May 6, 2016
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SAT Testing
Parent Academy: Becoming Social Media Savvy
MAP Testing
Secondary Music and Art Presentation
Friendship Festival
PTA Meeting
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School News
PASB Core Values
The spirit of community is greatly strengthened by shared values and common goals.  Joining our school community means behaving in an ethical manner by accepting and supporting the PASB principles. 


Being accountable to self, community, and the environment, managing resources effectively to build a sustainable future.
News from the Superintendent

Dear PASB Community:
A colleague of mine, Dr. Tim Hardin, Superintendent of Dubai American Academy (DAA), used an international schools list-serve of last March, asking superintendents around the world about parent use of social media - specifically, WhatsApp - in their communities. I responded to the survey and then received a copy of theletter he wrote to his community on the subject.
You will note in this letter that he received responses from over 100 schools around the world, and the questions and issues being faced are the same around the world. His summary of the situation and response to it are so well written, and align so well with what I am seeing here in our community, that I sent it to my Administrative Team for review. We discussed it and all agree that it is worthy of distribution to our community - we could simply substitute "PASB" for "DAA".
It is long, but I sincerely hope that you will read the letter and recognize the power of social media to improve communication and support the program and our children, as well as to engender unwarranted and unfounded fear, anger and damage to our community. As I near the close of my relationship with PASB, I hope that this tool can be the focus of discussion and self-control to help maximize communication and community unity around the well-being of all.
William F. Johnston, Ed.D.

Destination Imagination
This year, the Destination Imagination program at PASB had eight teams participating from 1st grade through 7th grade. This past  Saturday , all eight teams participated in a Starry Showcase for our final DI Creative Day and presented their solutions to each other and other members of the PASB community, as well as participated in an Instant Challenge and reflected on what they had learned this year. Check out some of the fun!

Community Service
A PASB community service group would like to invite everyone to demonstrate the PASB Core Value Responsible Stewardship by donating dog food to the animals of the São Francisco de Assis shelter. The dog food will be given to the NGO Associação Brasileira Protetora dos Animais (ABPA), which is responsible for maintaining the health standards of the more than 400 animals rescued from the streets who consume 90kg of food daily. We would like to strongly encourage everyone to bring dog food or financial support to combat hunger in the shelter. Please bring donations t o Mrs. Caldas' room E107 or Mr. George Mercado's room B002 by Friday, May 20th .

If you would like to participate in the weekly adoption fairs, come on Sundays (except this week due to Mother´s Day) to Praça Ana Lúcia Magalhães, at the end of the line between Pituba and Itaigara any time from 9AM to 12AM. Donate dog food and help!

For more information:
Music and Art Show

Athletics Department
The Athletic Department would like to recognize two students from Middle School for their performance in sports out of the school:
  • Marcelo F. for being invited to participate of a week long soccer camp in Orlando, FL, where he will do daily training, fitness and nutritional counseling. It will be a training environment 100% focused on player development. READ MORE +;
  • Lucas U. (picture on the right) was classified to represent Brazil at the North American Optimist of Sailing Championship on July 10th - 18th at Antigua and Barbados - Caribbean.

Congratulations! The PASB community is very proud of you!

Parent Teacher Association (PTA)


PTA board has been working on the new Rules & Regulations for the PTA and we are now ready to present the document for the approval of the general membership. Please join us at this special meeting to approve the Rules and Regulations for the PASB PTA.  If you would like to review a copy of the new Rules & Regulations before the meeting, a copy is available online and at the front desks of the both campuses.

