Hey y'all,
Hope everyone has a great and safe Thanksgiving Day and a Merry Christmas !
Just a note we got the night shoots coming up Friday and Saturday night, November 24th and 25th. Also December 29th and 30th. Time: 6:15PM - 10:00PM Hosted by Richard Cookus and Phillip Mason. 
The Pistol Match on second Tuesday, December 9th, Range F @7:30 AM is headed up by NRA Certified Fred Muller assisted by NRA Range Safety Officer, Jon Kitts
Hope to see y'all out there!

A big deal for PCSC this year as been the acceptance and installation of high quality equipment to address trauma and acute heart attack. Please note the area between the clubhouse and the events building now has a cabinet with the equipment securely housed. It is there for trauma emergencies only, not for the "cut finger". If you have any questions kindly direct to Keith Eberly and Scott McGuffie via our contact form on the website.

We look forward to installing the newly elected officers and directors at the third Thursday in December at the board meeting. Remember, December last year was our first pot luck dinner and we will do it again this month  ! Bring what you will and you know, desserts are welcome ! 

As always, thank you for being a member and...

Enjoy the range ! - be safe !

Keith Eberly
President 2017

Swap Meet December 9th !!!
Don't miss it, you'll be sorry in the morning !

The food is exceptional, and a real VALUE ...
Dee's Treats...
don't miss out !
2018 Swap Meet dates being assimilated now. Look for schedule in January Newsletter.
Night Shoots Return - Board Approved 6 nights !
PCSC Defence Type Handgun Night Shoot (sic)

Come to our night shoot.
Friday and Saturday Nov.24 and Nov.25th.
Also Fri.asd Sat. Dec.29 and 30th. Be here at 6:15 to go over rules
This is to teach proper fire arm safety at night and what sights  to use.
You may bring a guest with a guest membership. Bring 50 rounds 
of amno per stage, we usually do 2 stages. Shooting right before sunset
Phillip Mason
Richard Cookus

Good news, the Board approved six dates this year.
We can shoot Friday 10/27 and Saturday 10/28.  
We will start inspecting your guns and ammo. at 6:15 pm, and explain the course of fire and safety rules with a goal to be set up on F by 7:15pm. We will stop firing @10:00pm, please allow time after we finish to pick up cases and put frame's etc. up. You will need a reliable handgun with iron sights and or those that can be considered night sights. These two nights we will not use battery powered sighting help. Bring 50 rounds of quality ammo. in a 50 count container, for each shooter, no loose rounds. Bring safety glasses and hearing protection. This is intended  for male and female members and guest.
We have allowed youth to shoot if they have knowledge of shooting safety and the gun they want to use. This will be conducted on range F and all rules will apply.  
In the past some shooters have wanted to shoot the course of fire again and if they have the ammo. we try to let them.
I hope to allow shooters to use battery powered sights at the November and December night shoots that will be held on 11/24,11/25 and 12/29,12/30 with this time frame. Tell your fellow members how much you learned. Many people have been surprised at the difference darkness makes to loading magazines and handling a gun.
See you there.
Richard Cookus   
Pistol Competition - Second Saturday - Dec 9th !

Monthly Pistol Match, headed up by NRA certified Fred Muller, is held on the Second Saturday of the month at 7:30 AM on Range A. Next Match is December the 9th Second Saturday. Contact Fred if you have any questions and or want to assist in some way.  We are fortunate to have Scott Maclaskey and Fred Muller heading up our Pistol Division 
Report on November Match
Our Club's Pistol Match last Saturday was a good one and I believe the shooters acquired and reinforced some critical skills and had some fun while they were doing it.
There were 11 shooters (one was  new to our matches) and most were there early to help set-up the match. They also helped to break down the match when we were finished. There were voluntary donations that amounted to $35.00 this month.
I would like to thank the Board of Directors and the members of the Safety Committee, and the shooters who helped to make this event possible.
Respectfully submitted
Fred Muller
 Read More About the Pistol Match
Contact Fred Muller at fmuller@FA-Texas.com  

Service Rifle News - Most active CMP club in area !
The 2018 Service Rifle Match  Detailed Schedule TBA
2018 SRM dates are the Third Saturday of each Month except August and December. No match in August nor December due to Heat and Holidays.
See FB PCSC Private Group for videos photos and more.
Thanks to all involved for making this years Service Rifle Match bigger, better, safer, more famous, more rewarding and just down right fun. Those that are not in the know just don't know.

Reuter Scholarship Fundraiser News
 November Meeting Notes - Secretary 

The November meeting was time to recognize and award memberships for exceptional volunteer service to the club for the year 2018. Up to 1% of the membership can be awarded but not mandatory that amount. We find the members listed below nominated and voted by the board to receive the recognition.
They are:
Neal Grandstaff
Pete Martin
Frank Bliss
Phillip Mason
Richard Cookus
Fred Muller
Terry Fuqua
Pete Rugur
Rod Fears
Rubin Sandoval
Thank you guys for service above and beyond ! 
The board approved a motion to install new officers and directors at the December meeting instead of January. To recap, the leadership of the club, those that manage the club & set policy are as follows:
President: Ryan Donnell
Vice-Pres: Keith Eberly
Secretary: Charles Bearden
Treasurer: Michael Hogue
Directors: Chuck Garrett, Dean Gravatt, Scott McGuffie, Fred Muller
Incumbent: Ray Golden Jr, Scott Maclaskey, Jon Kitts, Bill Seeton
The Buildings/Grounds Committee headed by Director Scott McGuffie has been working on getting the lead mined from the berms and studying some improvements that may be done at the same time. Scott has the assistance of Fred Muller and Henry Harwood and possibly others the editor is unaware of at press time. They will have more to report on that in the coming months.   
Also, Scott has installed new thermostats in both buildings that can be accessed via web based portals to allow climate settings prior to events / occupancy. Henry says the drink machine in the break area is now working. 
We are pleased to announce a return of the pot luck dinner for the December board meeting !
All the best,
Chuck Garrett 
Facility Notes
By Jon Kitts: Please help by not putting oversized targets, targets too close to edge and therefore shooting up the wooden part of the target frames. Membership fees can go up to accommodate the excessive repair in labor and materials that come from not caring for the target frames. Read More click here.

Concerning Shotgun Clay Throwing Machines:    
Byron Miller 817-304-9904
Henry Harwood 817-229-8625
Please provide details of the problem so we can obtain the proper supplies to make the repairs.

Facilities impacted by events: Events in December will impact the following parts of the facility: December 9th Range A from 7:30 until about 12:00 Noon: Pistol Match.
And the Events Building for Swap Meet on Dec 9th as well. Contact Ron Woods at our PR Line 817 694 9817 for details on Swap Meet
Range F will be used for a couple of night shoots on Nov. 24th and 25th
Also Dec 29th and 30th all starting at 6:15.

Questions? As always, http://www.parkersportsman.com/contact.html gets to the Secretary and routed to proper personnel. We try to respond same day or next morning.

Parting Shots - December 2017 "The Yearling" at right
Happy Thanksgiving and
Merry Christmas fellow members
Good luck on your deer hunting and be safe.  
The PCSC website may be down for a time during late December and early January due to a new editing software required by our host. I will try to keep down time to a minimum. 

As always, thanks for being a proud PCSC member.
Chuck Garrett

PS: We have a newsletter sign up button on the website front page. If you have article for newsletter its easy to CONTACT US at
http://www.parkersportsman.com/contact.html or
email direct at chuckgarrett@msn.com. Entries need be ready to publish in MS Word or Adobe Acrobat PDF format.  No political editorials per club bylaws, Thanks! 

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