This Week 
RECOGNIZING PARTNERS.....this week.  PCDA staff could not do what we do: workforce development, business retention and expansion, business attraction, small business development, inventor's assistance, information gathering and dissemination, etc... without some really great partners.  This week staff attended a Lunch & Learn on cyber security hosted by Pioneer Technology Center Business Services, worked with the City on the underground wire project, talked with several people at the Chamber Business After Hours hosted by Cherokee Strip Credit Union and received the final Economic Impact Study of the Arts for Ponca City (sponsored by the City and administered by 15 non-profits in 2016).  This study will be released soon, so stay tuned.  As the Mayor often says, "It's a Great Day in Ponca City.".  Have a happy and safe Fourth of July Week. 
CYBER SECURITY... .. is a scary and fascinating industry, PCDA staff found out this week.    It is also necessary as hackers, phishers and cyber thieves use any and all data to clean out bank accounts, use stolen credit information or sell your private information to the highest bidder.  Even scarier when that stolen information is about your business.  RNT Professional Services shared some great "what your company needs to do" as well as "How tos" to several small businesses attending the Cyber Security Lunch & Learn at Pioneer Tech this week.  If your company missed it or has another topic of interest for future lunch & learns, please contact Dawn Brakey at Pioneer Technology Center, 580-718-4261. And change all your passwords.  Now!   Try using pass phrases like "Ihategreenbeans" instead of just a word and numbers.  Phrases like this take years instead of seconds for thieves to figure out. 
Upcoming Events
See you at the Lake!

July 3-4: PCDA offices closed due to
Patriotic enthusiasm (Fourth of July)

Tuesday, July 4:  Free Fireworks Display
at Ponca Lake starting at dark
Wednesday, July 19 - Truck Driver Training
Starts at Pioneer Technology Center
See flyer below to enroll

Wed, July 26:  Chamber Lunch & Learn at Pioneer Tech.  Call 765-4400 to RSVP

Fri, August 18:  Party at the Palace  Tickets on sale now from the Chamber. 

PCDA IS SO PROUD..... of the large vessels that have been moving out of the industrial park, staff wanted to give you another chance to see the swivel stoplights in motion (just in case you missed it the first time).  Click on the picture to see more.  But first, admire that beautiful Oklahoma, blue sky right behind that great big scrubber Johnny T is standing in front of for size. 
NETWORKING..... with community groups on the City Central building has begun.  Is your group interested in taking a tour?  Giving feedback and asking the question: "Could this building have _____?"  "Would it be possible to do _______?"   PCDA wants these comments, ideas and information from the community.   View the preliminary plans (the ones that got PCDA and the CIty the Renovation Grant) and start to see The Link (shared workspace), The Summit (conference room space) and The -Lab (collaborative space) as they emerge from the planning stages .   Current tenants are getting the complete tour and talk on July 27th.  When can we book your group in for their networking time?  Call us at the office 765-7070 or send an e-mail to Kat or Lori
College for all has been the mentality in the school system for the last several decades, based on society’s perception (cough) of higher earnings for a higher degree in the workforce; a four-year degree specifically.  We at Ponca Works are not advocating a bachelor’s degree is not a good course of action and completely necessary for some professions; However, a discussion can be had based on the fact college is not for everyone.  Read this article about a business owner who said his company had received 1100 resumes for an entry level position; only six of them were worth an interview, and after interviewing them only one remains in the running.  The majority of these were college graduates.  There is a disconnect between education and workforce, between dreams and reality, between what is perceived as a good future and what actually happens when less than half of one percent of college graduates are good enough for an entry level position.  Let’s change the discussion.  Instead of college for all and the high school graduate can do anything, let’s say: education for all and research, job shadow, intern and while still in the K-12 system and encourage students to decide job training, certifications or college.  All of these paths have a place in the current job market.