PATF's medical clinic provides care for HIV-positive individuals, along with sexual health care for the community.
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Issue 64/ November 2016
PATF is starting to see patients at our medical clinic this month!
PATF's new medical staff. From left to right: Physician Assistant Stacey Edick, Medical Secretary Leah Paris, Medical Assistant Tyra Gaines and Medical Director Dr. Sarah McBeth. Photography by Erik Graham.

We're excited that announce that our clinic will begin taking appointments November 14 and begin seeing patients at the end of the month! Combined with PATF's existing vital social services, the clinic ushers in our  new model of coordinated and integrated care for HIV/AIDS clients
In addition to specialized HIV/AIDS medical care, the new clinical program provides routine medical care for HIV-positive individuals and family members, as well as  sexual health care for the community , regardless of HIV status. The clinic is  led by Sarah McBeth, MD, MPH .
Though treatment for HIV has drastically improved since the introduction of antiretroviral medication in the 1990s, many new medical challenges have arisen as those with HIV age. Over a third of HIV-positive individuals that we serve are now 55 or older and many have lived with the infection for decades. HIV-positive individuals may have long-term health complications from the virus or from treatment and are at higher risk for cardiovascular disease, lung disease, certain cancers and liver disease, among other conditions.  Not only does PATF's clinic provide specialized HIV/AIDS medical care, but Dr. McBeth is also able to act as a primary care provider for clients and attend to a myriad of other medical needs .
In addition HIV-positive individuals living longer, the rates of HIV infection have remained relatively stable in southwestern Pennsylvania for years, resulting in a greater number of people in need of HIV-specialized medical care. PATF's clinic increases the capacity of HIV care in our region and seeks to engage those who are not currently receiving medical treatment elsewhere.
The clinic also provides services to those who are HIV-negative, including an  onsite phlebotomist for confirmatory HIV and STI testing, as well as onsite treatment for sexually transmitted infections . A key feature of the new medical capabilities is a  Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP) Clinic . A powerful new tool in preventing the spread of HIV, PrEP entails taking the medication Truvada--long used to treat HIV--and is over 90 percent effective at preventing HIV infection. Though any doctor can prescribe PrEP, only a handful of providers in Pittsburgh currently offer the regimen to patients. Our medical team processes an in-depth knowledge and experience with PrEP.
With the expansion of medical services, we have also  expanded our pharmacy program . Though PATF has long operated a mail order pharmacy, delivering HIV and other medications to clients directly without co-pays, an onsite pharmacy specialist is now be available to speak with clients in person directly following medical appointments or when accessing other PATF services. Clients also are able to pick up medication at our office if they prefer this option over home delivery.
Stay tuned for our plans to partner with a licensed mental health provider to offer onsite mental health therapy, beginning in 2017!

Clinic celebrated at a special ribbon cutting ceremony on October 25
Government officials help us cut the ribbon for our new medical clinic. From left to right: PATF employee Pam Smith, Mayor Bill Peduto, Congressman Mike Doyle, PATF CEO Sean DeYoung, SWPA Regional Director for the Office of the Governor Erin Molchany, PATF Board President Brian Balonick, PATF Medical Director Dr. Sarah McBeth and PATF employee Matt Omtez. Photography by Brian Hall.
Congressman Mike Doyle (left) and Mayor Bill Peduto (right) deliver remarks at the ribbon cutting. Photography by Erik Graham.

Thank you to everyone who came out to help us celebrate our new medical clinic at the ribbon cutting on October 25. The event featured a  greeting from Governor Tom Wolf ; remarks from  PATF Board President Brian Balonick, Mayor Bill Peduto and
Congressman Mike Doyle; as well as the reading of a quote from PATF Founding Director Kerry Stoner by current  PATF CEO Sean DeYoung .
"There's a lot of services that are needed today. That wasn't the case 20 or 30 years ago, and it's good to see [PATF] keeping the pace with [these changes]," said Congressman Doyle. "It's great we live in a community that works together and that cares about the people that live here."

