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AVM60Anthem AVM60 & MCA Series Amps
A Resounding "Yes" From Clients!
Anthem AVM60 _ MCA225_ MCA325_ _ MCA525

Flexible & Audibly Astounding
Anthem AV has it nailed when it comes to understanding what you need for your clients. The AVM60 is a remarkable audiophile sensitive preamp combined with the array of features and processing required to deliver everything it takes to interface to the ever changing world of 4K video and multi-channel audio. From HDMI 2.0a and HDCP2.2 to Dolby ATMOS and DTS-X ready, this preamp / processor has it all. From the best audio, it has a robust and very quiet power supply, state-of-the-art circuitry ready for use in balanced or unbalanced audio, and the hallmark of Anthem audio clarity. It's premium quality differential-output D/A converters with 32-bit conversion and sampling rate optimized filters for hi-res sound will allow your client to play to the maximum level of performance. It's DTS Play-Fi circuitry enables it to stream audio content up to 24 bit 192K for now and the future as new higher resolution services appear. It is a gateway to add more Play-Fi zones in your client's home. At just $2999, it is the very best value and quality in a preamp / processor on the market!

Powerful Multi-channel Solutions
The dramatic power of 225 watts of robust power in to 8 ohms in a X2, X3, or X5 MCA amplifier chassis give you easy flexibility to meet your client's design needs from two channel to full blown 7.2.4 ATMOS designs. Like all Anthem products the MCA 525, MCA 325 and MCA 225, designed and Crafted in Canada, are like no other amplifiers in the world: custom low noise high-power toroidal transformers; high-current bipolar output transistors; high-quality filter capacitors; advanced power supply regulators; oversized aluminum heatsinks; custom-designed dual binding posts; and patented auto-on/off circuitry. Their superior craftsmanship is reflected in clean, clear, audiophile-quality sound from top to bottom of the frequency spectrum. Your client's loudspeaker will sound their very best when paired with the Anthem MCA series amplifiers. 
MCA525 rear view

P75Paradigm Prestige P75F 

Plays Way Beyond It's Price!

Quote: Robert Archer, CE Pro - "I was completely impressed. The first thing I noticed was the speakers' ability to produce a big, airy sound stage. I also found the 75Fs to produce fast dynamics... I believe these loudspeakers can give more expensive offerings a run for their money. The 75Fs are smooth with very good top- and bottom-end extension. They throw a big sound stage and offer lots of detail. While maybe a touch forward sounding, the midrange is transparent and delivers a lot of clean resolution. I've heard a lot of Paradigm speakers over the years and if the 75Fs are a good representation of the series, I'm comfortable calling the Prestige's the best speakers the company has ever engineered." 

Meet The Prestige 75F
The Paradigm Prestige 75F is a wonderful loudspeaker with a remarkable audio performance and stunning construction and visual beauty. The 75F builds on the Paradigm history by combining new technology with smart engineering that provides astonishing performance at an incredible value - all completely crafted in North America!

2.5 Way Speaker Technology
The 75F utilizes 2.5-way crossover technology to greatly improve off-axis performance for listeners not positioned directly in front of the sweet spot and boost deep bass dynamics. Simply the Prestige 75F uses all three woofers at low frequencies, while the bass and mid-range covers voice and musical instruments without the necessity of "crossing over" to the dedicated mid-range. This unique arrangement lends power to the bottom frequencies while maintaining the clarity of avoiding the additional problems of a crossover in the critical voice range. 

New Tweeter Engineering Changes Everything
The Prestige 75F features a new 
1" X-PAL tweeter with an exclusive Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA) Tweeter Lens and a Finite Element Analysis (FEA) optimized pole piece assembly. The PPA is a highly innovative tweeter lens that protects the delicate tweeter dome and at the same time acts as the phase plug, blocking out-of-phase frequencies for smoother, extended high frequencies with incredible detail and higher output. This unique design adds as much as 6 dB to the tweeters output lowering distortion and increasing over all efficiency

X-PAL Woofer Sports An ART Surround

The new X-PAL woofer and midrange brushed pure-aluminum cones combine lightweight stiffness with high consistency for a greater degree of accuracy and smooth, uncolored frequency response. Matching concave dust caps ensuring more uniform dynamic response and a cleaner, modern aesthetic. Paradigm's patented Active Ridge Technology (ART) surrounds, made in-house and over-molded directly onto each cone, achieve greater excursion for a 3dB gain in distortion-free output (50% greater) compared to drivers with standard surrounds. Crafted from audiophile-grade injection-molded thermoplastic elastomer, ART surrounds are more durable and reliable, for a lifetime of superior sound. 


