In the face of rising threats to human rights at home and abroad, Peace Brigades International-USA is working to increase our capacity to advocate for the brave defenders we accompany and to strengthen our ability to influence an administration that has already shown itself hostile to international human rights legal obligations.  

To increase our capacity and impact, we are currently looking for a part-time advocacy coordinator to be based in Washington, D.C. for a 12-month contract. Click here for more details and please help spread the word!

We are able to increase our staff from 1 to 2 thanks to the generous contributions of supporters like you. We raised $33,947.52 at the end of 2016, surpassing our yearend goal of $25,000 and helping us start the year strong as we expand our staff. Thank you!

Your increased support gives us hope that as communities work to resist threats to human rights and work towards a world where peace and justice are the norm, international solidarity will continually be there to help create the spaces in which human rights defenders (HRDs) and those resisting oppressive forces can safely and effectively work. If you would like to support our work but have not had a chance to give, please click here to give a gift today.

Below, we share updates from PBI projects around the world and information on how you can be a part of our work to help protect human rights defenders and ensure they are able to continue doing the important work they do for us all. 
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Click below for ways you can help us raise the voice of PBI and the defenders we accompany in the halls of Congress, State Department, and with White House officials. Help us ensure that the critical work of human rights defenders is known, respected, and protected by U.N. bodies and the institutions of the Inter-American system. Links below also include information for upcoming trainings, how to stay connected as a PBI alumni, and how you can financially support our work. We need your help to expand our reach!


A recent spate of death threats has caused a hectic and continuous workload for PBI's international accompaniment work in Colombia, despite the final peace agreement between the Colombian government and FARC at the end of 2016 and the ongoing peace talks with the ELN. According to Frontline Defenders, during 2016, eighty-five human rights defenders were assassinated and Amnesty International reports that at least 10 HRDs were killed last month in January. Click here to read the most recent updates from the PBI Colombia project.


On the twentieth anniversary of the 1996 Peace Accords in Guatemala, PBI hosted a public forum to discuss the current situation of human rights defenders in the country. Click here to read a report from that gathering in Spanish. The gathering and report were covered in an article by teleSUR news, which ended with a quote from one of the attendees:
"At 20 years since the accords we can say that we are in serious danger of losing," activist and politician Rosalina Tuyuc said during the PBI forum. "And that's why we need to continue creating peace. We need to write history," she added, noting that many stories have not been written down,"so that Guatemala knows what happened."

In November 2016, PBI Kenya launched a toolkit for Women Human Rights Defenders (WHRDs) working in Nairobi's urban settlements. It is a tool intended to enhance the understanding that, regardless of whether HRDs define themselves as an activist or advocate, if their actions strive towards the realization of human rights, they are entitled to protection. Click here to read more about the important work underway with PBI's newest project in Kenya.


Following the killing of the second human rights defender in the state of Chihuahua in just the past few weeks (one of which was a Goldman Environmental Prize winner), the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights issued a statement reading: "The defense of land and territory should not be synonymous to threats for anyone." The recent murders in Chihuahua continue a string of violence towards HRDs in the state that includes the assassination of a journalist in December 2016, who was one of between 11-14 journalists murdered in Mexico in 2016. These murders have been condemned at the national and international levels.  Click here for more updates from PBI Mexico on the human rights situation in Mexico.

In Honduras, environmental defenders continue to work despite the daily risks to their lives, a fact made clear by the March 2016 murders of COPINH leaders Berta Cáceres and Nelson Noé García, as well as the October 2016 murders of José Ángel
Flores, president of the MUCA, and of community leader Silmer Dionisio George, along with numerous other attempted murders of human rights defenders in recent years. Over the past year, PBI Honduras has expanded its work considerably in the country, accompanying new organizations and individuals dedicated to defending a wide range of rights. Click here to read a report from PBI Honduras about the work of these brave individuals and the risks they face as a result of their work as human rights defenders.
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