PAMrep News For March 2017
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Save 30% On Select 
MartinLogan  Motion Speakers
Through April 16th of 2017, your client can save 30% on Motion 2, Motion 4, Motion 6 and Motion 8 loudspeakers! Just imagine the system combinations and the savings!

Here are a few examples...

Largest Motion Surround Package Reg $1,399.75 Now Under $1000!
1 each Motion 8 Center Channel - Regularly $399.95 - Special $279.96
4 each Motion 4 L, R, LS, RS - Regularly $999.80 - Special $699.86
Save $419.93 and your client's total surround package is only $979.82!

Middle-Sized Motion Surround Package Reg $1199.75 Now Under $850!
1 each Motion 6 Center Channel - Regularly $299.95 - Special $209.96
2 each Motion 4 L & R - Regularly $499.90 - Special $349.93
2 each Motion 2 L & R - Regularly $399.90 - Special $279.93
Save $359.93 and your client's total surround package is only $839.82!

Compact Motion Surround Package Reg $1099.75 Now Under $770!
1 each Motion 6 Center Channel - Regularly $299.95 - Special $209.96
4 each Motion 2  L, R, LS, RS - Regularly $799.80 - Special $559.86
Save $329.93 and your client's total surround package is only $769.82!

Paradigm Garden Oasis

The Paradigm Garden Oasis system was designed to take the high quality sound you always expect to hear from a Paradigm speaker to the great outdoors with the same quality, beauty, and performance. We have heard the best and the Garden Oasis system raises the bar way above the competition. It consists of 5 main components:

GO4 and GO6 Loudspeakers
These two  satellite speakers are specialized completely waterproof speakers for reproducing our signature Paradigm authentic sound outdoors. The enclosures are made from heavy-duty fade-resistant PolyGlass tinted to blend perfectly with the outdoors. Included in the design is Paradigm's patented Reduced Edge Diffraction (RED) Technology, with premium two-way driver components as you would expect in their home speakers. They are engineered for the challenging environment of outdoors. 

  • GO4The GO4 is a 2-driver, 2-way acoustic suspension with a frequency response of ±3 dB from 120 Hz - 20 kHz! 
  • GO6 - The GO6 is a 2-driver, 2-way acoustic suspension with a frequency response of ±3 dB from 90 Hz - 20 kHz!
GO10SW and GO12SW Subwoofers
Authentic bass outdoors presents a few challenges but the GO10SW and GO12SW are designed to deliver this in spades. From years of experience in subwoofers, Paradigm engineers delivered full-on performance in these woofers.  The subwoofer enclosures are built using high-density polyethylene, the same material used for underground septic tanks and city water delivery systems, and can withstand the perils of flooding rains, wild temperature extremes, and extreme environments from -20°F to 185°F.

  • GO10SW - The GO10SW is an in-ground subwoofer with single 10" high excursion driver in a band-pass enclosure made with 5/8" thick high-density polyethylene. It has a frequency response of ±3 dB from 33 Hz - 135 Hz.
  • GO12SWThe GO10SW is an in-ground subwoofer with single 12" high excursion driver in a band-pass enclosure made with 5/8" thick high-density polyethylene. It has a frequency response of ±3 dB from 28 - 120 Hz.
Powering the System
No outdoor system is complete without a well designed power source. An ideal solution is the Crown CDi 1000 Amplifier. When you purchase it through Paradigm it comes pre-loaded with the optimum EQ settings to accommodate a multitude of speaker setups. If you already have this amplifier on hand, you can load our special EQ settings by downloading them here. If you would like to use a different amplifier, you can power this system with any respectable power supply of your choice. The subwoofers are meant to be powered by an amplifier with a 4-8 ohms compatible output while the sats have flexibility from 8 ohm to multiple 70 and 100 volt taps. Typical system set up would be placing the subwoofer[s] on one channel set to 8 ohm and the sats on a daisy chain wiring scheme on the other channel at a 70 volt setting. This allows for easy system control with individual 70-volt taps controlling power distribution and volume while the overall volume of the woofers can be tailored with the channel volume. 

surgexBrick Protect Your Racks
W ould you take a risk going on a long road trip with totally bald tires and a flat spare? If so - don't read any further!