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Electromotion 60XT 

Brings a new level of performance to  the 
$3000 price point - simply awesome

Click to see how the Folded Motion Driver squeezes air

MartinLogan Motion 60XT
XT stands for extreme, and for good reason. Motion 60XT speakers play louder, lower, and with unflinching accuracy. Dual 8" woofers and rear-firing bass ports create astonishing deep, precise bass, while a dedicated mid woofer promotes an open, revealing and authentic midrange. Paring this powerful trio with our most accurate Folded Motion XT tweeter creates audible acoustic alchemy that delivers an engaging and encompassing experience, cutting straight to the emotion locked inside your favorite recordings.

Largest Folded Motion Plus Fast Aluminium Drivers
The Awesome Motion 60XT speaker features MartinLogan's largest and most accurate Folded Motion XT tweeter, a 6-1/2" aluminum cone midrange and two 8" high-performance aluminum cone bass woofers.

High Efficiency Accurate Performance - Specifications
  • Frequency Response 35-25,000 Hz ± 3 dB 
  • Dispersion 80° x 30° 
  • High Frequency Driver 1.25" x 2.4" Folded Motion XT Transducer with 4.5" x 2.75" diaphragm. 
  • Mid Frequency Transducer 6-1/2" aluminum cone with cast polymer basket. Sealed chamber format. Rigid structured dust cap to reduce cone break-up modes. 
  • Low Frequency Transducer Two 8" aluminum cone with cast aluminum basket. Non-resonant asymmetrical chamber format. Rigid structured dust cap to reduce cone break-up modes. 
  • Sensitivity 94 dB @ 1 watt/meter [2.83 volts]
  • Impedance 4 Ohms - Compatible with 4, 6, or 8 Ohm rated amplifiers. 
  • Recommended Amplifier Power 20 - 400 watts 
  • Crossover Frequency 400 & 2,200 Hz 
  • Ported Cabinet Design 
  • Crossover
    • Custom air core coil
    • Low DCR steel laminate inductors
    • Polypropylene film capacitors in series
    • Low DF electrolytic capacitors in parallel
    • Tweeter thermal/current protection. 
  • Custom 5-way bi-wire tool-less binding posts 
  • Weight 66 lbs. 
  • Dimensions 48" x 11.4" x 14.4"  

Folded Motion Driver Technology
Folded Motion Driver Technology
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Stealth Acoustics 

Go Invisible - Do Not Compromise Performance

Stealth Acoustics Invisible Speaker Solutions
Only Stealth Acoustics has the invisibility combined with the no-compromise sound quality your client needs. Stealth Acoustics clever  Fidelity Glass  face panel material delivers wonderful warmth, realism and depth of sound - all while making installation even easier. Your client gains complete invisibility, a lack of fatigue for hours of enjoyment, no lost detail, just the best sounding family of totally invisible speakers and subwoofers available.

Check Out The SLR8G Invisible Stereo In-Ceiling Speakers
The Stealth Acoustics SLR8 G  is a stereo two-way, full-range loudspeaker that becomes completely invisible after installation. The SLR8G has a rigid frame that attaches directly to standard stud or joist framing. The drywall-like paintable active diaphragm face is bonded to the frame of the speaker panel, creating an active area surrounded by a stable mounting area. This solution is perfect for many applications for instance, every bathroom would benefit from an invisible stereo speaker solution. An ideal radiation pattern with wide dispersion and excellent bass response combined with a 2 1/2" depth make it an ideal companion for this application. No moisture issues and a decorators dream. 

