This Week
THIS WEEK OFFERED.... a little breathing space as staff recouped from the PYE in the Sky event, the frenzy of gathering information for the federal grant which was uploaded this week (please, prayers and crossed fingers as staff waits for notification), the follow-up from the Design 2 Part show and of course, getting ready for presentations, accreditation visitors and wait a minute, what breathing space?  Staff continues to roll with the wonders of economic development as the Ponca City Hangar gets ready to receive rental tenants, the Hall Blvd extension nears completion and call trip/trade show season begins to descend upon the office.   Breathing done; let the running commence.
In the Airport Industrial Park
LOOKING UP… while driving on Waverly this week, you may have seen Ponca City Utility guys and gals working on the stoplights.  This is part of the underground wire project to assist "large, tall product" to pass safely out of our fair city without power outages or stoplights taken out.  The utility work being done will allow the stoplights to swivel out of the way of tall trucks heading from the AIP to South via Waverly.  Stay tuned for more information.  This is a partnership project PCDA, The City and Cableone are very proud to see nearing completion.
CHECK OUT THE LARGE & TALL...... products heading out of the AIP this week.  This tall piece of equipment is part of a scrubber heading to OG&E this week.  Sorry for the lack of scale, but if you were standing next to this piece of equipment and were the average height (under six feet) you would not be able to reach the first cross bars.  As PCDA staff taking this picture informed us, "This sucker is HUGE!: over twenty feet tall."  No going under any bridges for this baby.   Stoplights were finished just in time.
UPCOMING WORKSHOP...... happening at Meridian Technology Center in Stillwater on Thursday, March 9th could mean federal grants and contracts for your small/start-up companies over the next few years.  These programs called The Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program and the Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) provide over $2 BILLION (yup, billion) in grants and contracts each year.   Learn the basics of SBIR/STTR and then discover a simple and logical four-step process for preparing a competitive Phase 1 Proposal.  This very interactive workshop will have plenty of time for Q&A and networking.  Click here to register. 
Best Pitch words in a red and black ink grunge style stamp to illustrate the top, most convincing and persuasive presentation or proposal
BUSINESS PLAN COMPETITION &.....Pitch-off. Interested in participating?  Make sure you get the criteria and incentive information listed on the GoPonca.com website.  Start to gather the information for your business plan:  what is your product or service?  Can you describe your business in 30 seconds or less?  How much financial information do you have to support your business?  Location?  Employees?  Time frames?  How will the incentive package assist your business growth?  And GO!

with Liz Pershing
FINDING HIGHLY SKILLED WORKERS.... is a huge challenge for our manufacturers.  Welding is a profession which requires training, skill and experience; A career having a local average pay of $17.58/hr.  It is a career with local training available at Pioneer Technology Center, where you can get educated for free during your junior and senior year of High School.  Did you catch the "for free" part of that statement?.  It is a career and trade that at least 16 manufacturing companies hire for here in Ponca City.  All of these reasons are why PoncaWorks is training six lucky students from Wildcat Academy on 12 Wednesdays this semester .  Partnering with Pioneer Technology Center and using the METS trailer (Manufacturing Education Training System) downtown, onsite for this program.  This week four of those students stood in the parking lot and used a welder for the first time.  It’s one thing to hear the statistics above, and another altogether to make something with your own hands; and oh yeah, to learn a skill that adds value to who you can become.  
Upcoming Events
Presented by the Evans Children's Academy of Performing Arts

Stillwater, OK  Meridian Technology Center

Tuesday, April 4:  Prepare Your Business Plan
Pioneer Tech, BIS Bldg D101 (see flyer below)

April 7-8, 2017  Bison Bison Film Festival

Tuesday, April 25: Small Business Competition "Pitch Off"
More information to come, so stay tuned. 
City Central Building is now leasing.  Call Lori Henderson at 580-765-7070.
Eastman Building has two floors of customizable space.  Call Eastin Properties  580-761-5610