"What was so important about having groups like PATF [at the start of the epidemic], was not simply treating the disease, but treating the stigma," said Mayor Peduto. "And now, this organization is still here and it serves a much larger community.... We're able to recognize where it's increasing-our African American community and our transgender community-and we're able to get those people the help they need and the dignity and the respect they deserve."

See more picture of our ribbon cutting here!

Join us for a Screening of United in Anger: A History of ACT UP at the GLCC on Dec. 2

PATF is teaming up with Reel Q Pittsburgh and the GLCC for a free screening of  United in Anger, a history of ACT UP, in honor of World AIDS Day. The screening will be on Friday, December 2, from 7:00 to 9:00 pm, and we'll also be offering free HIV and STI testing! RSVP to Anitra Branch by email at or by phone at 412-248-0561 by Monday, November 28.

Watch the trailer for the film here!
PATF in the news
The doctor is in: Clinic opens at renovated PATF space
A newly expanded and renovated Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force operation opens today in East Liberty, changed from the times since PATF first formed in 1985 to offer legal advocacy and emotional and practical support for people dying of AIDS.

Read the full story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (published October 25)
Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force expands, hopes to address stigma and help rural counties
HIV-related health care in Southwestern Pennsylvania is due for an overhaul, and the Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force is responding. On Oct. 25, the longtime HIV-service organization completed a $1 million renovation that not only expanded current services at its East Liberty headquarters, like a food pantry and pharmacy, but also created a new sexually transmitted infections testing center and a fully functional medical clinic.

Read the full story in the Pittsburgh City Paper   (published October 26)
Renovated Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force adds medical clinic to offer new model of integrated care
Pittsburgh AIDS Task Force (PATF) unveiled a $1 million renovation of their 14,000-square-foot facility which includes a new medical clinic, expansion of the food pantry, and the addition of an on-site pharmacist, behavioral health offices and meeting rooms.

Read the full story at Next Pittsburgh   (published October 27)
PATF unveils new medical clinic
"Adding a full medical clinic was something we had to do to stay relevant in the community. The rate of infection hasn't gone down, and people are disengaged from treatment. But creating a safe space and full access to medical care, we hope to bridge access to care," said Sean DeYoung, CEO and president.

Read the full story in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette   (published October 31)
Thank you to all our donors!
PATF relies on your generosity to provide vital HIV treatment, support and prevention services.  We gratefully acknowledge the following donors who have made generous financial contributions to support our mission. Please note that this list reflects only donations received since the beginning of our fiscal year, July 1, 2016. 
Leadership Level ($25,000 or more)
The Heinz Endowments
Robert and Mary Weisbrod Foundation
Benefactor ($5,000 to $24,999)
Allegheny County Bar Foundation - Attorneys Against Hunger
Highmark Foundation
The Positive Health Clinic of Allegheny Health Center
Principal ($1,000 to $4,999)
Ms. Mary Bockovich
Judith A. Cohen, MD
Adam and Matthew Falcone
Mr. J. Randolph Hiller
The Mackin-Carrigan Trust of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Mr. K. Oliver Rea
Sponsor ($500 t0 $999)
Mrs. Toby Alary
Mr. Sean C. DeYoung
East Liberty Presbyterian Church
Mr. Joseph Foster
Ms. Normandie Fulson
Mr. Jordan Paul Marckisotto
Mr. James Moschella
Mrs. Sandra Rogers
Ms. Marla G. Sheets
Mr. Eric R. Wallis
Ms. Laura Mae Walls
Mr. Richard Walters
The Whitewood Fund of The Pittsburgh Foundation
Patron ($100 to $499)
Anonymous (8)
Ms. Janet Anti
Brian and Tara Balonick
Dr. James Becker and Dr. Mary Dew
Mr. Saul R. Bendersky
Dr. and Mrs. Anthony Colatrella
Mr. Patrick Buehler
Jane and Donald Burke
Mr. Richard W. Cramer
Ms. Katherine Crawford
Mr. Harold Dixler
Mr. Tom Downing and Mr. George Hazimanolis
Mr. Robert Fierst
Ms. Betty Fisher
Ms. Mary Gallagher
Mr. Joseph E. Glackin
Ms. Skyla Bre Hartman
Mr. Jason Herring
Ms. Virginia Hoak
Mr. Joseph W. Hostetler
Ms. Joy Isaacson
Legume, Inc.
Mr. Michael Markun
Mr. Mark Marsen and Dr. Scott Tyson
Dr. Sarah McBeth
Mr. Kevin N. McElhattan
Janice and Ernie Meade
Mark and Diane Minnaugh
Mr. Ed Motznik
Mr. Theodore J. Muller
Mr. Matthew Ometz and Mr. Phillip M. Herrington
Dee Jay Oshry & Bart Rack, O.D.
Mr. Elliott Oshry
Ms. Maria Philips
Mr. Bart A. Rauluk
Mr. Paul G. Regan
Riverside Design Group
Mr. Mark A. Sambuco
Dr. and Mrs. Martin I. Seltman
Mr. William Stevens
Mr. Harold Street
Mr. Bohdan Swyszcz
Mr. Carlos Torres and Mr. Matthew Hoolsema
Mr. James Tranchine
Ronald and Edwina Valdiserri
Sybil P Veeder, Ph.D.
Mr. Marvin Wedeen
Mr. Mark Wong Chen

