there! Our manufacturers include Anthem, MartinLogan, MIT, Paradigm, Peachtree Audio, SurgeX and Stealth Acoustics

MIT Audio Interfaces deliver the highest degree of signal integrity

MIT Cables' core audio cable technology was developed over years of research which led to the discovery of what MIT refers to as "Poles of Articulation" technology. This technology is describing the fact that every audio cable has a single point where it is most efficient at storing and transporting energy. At this point in the audio frequency spectrum, the cable will articulate best, and represents the cables' particular Articulation Pole. Here is an example of an audio cable's performance. 

If we could use three different cables each with a different Articulation Pole area to piece together the ideal articulation, you could have an interface with three Articulation Poles; one for the highs, one for the mids, and one for the lows. Together, they would work to transport the audio signal from source to preamplifier or preamplifier to power amplifier and so on with more articulation. This is what MIT Cables accomplishes with its patented technology, to a much greater extent, within each engineered interface. MIT calls this Multipole Technology. The benefit your client will experience is more lifelike vocals and instruments, mid and high frequencies become less bright or tiring, voices are clear and understandable, and bass frequencies become tight and deep. See the same illustration below with MIT technology applied.

PAMrep has acquired a number of samples to illustrate the sound performance and the beautiful build quality of these remarkable products. Let's get together and review the possibility of expanding your performance product offerings to your clients. You too can help your clients maximize their gear's signal transfer to their ears and eyes!

Enjoy a short video explaining the unique MIT signal transfer solution
Enjoy a short video explaining the unique MIT signal transfer solution

Peachtree Peachtree Audio Trade-up Promotion

Following the enthusiastic response to the previous Peachtree Audio Trade-Up Program for owners of older Peachtree products, they are now offering the  same opportunity to your clients who are non-Peachtree owners!  This is the perfect time to step up to one of Peachtree's new generation 2.0 integrated amplifiers - the powerful and acclaimed nova300 or the "maxes out on bang-for-buck like no other" nova150

The promotion is simple and you can implement it now! See the examples below to get a quick idea of how it works.

Trade-in credits are based on 30% of the original MSRP of your client's component. (In extreme cases it could be less.) Make the process easy for your client , and take care of disposing of your clients component.   (one trade credit per nova purchase)

You ordered a 20 AMP circuit - but is it any good?
The nagging questions...
So you requested a 20 amp circuit for your rack of gear... How do you know you have a clean and properly wired electrical supply without issues? Did you test it? 

If you answer honestly - you will probably say you did not test at all - and blindly plugged in your rack of gear hoping everything is ok. There are some nagging questions in the back of your mind...  Will your installed gear work for years as expected?  Will bad power cause issues? Will you need to be rebooting the power to the system? Why?

Good news!
For the first time at an affordable price you can know exactly what you are dealing with electrically! Many installations with problems are not actually due to your gear or your installation - they are because of electrical issues on the power to your outlets. The complaints are many - electronics that simply fail but work everywhere else - lighting systems going rogue and not working properly - non-responsive control systems - sync issues and more! All of these could be easily explained and very possibly easily avoided with a knowledge of electrical issues on your outlets. Here is how!

Enter SurgeX Envision Diagnostic Tool...

The Envision diagnostic tool allows you to analyze the power before your installation! You can also go back to troubled installs and even remotely diagnose the issues with the power. And, if you have a special client in your fold, why not offer permanent monitoring and keep their system/install working perfectly by being aware of electrical changes.

enVision PCS Diagnostic Tool
enVision PCS Diagnostic Tool

Video Scoreboard
By Stealth Acoustics

This is a remarkable category of product from Stealth Acoustics. Traditional scoreboards are mechanical or lamp based technology while Video Scoreboard is all video based. The need for an assembly in gymnasiums has forced schools and public gyms to invest in expensive projectors and drop-down screens to add temporary video displays to the environment. Video Scoreboard is a full video solution for this need as well. Add the two costs together and Video Scoreboard becomes a very logical solution. With the addition of advertising support to the functionality of the display - the costs of ownership go way down. Check out the video below for more insight into this category of video display.

Video Scoreboard
Video Scoreboard

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