PAR 2017-219
Sen. Bob Casey Honored for
Medicaid Advocacy
Senator Bob Casey of Pennsylvania was honored this morning by ANCOR, the national ID/A provider association for his effective advocacy in protecting Medicaid on behalf of the disability community.

Senator Casey worked closely with ANCOR, PAR, The Arc and dozens of other disability service and advocacy organizations to prevent the passage of the American Health Care Act, proposed by the Trump Administration to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act. Casey was deeply opposed to provisions of the AHCA and the subsequent Graham/Cassidy Act that sought to cut billions of dollars from the Medicaid program, remove eligibility standards in Medicaid and convert it into a Block Grant, that would reduce overall spending by over 25% over the next decade.

Casey warned that cutting Medicaid would result in the devastation of ID/A supports and services as well as thousands of Commonwealth citizens losing their health care.

ANCOR chose three Senators to honor this year for advancing the cause of disability programs including Senators Casey, Murkowski of Alaska and Collins of Maine.
Senators Lamar Alexander and Patty Murray Propose ACA Fix
Two days after President Trump cancelled planned subsidy payments to insurance companies providing healthcare coverage through the ACA, the Chair and Senior Democrat of the Senate Health Committee announced that they had reached a bipartisan agreement to restore subsidy payments to prevent over one million people who were expected to lose their health care coverage as early as January due to the President's decision.

On the day that the Senators announced their plan the President gave mixed messages on the Administration's position. Initially indicating he approved of the Alexander/Murray measure, he reversed himself the next day. Their proposal now moves to the Senate and House for action .
600 PAR Members to Gather for 2017 Solutions Conference
Over 600 PAR members will be meeting next week at the Harrisburg Hilton for the association's annual conference.

Topics to be discussed include best practices, employment supports, NADD accreditation, workforce innovations, PAR Awards, fiscal leadership, community innovation and Everyday Lives.

Join your colleagues.

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