Issue #5, March-May 2017
* PCDI Graduates * PCDI Visitors * Mother's Day * Spring Sensations Update *
* Trenton Thunder Day * Adult Program News *
Congratulations, PCDI grads!
Nicolas Braun
Celebrating graduation from
PCDI's education program
When Nic started at PCDI, "it was hard to understand his personality," said father Doug. "Then, over time, I saw him develop...and express himself.... He's an enthusiastic kid." Today, Nic smiles often and easily. He has a job in which he excels. Doug credits PCDI for the positive changes he's seen in Nic over the years. "It's the people in this school that I think are responsible for this.... I know he's a happy guy here. I've never heard him say he didn't want to go to school."

As Dr. Gregory MacDuff noted at the ceremony, "What all parents want for their children is for them to be happy.... [Nic] has a job where he is valued. He is respected by his coworkers and his supervisors. And, above all, he likes what he does...." Greg took a moment to acknowledge the steadfast support of Nic's parents. "We want to thank Nic's parents, Nadia and Doug, for your insight in choosing the right kind of program for your son, for your stick-to-itiveness in helping him over the many hurdles that people with autism face, and the fact that you love him unconditionally and that you continue to provide opportunities for Nic."

Doug added, "I know the people here are going to keep looking out for [Nic], helping him develop even further. Even though he's graduating, I know he's not leaving here, and we're looking forward to even more years of working with PCDI. Thanks a lot to everybody."

We are all very excited to see what the future holds for this promising graduate of PCDI's education program.
Amanda Freeman
Earning her doctorate
Amanda Freeman earned Ph.D. in Applied Behavior Analysis from Caldwell University! We are so proud of her academic accomplishment.

Congratulations, Amanda!

Exciting research is going on  at PCDI! We are teaming up with Google innovators to develop virtual reality programs for individuals with autism. In their visits, the team at Google learned more about autism and did some initial tests of their programs with our staff and students. By adapting virtual reality Daydream technology, Google hopes to help people with autism to learn new skills, work on desensitization, and create an amazing program that would serve as rewarding activities. We are really excited to see where this leads!


A team of teachers working with children with autism in Iceland visited to observe our teaching techniques. Our visitors looked in on all of the modules and were impressed by our students and staff. They told Executive Director Pat Progar that PCDI was the best program they had ever seen with the best students and staff they had ever observed.

PCDI was proud to show them our school and facilitate this cultural & educational exchange.


A few members of the Princeton Symphony Orchestra visited recently to play for our students and show them how various instruments produce sound. The Education Program learned about music and vibrations while seeing instruments, like the tuba, up close. We were fascinated!

Thank you, Princeton Symphony Orchestra!


Students from The College of New Jersey spent the day at PCDI to get hands-on experience working with children with autism. Lacey Bigham (TCNJ), Sara Graser (TCNJ), Jennifer Fernandez (Caldwell) and Sean Mitzmaurice (TCNJ) were all able to get more practical experience of ABA techniques and loved meeting our staff and students. Come back soon.

A Mother's Day Celebration
Modules A-C had a mom breakfast to honor their wonderful mothers.
Thank you to all of the dedicated and loving PCDI moms.
PCDI Fundraisers

Our Spring Sensations Gala netted over $119,000!

Thank you to all of our sponsors, donors, attendees and volunteers. We could not continue providing programs without your support.

Patti Gianone * Susan Edwards * Mary Hogarth * Amanda Tang
Alexis Levers * Jennifer Bentivegna * Joe Sansone
Helene Schon * Jenna Casper Bloom * Fabio Sampaio
PCDI's Trenton Thunder Day
Come socialize with other PCDI families while commemorating the end of the 2016-2017 school year! Bring your whole family and any baseball-loving friends. It's going to be a great time for all!

WHEN:     Sunday, June 11th, 1:00pm
WHERE:   Arm & Hammer Park, 1 Thunder Road, 08611
TICKETS:  $11/person

Contact Kristen at (609) 924-6280 or 
for ticket reservations.

Kids can go on the field and run the bases after the game! Seats are limited. (Seats are located behind home plate and first base.) Proceeds go toward PCDI's programs for children and adults with autism.

Hope to see you there, PCDI family & friends!

September 23, 2017

Get set for the best scavenger hunt for the most outstanding cause (PCDI) in the world! Join us in Philly for the all-new CitySeek 2017 in a new neighborhood with updated, super-fun missions. 

Pull together your teams NOW!

CLICK HERE for more information.
Adult Program News
Batter Up!
Group Home Residents Go to the Ballgame
Thanks to a generous donation from Borden Perlman, several of our adults went to a Trenton Thunder game last week.

A good time was had by all!

Thank you, Borden Perlman!