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  April 2012

Bio Channel
PAVE Founder Angela Rose, Sexual Assault Survivor, on A&E's Bio Channel "I Survived" THIS SUNDAY...

Angela Rose, PAVE Founder & CAMPUSPEAK speaker on the issue of sexual violence, is a survivor...and thriver. At the age of 17, Angela was abducted at knifepoint outside a suburban Chicago shopping mall. She was assaulted by a repeat sex-offender on parole for murder-and was eventually released by her attacker. Angela shares her story through her nonprofit PAVE (Promoting Awareness, Victim Empowerment), across college campuses and now on A&E Bio Channel's television show I Survived...


In a stripped-down, simple interview style, I Survived... allows survivors to explain, in their own words, how they overcame unbelievable circumstances-offering insight into what got them through the experience that changed their lives forever.


Angela's episode premiers on the Bio Channel on Sunday, April 15 at 9 pm EST. 


Tune in for an personal account of her experiences and how she is now helping other victims get their voice back. 



 to learn more about Angela and her keynote, Shattering the Silence of Sexual Violence.


Bio Channel preview

Important note: Although Angela's story was a stranger assault, overwhelmingly sexual assault is committed by someone we know and trust. PAVE works to shatter the silence of ALL sexual violence.
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