In a few weeks PCSC will have a Sporting Clay Range to add to the list of benefits of being a member. We owe this latest addition to the dedication of
Ruben Sandoval and his team of Volunteers. Ruben researched products and distributors to get PCSC the best products for the cost and presented all of the information to the Board of Directors at the March Meeting.
On Saturday March 24th Ruben and his team gathered to install a new entrance into the sporting clay course and clean up bush the ice storm created. The 4H originally cleared the trails and built the shooting boxes for their annual Bustin Pumpkins fund raiser event.
THANK YOU Ruben Sandoval, the 4H Program, and all the Volunteers who made this possible!              
If you shoot a shotgun and have not shot Sporting Clays you are in for a treat.  
For Safety sake and complexity of equipment an Orientation will be necessary to obtain access to the new Range. Times and dates of Sporting Clay Course Orientations will be determined and published as soon as possible.
Range G Orientations are available on the first Saturday of the month so if you have not given it a try I recommend you do so. It can be a bit challenging, the last time I shot on it I realized I need to practice more but that's part of the fun.
PCSC Pistol Matches are a growing success ! Thank You Fred Muller and Jon Kits for heading this up. You guys keep up the good work.
Get out and take advantage of all the fun things PCSC has to offer.
Ryan Donnell
PCSC President 2018

Swap Meet May 12th !
For swapping guns and stories !

Fun, Fellowship, Food !
Guns and Swap !

What's not to like ?
Make this the year you come to our
best little sportsman club swap meets.
  2018 Swap Meet dates are as follows:
Feb 24, May 12, Oct 06, Dec 08
Contact Richard Neverdousky at the Swap Meet line 817 694 9817 to assist and to reserve tables.

...Swap Meet Flyer click here...

Pistol Competition - Second Saturday - April 14th !

A good turn out for March 10 2018 Pistol Match !

Monthly Pistol Match, headed up by NRA certified Fred Muller,
is held on the Second Saturday of the month at 7:30 AM on Range A.
Next Match is April 14, 2018
Contact Fred to sign up...

Night Shoots - Board Approved - April 7th !
SATURDAY -  APRIL 7TH  Shooting right before sunset
Safety briefing and gun and ammunition inspection required. Only guns with Iron sights and may have tritium inserts will be used ......
click here ...read more... and contact information - reservation.
I've got to pass this along from member, Mr. Paul Dillon:

                Could you pass on to the board members that the night shoot for me was and is a great training event.  It has made me realize what I am needing to change on my hand gun and in my shooting technique  I am a firm believer in being prepared as much as possible for the "What if" in life.  The training done by Richard Cookus was outstanding.  He made sure that we understood the situation and the surroundings we might find ourselves in one night.  I have come away from the March night shoot with more confidence in my ability to protect myself and my family.  I look forward to the April night shoot.  Again a BIG THANKS to the board for allowing this to take place.
                                                                                Thanks, Paul Dillon

Thank you, Paul !
Service Rifle News - Most active CMP club in area !
The 2018 Service Rifle Match Detailed Schedule
is a large document, available for download at :
2018 SRM dates are the Third Saturday of each Month except August and December.

No match in August nor December due to Heat and Holidays.

See FB PCSC Private Group for videos photos &  ...Read MORE...

...Best Little Sportsman Club...

Have them call 817 991 8085 and check
for the new member application.
SEVENTY-TWO (72) ACRES dedicated to PISTOL, RIFLE, AND SHOTGUN shooters who want to hone their skills in the great outdoors.

Sporting Clays - Ruben Sandoval  Scott McGuffie
This from Ruben:
All: Update on the Sporting Clay's Project. We had a good turn out on Saturday and we are making good progress. We cleared paths cleaned up brush and installed new gates. Thanks to the team efforts of Ryan,Scott  bringing Pipe, concrete, and Ryan digging the holes for us And thanks to several members from the Shotgun Group. We are on target to have the Machines there on April 7th for installation. We have Gun Racks built and installed and have most all the supplies we need to get the job completed.

Thank you
This from Scott McGuffie:
Many thanks to our volunteers this last Saturday.
We had two priorities : 1) get our new sporting clay range cleaned up and ready for our April 7th delivery of our first 5 stations.
2) reface the 25 yard berm with lead free fill as it had become saturated with shot.
Please allow me to thank the following members,
Thanks to our club president Ryan Donnell ( who doesn't "do" Facebook) for supplying the VERY heavy posts for the new gate and related bollards. He brought out hi...s skid steer and auger. Made it much easier.
But let me pause for the cause and give thanks to Reuben Sandoval and James Taylor for organizing this work day, though it was a couple work weeks for them.

Many thanks and appreciation for the following:
Ryan Donnell
Reuben Sandoval
James Taylor
Peter Martin 

Ben Smith

Byron Miller

Larry Baber
Chuck Morris
Carl Fox
Ron Newton
Phil Zehring
Scott McGuffie

The calendar is in PDF format for viewing and printing if need be.
Kindly click on link above to get your PCSC montly Calendar !
Click "view actual size" in PDF ZOOM !
"The better to see you with, my dear "

Parting Shots
Special thanks to Dean Gravatt, Jim Miller and Dan Barnes for helping with cutting and hauling off the one tree cut by the rest room. 
The board is studying possible plan to plant sizeable tree to replace the ones we are having to cut due to oak wilt. Also considering leaving the big triple trunk stump and making a convenience table of it.  Jury is out on that...the tree company may want to remove it and put the new tree right smack there...we'll see.

AND, if you want to be up on what is happening day to day at PCSC then provide your member number to be associated with our PRIVATE Facebook Group. Just search FB for us and ask to join.  We'll get you connected. Scott McGuffie, Ron Woods and others keep things active there. Especially with the Sporting Clays Range in the building stage, timely info will be nice to have. Makes me think back to our PCSC Forum.  This is the same thing...just hosted in a different place...

As always, thanks for being a conscientious member.

Chuck Garrett

PS: If you have article for newsletter its easy to send to 
chuckgarrett@msn.com. Entries need be ready to publish in MS Word or Adobe Acrobat PDF format. 

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