(Sung to the tune of “Grandma Got Run over by a Reindeer”)
 17s gone by us like a reindeer
Only nine more days till Christmas Eve
Trump-Korea-Wall Street and Matt Lauer
Here in Ponca City, we believe
Oil sure ain’t what it once was
But them chicken nuggets sure taste good
Love to have me some Head Country
And a cooker made by Cookshack in my hood
66 turned ‘round their units
Sooner Power Plant did the same
ConCarb’s building up more power
MJ brought their H and they’s got game
17s gone by us like a reindeer
Just ask Albertsons and CME
Precision Tools plus Mertz and Lindsay Vacuums
That’s why Ponca City does believe
Folks been talking ‘bout Chilocco
Says them chemicals are bad
Kinda funny when you figure
It’s the same stuff that your favorite sunblock had
Is it Christmas without Smith Bits?
Sure did hate to see them go
Mighty glad that Epic’s comin
And Dorada still needs people as they grow    
17s gone by us like a reindeer
QTR and Log10 both achieved
Mid America turned out them garage doors
That’s why Ponca City does believe
Mighty glad that Bliss is staying
And that Johnson will stay too
Got a grant to fix a building
And a club for folks inventing something new
ED sales tax got extended
Glad we didn’t get the heave
Lots of big planes at the airport
PoncaWorks helped kids plan to succeed
17s gone by us like a reindeer
2018’s ready for its day
May your New Year be a great one
Merry Christmas from P-C-D-A

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