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The Secrets Of Home Theater And High Fidelity  Reviewed The MartinLogan Forte Wireless Amplifier

When reviewer Francisco approached the idea of reviewing the MartinLogan Forte, he was surprised to realize it's affordability and then was delighted by its outstanding performance.

Read some of his comments here:
  • "The first thing that I noticed was a deep extended bass, and clear articulate highs."
  • After running ARC "The piano was more 3-dimensional, as was the tapping drum kit. Notes from the piano rang out in space. The sound was noticeably cleaner. Stunning is the word I would use to describe the difference."
  • "A huge wall of sound was produced by the speakers and amp. The Forte and Motion 40's presented a deep, growling bass that seemed to come from the earth's core. The whole effect was like a sonic rollercoaster. When it was done you wanted to ride again."
  • "THE MARTINLOGAN FORTE AMP has packaged a powerful wireless streaming amp with advanced ARC room correction in a small affordable unit that is almost too good to be true."
  • "The Forte is created for those seeking the best in wireless playback at an affordable price. For a pittance, you get a powerful class D amp that utilizes DTS Play-Fi to deliver high end sound. Add the Anthem Room Correction technology and what you get is a genuine bargain. "

Read the entire review here

Have Extra Time And Money 
For Service Calls That 
Could Have Been Prevented?
From everything I hear from my dealers, no one has the time or money to deal with unnecessary anything especially preventable service calls...

Everyone just wants gear that works and doesn't require follow-up, But, some jobs seem to be riddled with extra problems. So much so that dealers have started building in ways to attempt to repeal some of the calls with a multi-step re-booting process. The client contacts an after-hours service number. Someone on staff remains on call when the office is closed and receives the message from the client. Then checks their system out by rebooting various portions of the system remotely using costly equipment and then contacts the client to see if it worked. What if all of this could be minimized at the source? What??

Many times the gear itself is more reliable than we think. The clients home system we installed contains devices we expect to "save" their system from surges and allow us to reboot when their are difficulties remotely. Did you know it is possible that these very devices may be generating the equipment lock-ups we are trying to avoid?

Today's electronics include microprocessors. They us ground as a reference for their clock speed. When the microprocessors see voltage instead of ground, they lock up, What causes the voltage to appear on ground? The very devices that are providing the reboots have MOV surge protection. These type of surge protectors divert voltage in excess of 330 V to ground to move the surges including the 120V/60cps away from the equipment. The potential for the lock-up is ready and waiting. If a microprocessor in the attached gear is looking for ground and sees voltage instead, it could easily lock-up.

You are not alone:
  • "It was never-ending, said Tune Street President Luke Germain; "It was an installer's nightmare." Reboots were needed so frequently in the home that the Tune Street team installed reset switches in the customer's racks to make it easier for them to remotely reboot their devices."
  • "Tune Street couldn't determine the source of the issues with the system that was causing device failure, and fielded repeated service calls for a year."
  • "Beyond frequent remote reboots and on-site service calls, Tune Street found themselves replacing equipment earlier than its standard life cycle. "We had replaced his equipment so many times that the racks literally looked like spaghetti after a year..."

Enter Advanced Series Mode Surge Elimination by SurgeX. 

Now you can provide complete Surge Elimination and reduce the number of service calls for situations that can be completely avoided by arresting 100% of surges and doing so with "0" let-through voltage and "0" ground contamination. Get started today with Surge Elimination

Reviews Keep Rolling!

Paradigm has always received great reviews and this month is no exception! Here are some reviews to read through and enjoy!

Sound & Vision Paradigm Persona 3F Speaker System Review
"Paradigm set out to create the best, state-of-the-Paradigm-art speakers the company has ever produced, bringing together top-notch cabinet construction and finishing capabilities and advanced driver technologies in hopes of achieving something greater than the sum of its already great parts. They've succeeded!"

Tone Audio Paradigm Persona 9H
"I know a pair of $35k speakers aren't for everyone, but if you were considering the other guys, ignore these at your own peril."

Popular Mechanics Paradigm Atom Monitors
New to vinyl? Not sure where to start? Popular Mechanics outlines how to join the "vinyl revolution." We love that they've included a pair of Paradigm Atom Monitor bookshelf speakers in one of the recommended set-ups!

Home Theater Review Persona 3F and Persona B
From their exceptional dispersion characteristics to their wonderful tonal balance, exceptional clarity, and stunning detail, Paradigm's Persona Series speakers leave one wanting for nothing, even way down at the bottom end of the line with the 3F tower.
Poles of Articulation

Stealth Acoustics
Introducing A New Level Of Invisible Speaker At CEDIA


This brand new speaker and series from Stealth Acoustics is remarkable. The 'X' stands for 'Expert Grade' and the LRx83 delivers the performance that your client want in their home or business installation. This 8" 3-way speaker sets a new level of price and performance in the invisible speaker arena and is arguably Stealth Acoustic's  best sounding speaker to date. 

The LRx83's sound quality in the mid and high regions is smooth and 'silky' with the solid bass extension providing a rich deepness to rival more expensive, visible architectural speakers. The impressive peak power handling of over 300 watt allows the device to become more than simply a background music speaker.

SurgeX Envision Diagnostic Tool Prevents Possible Loss On Installations
SurgeX Envision Diagnostic Tool Prevents Possible Loss On Installations By Delivering Realtime Insight For You Regarding Your Client's Varying Power Conditions.
MartinLogan Outdoor Living - Soundscapes Taken Outdoors For Music Lovers
MartinLogan Outdoor Living
Soundscapes Taken Outdoors For Music Lovers

Peachtree Audio Offers Your Client 
A 25% Trade In On Their 
Old Tired Electronics! 

Have them bring it in and give them their new nova150 or nova300 per the special trade-in program and they will receive 25% toward it! 

Don't delay... Call them, email them, reach out to let them know to cash in on these fabulous DAC/Amplifiers! Get in touch with PAMrep for all of the details!
MartinLogan ElectroMotion ESL Series - EM-ESL X, EM-ESL, EM-ESL C
MartinLogan ElectroMotion ESL Series - EM-ESL X, EM-ESL, EM-ESL C
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