Invisible Theater With Invisible Subwoofers 5.1 to 7.2.4
With clients looking for multiple purpose media rooms you often bump heads with the interior designer specifying what you can do and can't do. What is you could provide them with a completely invisible solution for the proposed media room theater and have them on your side? A wonderful solution is the combination of 3 of the LR8G for L/C/R and two or four of the LR6G for rears. Combine these with the B30 subwoofer and you have a full blown 5/7 channel theater. Need ATMOS? Add two or four more LR6G for 7.1.2 or 7.1.4 performance. The SA255R is the ideal companion amplifier for the subwoofers. It has a proprietary limiting circuit to prevent bottoming of the subwoofers under high sound pressure use. Add another B30 pair and change out the SA255R to the beefy SA2400 with another powerful channel and a DSP to further tweak the bottom end and achieve 7.2.4 Atmos.

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Demo Information 

Refresh Your Demos - Not Just For Your Clients

If you use the same demo material over and over - it works... but, you can get pretty tired of the same-old demos and your enthusiasm for the demo might show. Here are some software titles that could perk your presentations up. Of course, you will want to pick and choose the best ones for your use and polish up the demo sequence and your custom description of what to look for and listen to and show your products at their best.

BluRay - Dolby Atmos - Mad Max Fury Road
Add to your Dolby Atmos demos with the action packed post nuclear war disaster ridden world of Mad Max. The action scenes are visually amazing as is the action driven audio. This will make make your best displays shine with detail and if they are processing at peak performance, without video artifacts. The audio is in Dolby Atmos and you can use the best scenes to advise you client of what to look and listen for in your Atmos demo. Plus - the movie is entertaining. It is "R" rated for some violent scenes and suggestive content so you will need to be sure your viewers are of an appropriate age. 

BluRay - Dolby Atmos - X-Men: Apocalypse
We have only seen trailers of this release but the video and audio are remarkable. The  Apocalypse is a mutant who plans to destroy the world and the X-Men must end it's plan of destruction. Using the latest computer generated images the video is stunning with the darkest scenes having excellent detail. With only the trailer to preview, the audio seems to follow. The new X-Men BluRay is available now. 

BluRay - DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1 - The Island
This is a bit of an older release, but in a recent discussion over demos that have impact with one of our dealers, we remembered this fantastic demo. There is a powerful chase scene where rail car axles are released from a moving trailer during a high speed road chase and the resulting impact has dimension and powerful bass transients. The extreme action has natural start and stop points. Use it to demo great accuracy in subwoofers as the impact is weighty and fast.

New Music To Demo With
Bonnie Raitt - Dig In Deep Track 4 - "I Knew" Bonnie's thick and luxurious slide guitar is perfectly integrated with her bluesy voice and precision sidemen accompanying her.  

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Unauthorized Internet Sales 

Thanks to our vendors who make it clear to consumers that there are unscrupulous Internet Fake Dealers who pretend to be 
legitimate .

Anthem AV  - Authorized Dealer Search - Letter Available
Anthem AV provides visitors to their website with a list of the dealers near the client if they enter their zip code. Additionally a letter of problematic fake dealers and the perils of choosing them to purchase from is available by contacting PAMrep.

MartinLogan - Authorized Dealer Search - Fake Dealer Warning - Authorized Partner List
MartinLogan creates three distinctions: Dealers who are authorized are available to be searched and are listed by type, Internet sites that are authorized partners, and Fake Dealer warning and listing of ones they are aware of. They also offer to accept a phone call to verify if a dealer is legitimate.

Paradigm Loudspeakers - Authorized Dealer Search - Fake Dealer Warning - Letter Available
Paradigm has an authorized dealer search and a list of who are Internet Fake Dealers. They warn against purchasing from the Fake Dealer sites and list the benefits of purchasing from a real dealer. They have distributed a letter to PAMrep that we can provide you with that warns the consumer of Fake Dealers.

Stealth Acoustics - Refers The Inquiry To Their Reps 
Stealth Acoustics sends dealer searches to PAMrep when they are within our territory as they do with their representatives everywhere. We only refer to the closest dealer to the client. See their referral map here.

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