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personaDisrupting the Paradigm: PERSONA is coming

A sneak peek at PERSONA, a new loudspeaker series from Paradigm that includes the Flagship Hybrid 9H, a culmination of over 33-years of technology innovation with loudspeaker design. Persona is entirely crafted in Canada.

PrestigeParadigm Prestige Free Center
The celebrated Prestige Series builds on Paradigm's 30-year history of innovation and technology in loudspeaker manufacturing by combining new technologies with smart engineering that provides astonishing performance at an incredible value - all completely crafted in Paradigm's Canadian facility!

Prestige delivers step-up performance with reference quality sound and style, advanced components and an exceptional performance-to-value relationship. This opportunity affords your client the ability to gain a huge performance upgrade with no extra cost during this promotion. 

All floor-standing models qualify for the promotion with a free center. The top of the Prestige series is the Prestige 95F at $4998/pair. It has the largest output over a wide range [plus or minus  2dB from 37 Hz - 20 kHz] and provides wide dynamics and deep bass thanks to its two 8" XPAL woofers. The Prestige 85F  at $3998/pair delivers a similar performance [plus or minus 2dB from 40 Hz - 20 kHz] with a slightly more compact size thanks to its two 6 1/2" XPAL woofers. The Prestige 75F at $2998/pair is the smaller brother to the larger two speakers but doesn't compromise performance while reaching a wide output over [plus or minue 2dB from 44 Hz - 20 kHz]. Its pair of 5 1/4 woofers often surprise listeners with its  impact and extended  bass. All three of the Prestige floor-standing speakers use XPAL midranges and XPAL tweeters with the remarkable Perforated Phase-Aligning (PPA) Tweeter Lens. Each brings a high level of performance to its respective price and performance level.

Here are the free Prestige Centers provided with the Prestige Floor-standing Speakers purchased during the time period of September 1st, 2016 through to September 30th, 2016:
  • Prestige 95F receives a free $1699 Prestige 55C center channel speaker
  • Prestige 85F receives a free $1699 Prestige 55C center channel speaker
  • Prestige 75F receives a free $1299 Prestige 45C center channel speaker

All five finishes are available!


If you have questions, please contact PAMrep.

cediaReady For CEDIA 2016?

CEDIA 2016 will take place on September 13-17 in Dallas this year. Registration is now open and you can also arrange your stay and plan any classes or certifications you would like to take.  PAMrep is planning to attend and will be working with all of our manufacturers there. Let's plan to get together, meet with the manufacturers, see new products and gain a competitive advantage! Contact PAMrep here.

CEDIA Product Locations:

anthemAnthem AVM/MRX Rocks Integration With
Fusion Research Ovation DTS Play-Fi Server

Limitless music. App-controlled convenience. Wireless connectivity.
Everyone wants instant access to their digital audio library, anywhere in the home. Anthem's MRX Series with DTS Play-Fi technology is the perfect, high performance means of delivery. Anthem's AVM60, MRX1120 and MRX720 can take full dynamic advantage of the better-than-CD-quality sound quality delivered by the DTS Play-Fi streaming technology.

Adding A Control System With DTS Play-Fi Is Simple With A Fusion Research Ovation DTS Play-Fi Server.
The Fusion Research Ovation music server is specifically designed with DTS Play-Fi technology. Easily connect the Ovation into any major home automation project and it makes it simple to access all your client's digital music, whether it be from iTunes, AirPlay or a whole host of streaming audio services. It has 6 total discrete sources in one box!

Get A Fusion Research Ovation Free With An Anthem MRX1120!
During the period of Sept. 1 - Sept. 30 2016, you can get a free Fusion Research Ovation Server with the purchase of an Anthem MRX1120! Add the MRX1120 and the Ovation to your control system and you are rocking DTS Play-Fi everywhere you want to in your client's home or business. Now you can deliver f ull 192 kHz - 24 bit HD Audio using DTS Play-Fi and your clients control system with ease and at a price that is sure to delight you and your client!

