This Week 
CALLS FOR INFORMATION......have been answered this week in the PCDA offices.  What type of information?  Let us share what staff have found for these starved-for-information callers.  Cost of living is currently 88.8%, which can be found here on the Goponca.com website; 34% of Ponca CIty households have two people in residence;  Ponca City households spend in excess of $2,500 a year in entertainment and more than $5,000/year in groceries (which explains why we have five grocery stores).  Staff have also directed people to the right place things such as: where to get Chamber bucks and where to get a business license.  Incidentally, there is no business license needed from the City;  however, if your business is using a brick & mortar location, you will need clearance from the city for the location and proper business tax ID numbers and licensing with the state for things like alcohol or firearms.   Whew, we might have broken a sweat on some of these.   Need information?  Just pick up the phone and give PCDA a call or check out some of the demographic widgets on the goponca.com website if you need that information during non-office hours.  Staff does some of their best research at two a.m. as well. 
NEW POSITION FOR OUR FRIEND.....Congrats Molly Kyler on her new position with Pioneer Tech. Molly is the new Executive Director of Business and Industry Services with some of our favorite people and services including Dawn Brakey, Oklahoma Bid Assistance Network Coordinator (see story below) and the Business Incubator where Log10 is graduating from and Gatehands (KB Enterprises) has recently moved into.  Find out more on Molly and Business & Industry Services by clicking here. 
Upcoming Events
  Fri, August 18:  Party at the Palace 
Tickets on sale now from the Chamber. 
Tuesday, July 18 - Pioneer Tech
OBAN Networking Training for ICBS SHow
Call Dawn for info: 580-718-4261

Wednesday, July 19 - Truck Driver Training
Starts at Pioneer Technology Center
See flyer below to enroll

Wed, July 26:  Chamber Lunch & Learn at Pioneer Tech.  Call 765-4400 to RSVP

Tues, Aug 8: New Teacher Luncheon
To sponsor a teacher, call 580-765-4400

GOVERNMENT CONTRACTING.....  for your business.   Are you prepared to meet with government buyers at the 11th annual ICBS Conference?  Past Ponca City companies to attend have been Parker Pest Control, Greenwood Aviation and Meneely Wildlife Control.  Has your representative prepared an elevator speech and capability statement for matchmaking with those looking for your services?   On July 18th, Dawn Brakey, the Bid Assistance Coordinator for Pioneer Tech, will host a hands on event to help your business prepare for face-to-face networking with government and large corporate buyers like Lockheed Martin, US Corp of Engineers, GSA and many more. . .   Space is limited! Call or email Dawn today at 580-718-4261 or dawnb@pioneertech.edu.  
NETWORK, NETWORK, NETWORK..... with community groups on the City Central building has begun.  Is your group interested in taking a tour?  Giving feedback and asking the question: "Could this building have _____?"  "Would it be possible to do _______?"   PCDA wants these comments, ideas and information from the community.   View the preliminary plans (the ones that got PCDA and the City the Renovation Grant) and start to see The Link (shared workspace), The Summit (conference room space) and The Lab (collaborative space) as they emerge from the planning stages.  Are you an inventor?  We want your input as well.   Current tenants are getting the complete tour and talk on July 27th.  When can we book your group in for their networking time?  Call us at the office 765-7070 or send an e-mail to Kat or Lori
And the countdown continues as Girl Power! Camp preparations are almost complete.  One week until our third annual Girl Power! Camp gets going.  Campers are introduced to machining, welding, and construction as well as touring facilities such as MJ&H Fabrications, Log10 and Pioneer Vet Clinic.  This gives the campers hands-on experiences as well as the visual of how training becomes career.  Campers are also exposed to soft skills training such as being on time, talking with adults, asking questions and learning how far (or not so far) a paycheck can go when covering real life bills such as student loans, rent, car payments, children, etc.....   It will be all hands on deck the week of July 17th, so if you stop by the PCDA office and staff are not available, we just may be building a machine or designing a new widget with our campers.