This Week
LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL..... which is staff's take on "location, location, location".  This week. PCDA staff and trustees, stakeholders, partners and local companies were invited to tour the Log10 Facility in the Airport Industrial Park.  Gather round for this week's Economic Development Storytime.  Back in 2013, a fledgeling food safety company was looking for a permanent building and community.  Log10 was doing business with Head Country and expressed their need for a business home to Paul Schatte and Paul told them to "talk to David Myers at PCDA".  Has staff mentioned how much we love Paul and Head Country BBQ? Long story, short:  Log10 leases Connie Lou (Spec Bldg C), moved their manufacturing facilities into the incubator, design, build and complete lab, fermentation and manufacturing space inside of their building.   Fast forward: This month,  Log10 officially graduated from the Pioneer Technology Incubator program and is finishing the move of their manufacturing process into it's new home next to the lab space and fermentation room.  Did we mention what Log10 does?  They are a food safety company utilizing probiotics to combat food born pathogens and protect equipment, processes and products.  And they have used local contractors and suppliers to work on their building and build the new areas.  Congratulations to Stolhand's, Jason Hicks Electric, Cameron Fleming Construction and especially Log10 for their gorgeous newly completed facility. 
Upcoming Events
Sun N Fun Grand Re-opening is this weekend   The Park has been newly renovated by local owners.  Please support this great attraction.  Official Chamber Ribbon Cutting Thursday, June 22 at 10:00 am. 
Saturday, June 17: Veterans Landing
Grand Opening  11:00 to 2:00 pm
400 E. Central, #304 (flyer below)

Thursday, June 29:  Cyber Security
Lunch & Learn 11:00 to 1:00 pm
Pioneer Technology - More info soon

July 3-4: PCDA offices closed due to
Patriotic Sentiment (Fourth of July)

Wednesday, July 19 - Truck Driver Training
Starts at Pioneer Technology Center
See flyer below to enroll
Using local suppliers was a theme across Ponca City this week (see Log10 above) as staff were out today watching another large vessel makes its way across Ponca City to a new home at Continental Carbon's Co-Generation Plant construction.    It makes us shed a tear of joy when this many of our manufacturers and contractors keep that money flowing right here in Ponca City. 
Large Vessel leaving MJ&H Fab heading to Continental Carbon's new Co-Generation Plant construction.
Design of the new Continental Carbon Co-Generation Plant; circled vessel is for placement.
HOLD ON THERE.. pardner; so you’ve seen the story in the Ponca City News about PCDA getting a grant from the feds to renovate the City Central building. This is obviously good news but it created a traffic issue this morning when crowds went to the building to see the renovations in progress. Understandable. What could be more exciting than sealing windows in a building? PCDA hates to disappoint.   Seriously, we really do hate to disappoint.  And seriously, this renovation is still going to take a while. There are final designs, contracts, bids, permits, hot days, cold days, you get the idea. In the end, likely some 18 months from now, between the EDA grant, a cash donation from the previous owner and PCDA economic development funds, the project should be completed and ready for PCDA to use to help further diversify the economy. In the meantime, you can help your kids build that City Central diorama they’ve been working on to pass the time.  
More and more companies are reaching out to their suppliers and contractors to work jointly on issues of sustainability, environmental responsibility, ethics, and compliance.           -Simon Mainwaring, Brand Consultant
Girl Power! Camp is right around the corner and staff continue to plan, work out kinks, and generally try to think what would engage 16, 12-year old girls and spark their interest in non-traditional jobs available here in Ponca CIty (think welding, construction, project management, design.... basically anything using math, angles, processes, quality control and ingenuity.  These campers are going to be engaged, enlightened and hopefully, encouraged to pursue jobs in local industries.  Staff is also brainstorming a manufacturing mentors program for the school year.  Is your company needing employees for the future?  This would be a great way to engage the next generation of workers by sharing your current employees with us a couple of hours a month.  Call Liz at 765-7070 or e-mail lpershing@goponca.com.