Your Rack's Road Trip
As integrators, you need to plan your installations much like a long road trip. After all, the installation is just the beginning of a long trip in your client's home. With daily operation, your client will be exposed to many electrical compromises with many of these disturbances resulting from electrical spikes known as surges created right inside of their home or business by common devices like HVAC, dishwashers, microwaves, garage door openers, compactors, elevators and more. We all dread the sting of a direct lightning hit but sometimes forget about the constant attack of other surge sources. 

Is Lightning The Only Concern?
The electrical surge energy of a wallop developed by lightning is one concern as are the electrical potential of an internal surge. But, the one forgotten issue is how the surge is handled. If it is diverted with MOV based surge suppression, you are going to experience unnecessary performance compromises.

MOV's Can Help With Surges But Actually Likely Hurt Your Bottom Line
MOV based surge suppression devices shunt surge voltage to ground contaminating the ground during suppression. When a microprocessor in your control system, satellite box, cable box, or streaming device looks for ground on it's clocking circuit and sees voltage, it locks. The typical way around this is to add a relatively expensive system of remote accessed outlet control so you can have your client contact you or set up a nag email from your devices telling you that their device is compromised / locked and you can remotely recycle the outlet it is plugged into... But what if you could avoid most or all of this for only $399 retail?

Brick Protect Your Racks
End Ground Contamination From Minor/Major Surges & Spikes!

The unfailing bricks by SurgeX are your answer. Simply put these reliable boxes between your rack and the wall outlet and your system will never see a surge again and even better, no contamination of ground or common mode disturbances will happen from the SurgeX processing of the surge energy. SurgeX simply eliminates it! Your service calls around resetting because of voltage contamination based on surge suppression are simply non-existent. They have a lifetime warranty to boot!

  Understand the differences between surge suppression and Surge Elimination - note read it all or you will miss the UL ratings portion. Does it work?
7.1.4 ATMOS in One Chassis!
The Anthem MRX1120 is a powerful solution when you need to deliver potent ATMOS performance but your budget or equipment space is a little limited. The MRX1120 delivers on the power needed to drive an ATMOS theater to the performance required however, it does so in a regular chassis size. It outperforms any other receiver for several reasons. 
  1. Includes DTS Play-FI
  2. Corrects for room acoustics with Anthem ARC
  3. Delivers the full Anthem amplifier solution in one chassis!
  4. Offers simple one command control access to ideal input set-ups up to 32 configurations!
The reviewers are loving this one-chassis solution - click to read!
  • Home Cinema Choice - "This stunning 11-channel amp delivers precision-tuned sonic thrills"
  • Sound & Vision - "One of the finest-sounding AVRs I've had the pleasure to audition"
  • Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity - "To put not too fine a point on it, the Anthem MRX 1120 is the best home theater receiver that I have had the pleasure of ever using."
  • Inside CI - "A fabulous home cinema centrepiece"
  • AVForums.comThe MRX 1120 is also a very musical AV receiver, making it one of those rare beasts that is able to deliver a barnstorming performance with films and an equally subtle and effective performance with music.

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Now You See Them - Now You Do Not
But, You Still Hear Them PERFECTLY
Now You See Them - Now You Don't - But, You Will Hear Them PERFECTLY
Now You See Them - Now You Don't - But, You Will Hear Them PERFECTLY

Stealth Acoustics loudspeakers  challenge the sound quality of expensive visible speakers but are completely hidden. How do they do it? The answer comes after years of research - their proprietary technology allows a 170 degree dispersion and real bass response from a hidden loudspeaker. Their unique Fidelity Glass face panel material that delivers warmth, realism and depth of sound and makes installation easy. From a range of five models you can pick your client's ideal performance for their application and for their theater or critical listening area, you can even add invisible subwoofers. Mind blowing? Yes!

Peachtree Audio 
Nova Trade-up Promotion

Your client can trade in their old Peachtree Audio model for a brand new Peachtree Audio nova150 or nova300 with this special Nova Trade-Up promotion offer!

