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Paradigm and Anthem @ Axpona 2017
Paradigm and Anthem were featured at Axpona in conjunction with a dealer in the Chicago area, Saturday Audio Exchange. There were two systems that were demonstrated. One featured the Paradigm Persona 9H loudspeakers and an Anthem STR integrated amplifier fed by a USB B input from a computer. Despite the nature of a large meeting room's acoustic qualities, the 9H's and the STR adapted the room acoustics and tamed the music for the listener to reveal what the speakers and amplifier to deliver the pure sound they create.

At the other end of the room there was an Anthem AVM60 and a pair of M1 mono blocks playing the Persona "B" book shelf speakers. Because of the nature of the room. the "B" speakers had an image that was hard to understand and it was shifted off to one side. With the ARC enabled, the image shifted into a natural center based presentation with a wide stage. It was quite dramatic as it was demonstrated!

MartinLogan @ Axpona 2017

MartinLogan was featured in three rooms where visitors could hear the Neolith, the Renaissance ESL 15A, and the Expression ESL 13A

The Neoliths were featured in the Audio Video Interiors of Chicago room with a pair of 1200 watt mono blocks. They were very revealing and were capable of wide dynamics!

The Renaissance ESL 15A's were being featured in a shared room with Constellation Audio and they sounding stunning and delivered all of the signal they received from the Continuum Audio Labs Obsidian  turntable, Viper  tonearm and Ortofon 95 cartridge could throw at them.

The Expression ESL 13A' s were featured in the Precision Audio Video demo room with a BelCanto Black Integrated amplifier driving them. The amplifier was plenty of power to deliver the exciting resolution the speakers are capable of.  

NEW MartinLogan Electrostatic Hybrids
Electromotion ESL X & ESL C
MartinLogan Electromotion ESL X and ESL C are revealed
MartinLogan Electromotion ESL X and ESL C are revealed

Anthem STR Integrated Amplifier

The NEW Anthem STR Integrated Amplifier:
Powering the Future of Audio

An entirely new platform, the STR Integrated Amplifier provides more control, more power, more connection options and more advanced technology than your average integrated amp. 
The power of a massive amplifier and processor, as well as a leading edge DAC, onboard Anthem Room Correction (ARC), dual bass managers, stereo sub outs, MM and MC phono inputs and much more put STR Integrated in a class by itself.  

Here are a few of the exciting features of the STR
  • Asynchronous USB DAC audio input 
  • High-resolution preamplifier section 
  • High current, high output amplifier section
    • 200 at 8 ohms
    • 400 at 4 ohms
    • 550 at 2 ohms    
  • Amplifier section uses 8 bipolar output devices per channel  
  • Anthem Room Correction (ARC™)
  • Analog direct mode
  • TFT Graphic front panel display 
  • Controllable via ethernet and RS-232 
The Anthem STR is shipping now! Contact PAMrep for more details!
AbsoluteSoundCheck out the 2017  Absolute Sound Loudspeaker Buying Guide. 

Outdoor Living Space
Category with rapid growth and high profits

The category of outdoor living may seem like a narrow window of seasons but actually, it is a year around one for many clients in our area. With the exception of the dead of winter, clients want the freedom of enjoying their outdoor spaces with video, music and comforts. From just a couple of outdoor speakers to full blown entertainment zones - outdoor performance has taken huge steps forward with the outdoor living market. 

How do you reach your outdoor living clients?

Email Outreach - A well-designed email campaign can help your client start thinking about how their outdoor spaces might be improved by electronics and more from your firm. A good/better/best showcase in your email campaign with an offer for a free evaluation of their location can stir up some response. All it takes is a few and your campaign is easily paid for!

On Site Demos - The Paradigm Garden Oasis and the MartinLogan Outdoor Living systems can be set up quickly and demonstrated in your client's actual outdoor space. When you demo on site - it is more likely it is not whether your client wants one - it is how many zones they will need! The experience of full high quality sound outdoors is exciting and clients are quick to see how they will benefit. Here is a local dealers invite for an onsite demo.