CAN´T MAKE IT?  If you are unable to attend the meeting but would like more information about PTA activities, please contact our secretary at pta@pasb.com.br for further info.
Brazilian Program News
Field Trip for Grades 1 and 2 - Theater play
Next Monday, May 9, Grades 1 and 2 students will watch the play "Os Saltimbancos", promoted by group Stripulia at Theatre ISBA. In the story, the animals together overcome their difficulties. With this activity, besides fostering the magic of children stories, we want to keep raising in our children important values like: union, courage, solidarity, respect, among others.
Pay attention to the schedule:
We leave school at 8:00.
We have a snack at the theatre.
We return for lunch - it is expected to arrive at school at 11:45.
Secondary School News
  • Accreditation Visit: Over the course of last week we had guests on campus who were carrying out an accreditation inspection. Our students conducted themselves very well and we received a commendation on how our students truly embrace the spirit of our Foundational Documents and are kind, courteous and respectful. Well done! 
  • Grade 6 Mucugê Trip: The great majority of our Grade 6 students are currently on a trip to Mucugê.  Reports from the teacher leaders indicate that our students are enjoying learning a great deal, enjoying the beauty of the Chapada region, and are behaving themselves well. We look forward to having them back on campus next week
  • IB Exams: IB Candidates and Certificate students continue to carry out their summative IB examinations.  We have been impressed with how calm and collected the Seniors are and how well they are managing the stress of the exam period.  Good luck in the remainder of your exams!
  • PASB Fine Arts Night: Next Thursday, May 12th, the Secondary Visual Arts and Music Program will be hosting a Fine Arts nights.  We look forward to our students showcasing their artistic abilities.  We hope to see many parents and fellow students there to show their support and enjoy the event.
10th Grade Field Trip to Porto Seguro
Nineteen of the tenth grade students went on an IB preparatory trip to Porto Seguro with high school teachers Ms. Andrea Caldas and Ms. Tracy Lord-Ryan. They explored the connections between the PASB core values and the IB learner profile, evaluated in what ways a character from a novel would be successful and unsuccessful as an IB learner, and reflected on their strengths and areas for improvement as students. They made Theory of Knowledge connections on a city tour learning about the discovery of Brazil, engaged in risk taking at the EcoParque, and heard from a local coral reef guide about the impact of our choices on ocean life, before snorkeling and experiencing the ocean life firsthand. Here are some reflections from the students, a sample of a visual representation of the PASB core values and IB learner profile, and some photos from the trip:
"I learned that the traits of the IB student are not something they study for to acquire, but something that each and every one of us have in our personality and attain it throughout life."
"After reflecting on the IB learner profile, I have identified my strengths and weaknesses. Like all students, I already possess a combination of specific traits and I also have to work on other aspects of my character. It is important for me to be conscious about my weaknesses so that I don't allow them to hold me back."
Elementary School News
  • MAP testing will be conducted from 11-23 May. Please have your child at school no later than 07:35 so that he or she will be ready to begin at 07:45.
  • Handbook Item, Dress Code, p. 16:

    • NO flip flops, sandals, crocs, "chinelos", rubber sandals, high heeled or platform-type shoes;
    • Students must use tennis shoes (without soccer cleats);
    • Any exceptions to the dress code, such as for medical reasons, must be approved in advance by the Principal before the start of school at 7:45 am. Students who have a valid, approved medical reason for wearing a sandal must report to the nurse for her approval.  These students must still wear a regular or athletic shoe on the non-injured foot.
  • Handbook Item, p. 17: "Elementary students should not bring excessive amounts of money or items of great value to the school. All personal possessions should be appropriately labeled with the child's name." A recent interest in Pokémon collections has many children bringing high interest collections to school. Please caution your child about the dangers of bringing "high value" collections with them to school. PASB is not responsible for loss.
  • Please email the ES Assistant (p.ferreira@pasb.com.br) before 10:45 if you are changing your child's dismissal routine or picking your child up early. Please help us to help you.
Digital Citizenship Tips
Parent Academy on Digital Citizenship

The first Parent Academy session on Becoming Social Media savvy was a huge success! Thanks to all who attended! Here you can find the pdf file to the presentations. The next session will be as follows:

Topic: Becoming Social Media Savvy
Date: Monday, May 9
Time: 8:00-9:00am and 1:30-2:30pm

Place: Elementary Computer Lab
Target Audience: Elementary School Parents
Place: Library
Target Audience:  Secondary School Parents

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