PAMrep News For November 2017
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Kevin Durant With His MartinLogan Neolith Loudspeakers

Kevin Durant and friends were photographed watching some basketball on his system with the added bonus of very revealing audio on this game! They were intently watching YouTube recordings of the game where Gordon Hayward broke his leg..
Rocky Mountain Audio Fest 2017

MartinLogan turned heads with a stunning set of Neolith speakers power by rarely seen tube giants and MIT Cables. Read more here and here.
SurgeX Advanced Series Mode Surge Elimination
SurgeX Advanced Series Mode Surge Elimination

There are two driving factors that bring dealers to consider and then use SurgeX as their solution for audio, video, network, and control system integration!

Complete freedom from Surges! When you sell a system to your client, you want them to have the best possible experience for their investment and that includes freedom from failure caused by surge energy showing up on their AC cords and getting into their gear. From complete damage to the product to electronic rust and eventual failure, the one who gets blamed is the integrator for selling or installing inferior equipment. Most of the time, the equipment is durable and the correct solution. The failures are related to surge issues both major and minor. SurgeX affordably eliminates the surge potential for your installed gear. "0" - None - Never - surges do not go through SurgeX and damage your clients gear. Take a deep breath and relax - no more surges!

Reduced or eliminated call-backs from ground contamination issues causing lock-ups of sources, network, control processors, TV's, streaming audio video devices like Sat tuners and more. A little known fact is that MOV [metal oxide varistor] based surge protection from strips from the local hardware store to expensive devices that still employ them let both major and minor surges through in their corruption of ground. When your favorite device's microprocessor looks for a clock reference to ground and it sees voltage instead, a lock-up is likely if not inevitable. With SurgeX, no more having to reset devices locally or remotely because of lock-ups caused by ground contamination. You can reclaim the valuable time and money you spent chasing lock-ups. Take an extra vacation instead!!

Do you need more information? Contact PAMrep and we can discuss this further!
The Peachtree Audio nova300 Impresses Hi-Fi+

Hi-Fi+ spent time listening to a Peachtree Audio nova300 in their reference system. They were impressed! 

Here are some excerpts  from their review:
  • Peachtree has optimised the DAC to its own programming and power supply specifications to maximise its full potential. 
  •  I have heard this song on systems priced at ten times this price and not been any more moved. Coming in around £4,000 including cables, this was fun! The fact that you could place this system easily into most living rooms without it demanding to be noticed was wonderful.
  • Peachtree Audio 2.0 has taken its original goal of affordable lifestyle audio and moved it into affordable high performance audio. That it comes in a handsome, lightweight case is a wonderful added benefit. The new Class-D amps are fantastic and drove my floorstanding 86dB Vandersteen Treo CT's to stupendous levels. The grip on the low end was wonderful. There was more than enough power to go around.
  • Coming in at a price of £2,195 or $2,500, the Nova 300 is a flat out steal for all the audio capabilities it delivers.

For all of the Peachtree Audio dealers, 

your Black Friday promotion starts today! 

Happy Black Friday Selling!

Introducing Paradigm Décor Custom Collection
Introducing Paradigm Décor Custom Collection

Décor Custom Collection is the all new Paradigm  custom-length speakers, built-to-spec from your client's exact measurements, for the ultimate perfectly crafted flat-panel TV installation. 

Décor Custom speakers are available in both horizontal / sound bar and side-mounted / vertical configurations, with up to three audio channels in a single enclosure. Any combination of these speakers can be combined to create a slim, elegant, high performance audio system that is customized to the exact height and length of any wall-mounted, flat panel television. So you can offer Left/Right, Left/Right/Projected Center, Left/Right/Center total wrap, Soundbar LCR, and Soundbar Stereo.

PAMrep has ordered a sample in an LCR Soundbar configuration to give you a visual sample opportunity when we meet. We hope to have this in the weeks ahead - maybe within two weeks.
PW Wireless Anthem AV Promotion

Through 11/30/17, your client can receive a free Paradigm Premium Wireless speaker with their purchase of an MRX720, MRX1120 or an AVM60!

Purchase an MRX720 and get a free PW600
Purchase an MRX1120 and get a free PW800_

Purchase an AVM60 and get a free PW800

This special promotion requires your client to complete a short online coupon application found here

Remember - promote this on your own Facebook page, Twitter account, Blog, web page and drive your clients to this wonderful opportunity to save on a wireless solution for their home or office!

Paradigm is making it easy to say yes to another zone of music with their PW Series Bundle Promotion! 

Simply have your client fill out the information on this page and Paradigm will email your client a special coupon code good for 20%-off their selected bundle. 
This is a limited time offer: This promotion is effective through Dec 31st, 2017. 

MIT Heritage Series for 2017

The Challenge Two years ago another manufacturer from High End Audio suggested to MIT Cables CEO  Bruce Brisson, "The industry needs a great sounding $10k Speaker Cable without switches or exotic enclosure materials and finishes". Further, he challenged Bruce to deliver $30k in performance for $10k at the point of sale. 

Bruce took the challenge.  Accomplishing this feat would require extreme savings in parts, labor and materials without a compromise in performance. After much thought, high cost machined aluminum enclosures were eliminated and also expensive switching options were removed. While Bruce's circuit designs remained, capacitor and inductor sizes were reduced by using more SMD technology along with space saving printed circuit boards. To put it simply; Bruce took the original and costly Oracle and Matrix topologies, used smaller capacitors and inductors and fit them into the Heritage enclosures allowing remarkable performance without a remarkable price!

Now Your Clients Can Have The Highest Performance At A Reduced Price!
LRx83Dare To Go Invisible!

If you haven't already, you are missing a tremendous opportunity to offer your client the ultimate chameleon speaker to match their room design and decor - an invisible one! 

Stealth Acoustics is the author of invisible speakers that sound like the best visible speakers. How? Innovative technology that they own! See their latest innovation and a prime example of their technology...

The Stealth Acoustics model LRx83 is a three-way, full-range loudspeaker system that becomes completely invisible after installation. The loudspeaker has a rigid frame that attaches directly to standard structural framing. The paintable active diaphragm face is bonded to the frame of the speaker panel, creating an active area surrounded by a stable mounting area. 

The Stealth Acoustics LRx83 incorporates an acoustically coupled high quality low profile, high-power 8" cone woofer, a 30mm direct coupled neo-magnet mid-range driver and a direct coupled 25 mm neo-magnet high-frequency driver. The LRx83's advanced materials provide smooth frequency extension to 20 kHz and down to 40 Hz. 

Don't miss the opportunity again... Be different and creative - let your client enjoy the benefits of best sound and completely invisible integration!

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