This Week
AS THE END DRAWS NEAR.......the end of the school year, that is.  Sorry, to scare you.  Take a deep breathe, because if you have babies graduating, whether from kindergarten, high school or college, your world is a'rockin.  So breathe, and say with us "Growing up is good.  Growing up is good."  You don't have to believe it, just keep saying it until it is true.  Much like letting your babies grow to that next level, PCDA staff have been very proud of the companies we keep here in Ponca CIty.  MJ&H Fabrications continues to grow and recruit, Log10 is out beating the proverbial bushes at several conferences and shows this summer (see  story below), Cookshack is moving and grooving in their new location (checkout PoncaWorks.com for job postings) and several other companies are hiring and growing as well.    Why doesn't staff elaborate more than these faint and obscure hints of growth within our local companies?   The companies make their own announcements.  PCDA  only exists to assist primary employer companies here in Ponca City.    But what does "Primary Employer" MEAN?!? Primary employers refer to industries that produce more goods and services than can be consumed by the local economy, and therefore export a significant portion of them.  (Think Manufacturing) A major benefit of primary employers is that external funds are pushed into the local economy, and have a considerable impact on employment, and wages.   Sooooo, PCDA will continue to assist, clap, cheer and support Ponca CIty Primary Employers.  We just do it very quietly. 

Upcoming Events
TONIGHT:  May 19:  PoHi Graduation 
Congratulation Seniors!

Wed, May 24: Spears School of Business 
"Mentoring and Enhancing Employee Performance" at the UC

Monday, May 29:  PCDA office Closed
for Memorial Day.

Friday, June 2:  Ponca Main Street
Battle of the Burger
See flyer below for more info. 

Thursday, June 8:  Insure Oklahoma
Lunch & Learn 11:30 to 1:00 pm
Pioneer Technology Center
Companies that are hiring (the growing ones) don’t have job descriptions as much as a buffet of problems. They don’t like hiring new graduates because “New graduates expect us to tell them what to do.” These employers want people who take ownership and just dive into solving important problems. 
                                       – Zach First, Drucker Institute
RECRUITING RETAIL TO..........Ponca City is an ongoing effort.  As companies grow and people move and stores open and close, Ponca City is always ready to welcome a new restaurant, retailer or service company to the Ponca City area.  Yes, there will always be fluctuation in the economy:  Starbucks, Hastings, Taco Bueno, etc... But keep in mind change is good.  Change of retailers and change of restaurants will keep you and your family trying new places (FFO Home, Brick House Grille, Sacred Grounds).  Because you and your family keep Ponca CIty retailers and restaurants open.  Your (and our) dollars will keep locally owned business such as Danny's Place, Ground Round, Rusty Barrel, Sun & Fun, The Perk, etc..... open for many years to come.  Shop local, shop often. 

TRADESHOWS....and conferences are how many companies needing services find companies supplying those services.  Log10, located in the Airport Industrial Park, is a food safety company specializing in probiotics, pathogen research, food testing and consulting.  They attend many shows every year and recently updated their booth display.  Good luck with all the new clients you will capture with this set up. 
Dream it, Do it …. is a program that the Manufacturing Institute came up with to answer the issue of youth not knowing what manufacturing is.  We, at PoncaWorks, dare you to ask a young millennial what he/she thinks manufacturing is; you may get a good belly chuckle out of their responses. In reality, manufacturing involves many advanced technologies; it’s a fast paced environment with a sense of pride in the product which can be seen at the end of the day.   Dream it, Do it bridges that gap of misinformation with many programs offering teacher and student involvement into the manufacturing world.  PoncaWorks has already implemented many programs from the curriculum (adapted specifically for our community in our true rebel fashion) and as directed by our board, will be attending a national conference next week to “Shamelessly Steal” the great ideas from all over in order to continue to solve this problem…. to be continued .
Ponca City on the road......
Ponca CIty at the Job Fair for Military Veterans in Tulsa this week.  According to one vet, Ponca City is "Bad-a**" for representing all our companies' jobs. 
                           Staff agrees!!!
Oklahoma Tourism put on a roadshow at Dorada Foods.  PCDA staffer LB is joined by reps from Kay Electric, Corps of Engineers and Kaw Lake Association just to remind people about all the cool lakes, trails, parks and activities available in our beautiful state of Oklahoma.