PAMrep News For October 2017
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Décor Custom Collection

Paradigm Decor Custom Soundbar
Décor Custom Collection : custom-length speakers, are built to your your exact flat panel TV specifications, for the ultimate companion installation with the expert sound quality you expect from Paradigm. Décor's fit and finish is unparalleled and it is built and ready to ship in 3 days!

CEDIA 2017 Décor Custom Collection
CEDIA 2017 Décor Custom Collection

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Décor Custom Collection
Décor Custom Collection

Motion 2i 4i 6i & 8i Loudspeakers

These improved Motion products offer upgraded performance and improved features. Watch the video for all of the details.

MartinLogan describes the new Motion i series!
MartinLogan describes the new Motion i series!

Inspired by the clarity and detail of MartinLogan's ultra-high-end electrostatic loudspeakers, the Motion 2i, 4i, 6i, and 8i feature exquisite Folded Motion tweeters and powerful bass technology in compact and affordable packages. 

Significant upgrades to the new Motion 2i - 8i speakers. 
Compared to the original Motion 2/4/6/8 speakers, the new 2i/4i/6i/8i speakers have received an aesthetic update to bring them in line with other products in the Motion series. This includes sharper radius edges, removable grilles, and a more convenient binding post design.

Additionally, the Motion 2i is physically smaller than its predecessor allowing more flexibility in placement.

The new Motion 2i/4i/6i/8i speakers match the exceptional performance of the original Motion speakers and maintain the woofers, Folded Motion tweeter technology, and crossover topology of the original models.

Motion 2i and 6i now feature the tweeter found in the Crescendo X and Bravado (a smaller Folded Motion tweeter than the original Motion 2/4 models) and both of these models retail for $20 (US) less than the previous generation.

Motion 4i and 6i retain the same prices that the original models were introduced at seven years ago.

MartinLogan X3 Passive Soundbar

The new Passive Motion SLM X3 Soundbar turned heads at CEDIA 2017! 
The secret to the outstanding performance of the Motion SLM, Motion SLM XL and now the SLM X3 are the innovative dual 4-inch, ultra-slim fiber cone woofers and 4-inch high-velocity passive bass radiators, paired with the superior MartinLogan Folded Motion tweeter. Motion SLM X3's 3-channel soundbar design ups the ante with three Folded Motion tweeters and six 4-inch ultra-slim fiber cone woofers. The result is stunning acoustical alchemy typically found in much larger speaker systems. Hidden discretely underneath the grille, the drivers are held securely in place by a solid, black-anodized brushed aluminum baffle mounted flush within the speaker's high-gloss black cabinet. 

SLM means very SLIM and matches new flat panel needs!
The speaker is less than 2-inches deep when installed on-wall with the magnetic grilles and low-profile wall mount brackets. It also comes with a table mounting solution. At $999 it is a remarkable 3 channel solution without compromise!

LRx83Stealth Acoustics LRx83 Introduced at CEDIA 2017
Stealth Acoustics Sales Manager Brian Azzano Introduces The Xpert Series LRx83 Loudspeaker at CEDIA 2017
Stealth Acoustics Sales Manager, Brian Azzano, Introduces The Xpert Series LRx83 Loudspeaker at CEDIA 2017

New LRx83 Amazed CEDIA visitors
Stealth Acoustics new LRx83 is a 3-way high-performance totally invisible loudspeaker. It was not just well-received by attendees, it was at times met with utter amazement that such incredible audio quality, deep bass and broad dispersion were emanating from a speaker they couldn't see in the wall. As one attendee put it: "This is a game changer". 

No other invisible
At $1,499 a pair the LRx83 is positioned to win business on its shear audio performance as well as by supplanting some "competitors" invisible offerings on price. In any case, no other companies invisible speaker out performs the LRx83 at any price. Neither can many well-appointed visible speakers. Order LRx83's today - Stealth Acoustics has these in stock and ready to ship!

Just the "X" beginning...
The LRx83 is the first offering in a new line of premium Stealth invisibles that will continue to place invisible speakers in systems you never before thought possible. Stealth Acoustics is on a bit of roll, with even more product announcements coming over the winter months.
On Wall Surface Mounted Hidden Image III Subwoofer CEDIA WINNER!
Stealth Acoustics surprised CEDIA attendees by demonstrating their enhanced Image III full range speakers with a new companion Image III subwoofer. The Image III Sub is a B30 dual 8" woofer panel in a low profile, field customizable enclosure. Like the Image III full range speaker - which is based on their LR8g speaker platform -  the new Image III Sub has no grill or openings and can be painted, wallpapered, veneered, or customized with virtually any finish. The Image III Sub won CEPro's best new speaker of CEDIA 2017! Now you can offer a customizable on-wall system solution with sub-bass impact. Or, simply use it for added bass to any system. At only 3.25" deep, you can even lay an Image III Sub underneath a couch. 