From now through April 28th 2017 your client can trade up their old Peachtree Audio model toward a new Nova and experience the delight of the best DAC, super quiet electronics, and potent power from a new Nova!  Trade-up credits are set at 80-90% of the current estimated used market value.  The goal is to offer existing Peachtree Audio owners a no-hassle option for better performance. Peachtree Audio will even accept most non-working units! Check out the applicable models and fine print here... 
  • Eligible Past Peachtree Products: novaPre/Peachtree220, nova220SE, nova125SE, nova125, nova65SE,iNova, Nova, decco65, iDecco, Decco2, Decco and iDac are eligible for the Trade-Up Program.
  • Eligibility Restriction: novaPre/Peachtree220, nova220SE, nova125SE and nova125 are eligible for trade-up credit toward the nova300 only.
  • Eligible products that are not functioning but are in reasonable physical condition WILL BE ACCEPTED for trade-up credit.
  • Otherwise eligible products that are damaged beyond repair or have the serial number removed may be rejected at Peachtree's discretion. Please check with your dealer if you have questions or concerns about your product's condition or eligibility.

Read the reviews!
  • nova150 in Computer Audiophile "unmatched features and sound quality at an exceptional price" 
  • nova150 in CNet "This seriously potent Class D amplifier design belts out 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 250 watts per channel into 4 ohms, and Peachtree even claims the Nova150 can drive speaker loads as low as 2.5 ohms, a rare feat for amps or receivers in the Nova150's price class. No AV receiver I'm aware of can do that."
  • nova150 in Digital Audio Review "A new generation calling: the utterly marvellous Peachtree nova150"
  • nova300 in Computer Audiophile "However, the nova300 is the homecoming king, the captain of the team, and the president of the senior class, rolled up into one item. Power, control, and finesse. This is the nova you want."
  • nova300 in Digital Audio Review "The nova300 is an exceptional beast."
Why say thanks?
Our clients are the lifeblood of our business. Without them, we would cease to exist. It is important to retain them for many reasons - repeat business, referrals, references, and more. Here is a simple tool you can use to help you keep clients in your corner... the Thank You note. 

Thank You Means Quite A Bit To Your Client
Have you ever received a personal thank you from someone you purchased a product or a service from? It packs a powerful message if done correctly. You remember the exact experience - years later - and you might be more inclined to do business with that person again. Research shows that a simple Thank You has impact.  Here is a great article about Thank You notes.

Getting The Thank You Note Details Right
There are a few specific details to consider when sending your client a thank you note. You want it to be effective if you are going to take the time to invest in cards and stamps and the time it takes to pen one. Here are some specific details and some surprising information that make thank you notes more effective.

  • Choose a card that is simple and just says thank you on the front. Look for ones with no content inside. Having a nice weight of card stock is wonderful. No other printing on it except "thank you". 
  • The envelope should be a matching blank one - no return address pre-printed or any company logo.
  • Buy stamps - do not machine post your thank you note. You want your thank you card to stand out in the mail your client receives and feel personal - like a wedding invitation. Think about how you sort your mail at home or at the office - usually into four piles... junk, bills, stuff I have to read, and personal mail. Which is most important? Personal!
  • Handwrite it - It must be handwritten including the address and return address on the front.
  • Say thank you in a personal way for every contact that is appropriate. Examples: For initial meetings or contact - say thanks for meeting with me - I really appreciated getting to know you. For a purchase or installation - say thank you - It is a pleasure to know you and your family and I appreciate having you as my client.
  • Keep them in stock and handy. If you run out, you will lose momentum. 
Do Not's
  • Do not sell or remark about future business - this is a thank you - not a pitch.
  • Do not include a business card.
  • Do not include or combine this with any paperwork - invoice or the like.
  • Do not allocate it to someone else to do - challenge yourself by doing them personally. Clients can tell it is you.
What is important about doing thank you notes in this manner?
  • It is heartwarming to the client.
  • Clients keep them - shockingly - with their purchase information - sort of like love letters.
  • You may get calls or notes back thanking you for your thank you letter.
  • Clients remember the salesperson/company!

Last - Just Do It! 

It is a habit you need to build. In a month of effort, it will become a habit. To help you get started, set a daily reminder in your Outlook calendar or whatever you use to keep yourself on task. 

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