Friend ($1 to $99)
Ms. Deborah Acklin
Anonymous (9)
Ms. Janneth Avila
Mr. John Barham
Ms. Cassandra Bartoch
Ms. Cynthia Blackshear
Joan and Bernard Bloch
Mr. Sean Brooks
Ms. Janet A. Brown
Howard and Maxine Buefort
Mr. Edward Burau
Dr. Owen Cantor
Rev. J. Howard Cherry
Mr. Allen Chone
Ms. Mary L. Clowes
Ms. Rosemary K. Coffey
Ms. Deborah Comay
Ms. Steph Corey
Ms. Margaret G. Cruikshank
Ms. Amber E. Derek
Ms. Stephanie Dinkmeyer
Mr. Jason Doptis
Jeff and Wendy Dutkovic
Mr. Rick Enick
Mr. Rolando Esser
Mr. John Fegley
Mr. Benson Gabler
Ms. Pamela Grabowski
Ms. Barbara Guinther
Ms. Amber Hall
Mr. Brian Hall
Mr. Bernard Highling
Mr. Norman Hochendoner
Mrs. Lorraine Myers Holliday
Ms. Ann Hopkins Kearney
Ms. Sara Luby
Ms. Tracey S. McCarthy
Mr. Brandon McCormick
Mr. and Mrs. Mark W. McShane
Mr. John E. McVay
Mr. Kenneth W. Neundorf
Ms. Emily Nicholson
Mr. Fred A. Noel and Mr. Rick Fredin
Mr. Jason North
Ms. Veronica Olo Fernandez
Mr. Thomas M. Pakula
Ms. Linda Perkins
Ms. Kathryn A. Picchi
Mr. Jack Protetch and Mr. Garrett J. Flaherty
Ms. Mary Beth Rosendale
Mr. Brian P. Rousseve
Mr. Earl M. Sarain
Sharon and Steven Schwartz
Ms. Deborah J. Scotto
Mr. Patrick Andrew Shuey
Ms. Suzie Silver
Mr. Martin G. Smrek
Mr. Douglas J. Sortino
Ms. Paulette M. Stabile
Ms. Sue Steele
Ms. Rebecca Strong
Ms. Megan M. Thighe
Ms. Amanda Thornton
Mr. J. Alan Urik
Mr. Michael Vertullo
Mr. Eric D. Ziegler
Mr. Jay Zimmerman
Mr. Jonathan Zuk

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