New Updated SA2400MKII high-current 450W per channel DSP amplifier. 
The new SA2400 comes pre-loaded with configurable built-in optimization presets for Stealth speakers and subs, making setup easy and repeatable. Other updates include IR control of preset selection and master volume; 12V trigger, ground-lift, selectable pass-through configuration and auto mains-voltage selection. Add these new features to the existing 11 band per-channel PEQ, selectable high/low pass filters and professional programmable limiter stage, this class A/B workhorse delivers maximum performance from our speakers and has the DSP programming flexibility to optimize any speaker system (if you know another speakers optimization parameters, you can enter them directly into the SA2400's DSP). Connect the SA2400 to your laptop and their free signal management software for simple graphical interface programming and easy configuration file management.

Check out the  Stealth Acoustics Patio Theater @ CEDIA 2017!

Vero by MIT Cables Is Here!
Headphone Capabilities Are Finally Revealed

The First Headphone Amplifier With Multipole
The Vero HCA*50ex Headphone Amplifier by MIT Cables is the world's first high-current, battery-powered Class A/B headphone amp designed with MIT's Multipole™ Technology built into the amplifier. It features fifty poles of articulation to delight the headphone listener like never before.  Until now, MIT's Multipole Technology has only been built into the high performance MIT Cable line-up. For the first time ever, MIT Cables is integrating this ground breaking technology into an amplifier.

Passion For Perfection
Bruce Brisson, founder and president of MIT Cables is fully engaged in the research and development of new products to fit into a more modern audio listeners lifestyle and deliver the maximum listening pleasure. The Vero HCA*50ex Headphone Amp has MIT's Multipole Technology inside. 

Lucasfilm Skywalker Sound - Capitol Studio Connection
It was design in collaboration with Aaron Reiff, former Chief Engineer at Lucasfilm's Skywalker Sound and former audio engineer at Capitol Studios in the iconic Hollywood Capitol Records building.

Headphone Custom Interfaces With Multipole Technology Launching Soon!
Vero Personal Audio Series by MIT Cables brings their patented Multipole™ Technology to headphone cables, dongles and amplifiers allowing users to hear "more of the music" by creating an effect similar to what you get from ultra high-end loudspeakers today. The Vero Full Range Dongle can be used with any existing headphone cable, while the Vero Full Range Headphone Interface is designed to replace your existing stock cable.

Peachtree Audio Takes 
Digital Audio To The SKY
decco125 Sky

If your client want to stream music with great sound... - the decco125 SKY is the best solution ever!

At 120 watts per channel, the decco125 SKY can wake up the most inefficient speakers and with a startlingly good signal to noise ratio, it delivers more music than other amplifiers in its class. 

The  decco125 SKY  is also the first in a series of new Peachtree products focusing on music streaming and room to room control,  allowing direct streaming from TIDAL, Spotify and your other favorite streaming services  Peachtree's SKY ecosystem  can even create its own wireless network for direct play from your phone.  SKY  will provide room to room streaming and control of future Peachtree  SKY  products.
decco 125 SKY APP

The decco125 SKY remote - it works the way you listen
With one remote button,  go directly to your favorite music faster and easier than ever before. Presets take you to any radio station, playlist, artist or music you want to hear.  SO EASY!

Anthem Launches 
STR Preamplifier & STR Amplifier
Built In North America!
Anthem is building on the success of the highly regarded STR Integrated Amplifier with the introduction of the STR Preamplifier and STR Power Amplifier. Both feature a fresh industrial design and premium audio circuit components. The entire series is proudly designed, engineered, and Crafted in Canada.

STR Preamplifier
The STR Preamplifier is based on an entirely new platform of advanced technology. It offers audiophiles more control and refinements and more connection options, all in a single, easy-to-use component. This unit allows for the addition of power amplification from an individual unit, for audio enthusiasts who prefer separates.

This preamplifier combines the benefits of an advanced preamp with the power of a processor. Packed with functions such as leading-edge DAC, onboard Anthem Room Correction (ARC), a customizable bass manager for mono or stereo sub outs, and MM and MC phono inputs, the STR Preamplifier offers far more than the average preamplifier. And count on Anthem's digital signal processing innovations to deliver a noticeably higher level of performance realism. The unit also provides balanced output for all channels including two subwoofers, and the Home Theater Bypass function allows it to be combined with a home theater system.

STR Power Amplifier
The STR Power Amplifier is the keystone to a world-class two-channel sound system. It delivers massive power generation, audiophile-quality output, super-efficient performance, and cutting edge digital and analog technology in a smartly designed component. The STR Power Amplifier doles out 400 watts/channel into eight ohms with both channels driven (450W single channel), a massive 600 watts/channel into four ohms (both channels driven) and 800 watts in two ohms for true no-holds-barred performance.