Contact PAMrep with any questions or to place an order for your client's MRX1120 and Ovation DTS Play-Fi server.

PWParadigm Premium Wireless Rocks 
Distributed Audio With Control Systems

Designing A Client's Home Or Office Distrbuted Audio System With A Control System And Paradigm Premium Wireless?
Designing a Control System with DTS Play-Fi and Paradigm Premium Wireless that doesn't include an Anthem MRX1120? We have you covered! From September 1 - September 30th 2016 when you purchase a Paradigm  PW Amp, PW 600 and PW 800, you get an Ovation media Server ½ price ($360)! If these three components are not exactly what fits the scenario, no problem, order the equivalent PW pieces for the same cost or greater and you will still get the deal (4ea PW Amps for example)!

Dealers can order now! Contact PAMrep here. 
Computer Audiophile recently spent some time with the Peachtree Audio nova150. In this very comprehensive review and you can read it in it's entirety here. Here are a few comments from the review... "the nova150 has much more impact or ability to reproduce the transients with punch" "The nova150 does a great job of reproducing each instrument in its own space" "The new Peachtree Audio nova150 integrated amplifier is a wonderful example of what better engineering and manufacturing can do for sound quality. " "Peachtree has packed a number of great features into the nova150, that place it on a pedestal for the competition to attempt to dethrone."

Stealth Acoustics
Solutions for Invisible Sound and Video

Stealth Acoustics is a hand-made / install-tested series of products designed to please home and business owners while exciting interior designers and Integrators. From completely invisible speakers and subwoofers to concealing systems for flat panels and very large direct view LED displays with audio, Stealth Acoustics makes your clients smile!

See the full line of Stealth Acoustics products at CEDIA 2016 in booth number 6018 where the friendly staff of Stealth Acoustics will be pleased to demonstrate the best performance of any invisible product!

Protect your client's investment 
from power outages and brownouts
Keep Your Clients System Up And Running!
SurgeX offers a complete UPS product line to meet your system design battery backup needs. Available in multiple configurations, the standalone SurgeX UPS solutions provide backup power to keep equipment running and properly shut down critical systems in the event of a power outage.

Network Grade Power With Double-Conversion Technology Leads The Way
For critical systems that require online battery backup, the SurgeX UPS-1000-OL, UPS-2000-OL, and UPS-3000-OL solutions each deliver network grade power through double-conversion technology. They offer the perfect standalone backup solution for sensitive audio video systems, critical business servers, point of sale equipment, telephone, and data networks equipment that demand prolonged runtimes of 1.5 hours or greater. All three solutions provide extended scalable runtimes of up to 18 hours via self-charging extended battery packs and easily replaceable battery trays.

See SurgeX at CEDIA 2016 in Booth 1914. 
Express Yourself With 
MartinLogan Expression ESL 13A
Music and film audio are passions for MartinLogan. The team at the factory is made up of musicians, music enthusiasts and devoted audiophiles. When it comes to resolving complex audio recordings, be they music or film, the engineers at MartinLogan are always striving for the best in performance from new products. 

One of their most recent innovations is the new Expression ESL 13A. It is a special culmination of years of research and technology. Included in this special product is a large 44" x 13" XStat CLS Transducer coupled with a pair of 10-inch PoweredForce Forward Woofers with Dual 300W / Channel Amplifiers all combined together with a revolutionary 24-bit Vojtko DSP Engine. These are evolutionary alone, but the MartinLogan engineers deployed ARC [Anthem Room Correction] circuitry as well. The combination assures delight with a 24-23,000 Hz plus/minus 3dB Frequency Response allowing the Expression ESL 13A to deliver all of the performance you want from your system design. 

See the Expression ESL 13A and all of the new Masterpiece series at CEDIA 2016 in booth SR2. Contact PAMrep with any questions!

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