Displays - If you have the ability to do an actual permanent outdoor or simulated outdoor [actually indoor] display, you can generate a unique demo experience at will with your client. The vision of how it would enhance their enjoyment of their outdoor space will be realized when they see and hear the experience you create. Here are a few examples...

Events - Hosting an outdoor event with outdoor audio video and music can deliver a real impact to your clients. An investment in catering and refreshments will be your largest portion of the expense but landing a job as a result, will easily offset the cost.

Vendor Sales - Advertising your vendor sales for outdoor products is a great way to invite potential sales. As you stimulate your market to respond, you can develop an initial interest in a sale to a larger and more enhanced sale as well. Paradigm and MartinLogan both have outdoor speaker sales promotions running right now!

Builders - Teaming up with builders to enhance their model homes is still another way to create interest. Manufacturers will participate with you in creating a great demo with your builder partner. Let your builders model home drive new sales possibilities to your team. Here is an article around this idea.

tradeanthemAnthem Audio Video Promotion
Trade Up to Anthem!

Stealth Acoustics Subwoofers
B30 Subwoofers

The Stealth Acoustics B30g and B22g subwoofer speaker systems become completely invisible after installation and deliver the sub-bass sound your client desires! Stealth Acoustics recommends the companion Model SA255 250-watt subwoofer amplifier/crossover as a matched amplifier for the B30g and B22g subwoofer speakers. Stealth Acoustics also offers a line of full-range speaker panels that when combined with the B30G, deliver a complete, totally invisible audio solution.

The B30g and B22g can be combined with more of the same. If you have a client who listens quite loud, you can add even more bass by simply adding additional B30G or B22g subwoofers. The cool factor is no floor space is required - you can use walls or ceiling to place the B30g and B22g panels. 

Read more about the B30g and B22g!
SurgeX Passes "0" Surges - Period
Even Better - No Ground Contamination!

Add ground contamination from MOV [metal oxide varistor] based surge protection devices to the number of power anomalies your clients system is receiving and wow - your system is surely going to act up. With ground contamination being one of the leading causes for microprocessor lock-ups, the need for surge elimination without contaminating ground become essential!

SurgeX vs. the Competition
SurgeX vs. the Competition

Wondering if your system lock-ups and other related issues are caused by ground contamination and other power anomalies? Check out this interesting article about Ghosts in the System!

Different And Better
DeepBlue II

Most wireless speakers use two or three small speaker drivers operating at their maximum potential to try to achieve full range sound. The result is thin and compressed sound that is fatiguing to listen to at high volumes. They simply run out of gas. For truly life-like sound you need a speaker capable of producing deep bass and the only way to do that is to move lots of air. You need to have the right combination of power, surface area, driver excursion and correct enclosure all working together. 

Peachtree Audio is not breaking the laws of physics. They are exploiting them to make the biggest sounding Bluetooth speaker ever made! DeepBlue II uses a custom developed 440-watt amplifier that is 5X more powerful than the home Bluetooth speakers currently on the market. 

Check out what is under the hood!
  • Acoustic Design: 
    1 x 6.5-inch low frequency driver 
    2 x 3-inch midrange frequency drivers 
    2 x 1-inch high frequency drivers 
    Acoustically sealed cabinet
  • Power Amplifier: 440 watts
  • Inputs: 
    aptX® Bluetooth wireless with up to 5 connected devices 
    Optical Digital Audio (Toslink) 
    Line-level Analog Audio (3.5mm)
  • Dimensions (H x W x D): 
    9.1 x 14.2 x 6.5 (inches) 
  • Weight: 
    16 pounds 
  • AC Input: 100-240V 50/60Hz
  • Accessories included: Remote control, 3.5mm to 3.5mm analog AUX cable, 3.5mm to RCA analog AUX cable, optical cable, power cord
  • Warranty: One year parts and labor
  • Special Price: $349
Read more here!
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ParadigmoutdoorParadigm Outdoor Speaker Sale

stephen I am sad to pass along that our long-time friend Stephen DeFuria has passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer. He was an industry leader in his many roles from retailer to lead positions in electronic manufacturers and high-fidelity products distribution. We pray for comfort and support for his wife, children and family. We will miss you Stephen!

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