The STR Power Amplifier benefits from Anthem's proprietary input topology--a unique departure from the classical differential input stage. Eight low-noise bipolar input devices are configured in a complementary active-load cascoded feedback arrangement for reduced distortion, exceptionally linear response, and superior bandwidth. Designers incorporated sixteen bipolar output devices per channel, resulting in peak production that is effortless and instantaneous, cinching even the most challenging material. The use of multiple bipolar output devices also dramatically reduces distortion while ensuring extreme linearity, extensive bandwidth, and stress-free reliability.

The STR Power Amplifier contains two powerful independent class AB "mono-block" amplifiers. Each channel is self-contained on its own glass-epoxy circuit board and pair of heat sinks, and features its own transformer. The amplifiers are thus able to deliver stable, continuous power at maximum output without affecting one another, even when driving the lowest impedances. While some amplifiers tend to oscillate or run out of power when driving lower impedance loads, the  STR Power Amplifier remains perfectly stable under all conditions.
Conservatively rated, in a low-profile design shaped to minimize hum, the STR Power Amplifier's low-impedance toroidal power transformers make no sacrifices when it comes to delivering a continuous supply of pure, clean low noise power. As well, both the power supply impedance and internal cabling inductance are minimized to deliver a clear path for maximum power.

STR Preamplifier Features:
  • High-resolution preamplifier
  • Anthem Room Correction (ARC) to optimize in-room response
  • Bass management for two subwoofers, in mono or stereo
  • Up-sampling of lower-resolution sources to 32-bit/192-kHz
  • Asynchronous USB Audio Input supports 32-bit/384-kHz PCM, and DSD 2.8/5.6 MHz sources
  • SPDIF coaxial and optical, and balanced AES/EBU inputs
  • MM and MC phono, balanced XLR, and single-ended analog inputs
  • Analog Direct mode
  • Graphic front-panel display for easy setup navigation
  • Controllable via Ethernet, RS-232, or supplied IR remote
  • Balanced output for all channels, including the two subs
  • Home Theater Bypass Mode works without having to turn power on and includes RCA/XLR input for two subs
  • Crafted in Canada
STR Power Amplifier Features: 
  • 400W/600W/800W continuous into 8/4/2 ohms, both channels driven
  • Cascoded Complementary Feedback Input Stage
  • Sixteen Bipolar Output Devices Per Channel
  • Multi-Mono Design
  • Massive Toroidal Transformers
  • Soft Turn-On
  • Four Power On/Off Options
  • No Rail Fuses
  • Advanced Load Monitoring Technology
  • Graphic front-panel display for the power meter, status, and easy setup navigation
  • Crafted in Canada
The STR Preamplifier retails for $3,999. The STR Power Amplifier retails for $5,999. Both are shipping at the end of this month.

SurgeX Launches 
Powerful Large Format UPS's

SurgeX demonstrated their massive and powerful large-format UPS products. They are immediately available in three new sizes!
  • UPS-22100-85R with 10,000 volt-amps (10kVA) capability
  • UPS-22150-67R with 15,000 volt-amps (15kVA) capability
  • UPS-32020-80 with 20,000 volt-amps (20kVA) capability
Bad To The Bone For Mission Critical Systems
The new SurgeX large-format UPS product line offers truly comprehensive protection and carry over for all mission critical systems.  The new models feature online double-conversion technology in addition to an integrated isolation transformer. This helps to ensure that if power from the utility or generator is dirty, unstable or lost, connected systems will continue to receive isolated and regenerated power for system availability and peak performance.

Ready and fully available to monitor
Once installed, the units are always on and ready at a moment's notice to carry over until an alternative power source is engaged, until safe shutdown is completed or until a load shed is completed by safely powering down high-consumption components and leaving only the critical systems online thereby expanding run time. Once the UPS system is engaged, information on the load, runtime, system health and other metrics is instantly available via IP, closures, and RS 232 supported methods.

Switch to generator problems eliminated
For installation environments with backup power generators installed, a large-scale UPS solution is critical. Backup generators do not provide power precisely at the moment of the outage due to their exercise period. During that window, total loss of power can force the entire system to go down, often times, locking up the system to the point that a hard reboot is needed to restore functionality. 

Clean UPS Power
Additionally, generators provide very dirty power, which can fluctuate depending on the components drawing power from the generator. In addition to spontaneous outages, noisy power is a common power condition than can damage the sensitive electronics within AV systems and result in unnecessary replacement and repair or system-wide lockups.

Bridge To The Generator
"Generators are not a replacement for the grid. If an installation calls for a backup generator, our new large-format UPS solutions serve as a bridge between the service being supplied by the utility and power from the generator by keeping the entire system online until the alternative source is able to supply on-going power. Installed between the generator and the AV system, our large-format UPS solutions completely isolate and regenerate the AC output to ensure availability of the connected gear," comments Rick Komendera, Manager, Sales, for AMETEK ESP.

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