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The Latest Updates and News around Anthem, MartinLogan, Paradigm, Peachtree Audio, Stealth Acoustics and SurgeX!
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ParadigmParadigm & Anthem CEDIA2016
Video Tour Of Booth!

Take a video tour of the two displays for Paradigm and Anthem at CEDIA 2016. Thanks to Ed Dalesandro for providing this video!

Paradigm and Anthem @ CEDIA 2016 Dallas TX
Paradigm and Anthem @ CEDIA 2016 Dallas TX

Anthem Electronics Exhibits STR Integrated Amplifier with Anthem Room Correction

Here is a nice review of the introduction of the Anthem STR Integrated amplifier. 
How Large Is Your UPS?
SurgeX's crew was excited to share a lot of information about their power solutions at CEDIA 2016. One thing that was turning heads as people walked up to the SurgeX booth was the impressive 10 KVA UPS at 642 pounds able to deliver enough power to run a good portion of a home as well as offering a massive isolation transformer. It was a beast!

Another favorite at the booth was the  impressively  loud snaps and flashes as MOV [Metal Oxide Varistors] were shattered into failure as SurgeX  hit them with Bertha the surge generator. Meanwhile - plugged into the same outlet bank a SurgeX was supplying energy to a 32" TV panel taking hit after hit of 6000 Volts and 3000 Amps [the limit the wiring of a home can take without creating puddles of copper and it continued to perform flawlessly taking some 10,000 catastrophic surges during the show. Dealers were even more excited when they discovered that SurgeX technology could dramatically reduce the number of times products freeze or require rebooting as they perfectly eliminate surges without putting voltage on neutral or ground.

The incredibly useful and well designed UPS solutions were on display as well. Dealers had many questions about how UPS's work and their lifespan. More importantly when they discovered that the majority of UPS we sell are on-line and not line-interactive, they were all excited to eliminate problems they had experienced with ones that didn't respond rapidly where and on-line is always on battery and there is "0" transition time to battery operation.
SurgeX vs. the Competition
SurgeX vs. the Competition


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MLMartinLogan Announces New Products
at CEDIA 2016 including the Masterpiece ESL's
three new center channel speakers & new DTS Play-Fi speakers and electronics!

Cedia 2016 was the launching point for 4 new Masterpiece ESL's including the Renaissance ESL 15A, the Expression ESL 13A, the Impression ESL 11A and the brand new Classic ESL 9. To accompany these new speakers there were also new center channel speakers. The Illusion ESL C34A Super Center, the powerful Focus ESL C18 and the ESL C center channels delighted everyone who saw them.
New Center Channel Speaker Systems
New Center Channel Speaker Systems

Martin Logan Shows Off New Masterpiece Series of Electrostatic Hybrid Speakers
Martin Logan Shows Off New Masterpiece Series of Electrostatic Hybrid Speakers
Stealth Acoustics Features 
The CoverArt Image III Trilogy

Clients are always interested in unique solutions to hide technology in their homes. The CoverArt solution combined with the Image III loudspeakers creates a unique sound and video hiding system that is unparalleled in performance and beauty. Stealth Acoustics offers a number of frame choices as well as art choices to outfit CoverArt. Where it gets really interesting is where it is combined with Image III on-wall loudspeakers and the image can be displayed across the 3 surfaces. Not only can the Stealth Acoustics Art choices be used, your client can also choose to use a photo or an image that they have the rights to on the surfaces. For instance, a family portrait might be used or perhaps an image from a photo from a favorite vacation. For a very modest fee for Photoshop work to manipulate the image they choose to scale to the size of the Trilogy. Watch the video to see more information and watch the Trilogy in action.  

Stealth Acoustics CoverArt & Image III Trilogy Solution
Stealth Acoustics CoverArt & Image III Trilogy Solution

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Peachtree Audio Shift DAC_Headphone Amplifier

The Peachtree Audio Shift is a high performance DAC and an equally high performance headphone amplifier. For travelers or commuters the Shift's design intends the user to take the performance of their smart phone, tablet, or computer to a new listening level. The severely modest performance of the headphone jack on a phone can be transformed to a state of the art digital performance with a Shift connected to the digital storage on the internal hard drive of the phone. A computer user on the road or at the office can experience private listening like no other when connected to the Shift whether by headphones or powered speakers.

Back at home, the Shift is a powerful DAC transforming digital sources to wonderful analog results to connect to your home audio system. Transform your computer to a new audio source at home by connecting it's USB to your Shift and it will perfectly decode digital audio files up to 32 Bit 384 Khz resolution. 

Devices to connect to your Shift:

  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 5c
  • iPod touch (5th generation)
Android Compatibility
  • Shift works with Android devices that support USB OTG (On-The-Go) and USB Audio Class 2.0.
Computer Compatibility
  • Apple Mac OS X 10.6.4 and later
  • Microsoft Windows XP and later
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