This Week
SAYING HELLO FROM......Bio International this week.  Ponca City and the whole state of Oklahoma were well represented from Agriculture and Food Science (think Log10) to Pharmaceuticals to Research and Testing (yup, a little more Log10).  Cards were exchanged, information offered and shared with other Oklahoma companies as well as other countries like Germany and France as well as some possible company interest in little 'ol Ponca City.   The Oklahoma BioSciences Booth was where it was happening with six possible meeting areas and several presentations in the booth, including Ponca City:  Known by the companies we keep. 
SAY CHEESE PLEASE.......Last week, the PCDA Board of Trustees had a special meeting (because all the trustees wanted to take the tour) at Log10.  If you are not up on the Open Meeting Laws, well, staff were just covering all the bases.  

Staff also insisted on a "trustees on the stairs" moment in the middle of touring the building.  Being good sports, the trustees obliged.  Staff thanks all of our trustees for their time, guidance and patience attending meetings, working through building & land maintenance and all the necessary work of directing staff in the ever changing world of economic development for Ponca City.  
Upcoming Events
Free Summer Movies at the Poncan Theatre!

Friday, June 23: Ponca Politics Forum
City Hall at Noon

Tuesday, June 27:  Business After Hours
Cherokee Strip Credit Union

Thursday, June 29:  Cyber Security
Lunch & Learn 11:00 to 1:00 pm
Pioneer Technology - See Flyer Below

July 3-4: PCDA offices closed due to
Patriotic Sentiment (Fourth of July)

Wednesday, July 19 - Truck Driver Training
Starts at Pioneer Technology Center
See flyer below to enroll

ODE TO A FRIEND…this week’s passing of County Commissioner Vance Johnson has been felt deeply by PCDA, for the friend Vance was to Kay County and the partner he has always been to economic development. When he was at Pioneer Tech in many roles, as a County Commissioner and as a small businessman, Vance would always take the call and do what he could for our area.  While none of us stick around forever, his love for his family and for his home will be a legacy to which we can all aspire. When it came to living life, one could easily say to friend Vance, “Well played, old friend, well played.”

Lots of activity in the Airport Industrial Park!  It's great to see local businesses staying busy and doing well!
APPROVED!!!...  PCDA staff is excited to finally have official approval of the Economic Development Administration grant to renovate the City Center building.  Meetings will be held to make sure every correct step is taken to move the project forward (lots of t's to cross and i's to dot with a federal grant, ya know).  A meeting with the current tenants is also planned, to keep them in the loop of the upcoming renovation projects and to give them an opportunity to network with other tenants in the building, as well.  We look forward to keeping you updated, too!
Girl Power! Camp is right around the corner and staff continue to plan, work out kinks, and generally try to think what would engage 16, 12-year old girls and spark their interest in non-traditional jobs available here in Ponca CIty (think welding, construction, project management, design.... basically anything using math, angles, processes, quality control and ingenuity.  These campers are going to be engaged, enlightened and hopefully, encouraged to pursue jobs in local industries.  Staff is also brainstorming a manufacturing mentors program for the school year.  Is your company needing employees for the future?  This would be a great way to engage the next generation of workers by sharing your current employees with us a couple of hours a month.  Call Liz at 765-7070 or e-mail lpershing@goponca.com.